Top 12 Stunning Places Near Interlaken

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Interlaken is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It has the best of both worlds: convenient access to Zurich and Lucerne while being close to many high mountains of the region. Since it’s between two lakes, you can go cruising or do water sports in the summer.  Outdoor enthusiasts love Interlaken. Interlaken is a real treasure with its high winter peaks, gorgeous scenery, sailing on Lake Thun, walking, and biking. 

Even with so many activities to choose from, those lingering here for several days may want to visit other nearby attractions. We have compiled a list of 12 amazing places near Interlaken that you may find interesting.

1. Grindelwald

Image of Lake Bachalpsee in Grindelwald First by Fotoauge from Pixabay

Just 34 minutes from Interlaken, Grindelwald is a famous mountain village in the Bernese Oberland. It’s at the foot of the Eiger (3,970 meters) and Wetterhorn (3,701 meters).  

Even as recently as 1860, the Grindelwald Glacier reached the village. The name “Glacier village” got attached to Grindelwald this way. Unfortunately, millions of cubic meters of glacier ice have melted away in Grindelwald.

Don’t miss these attractions in Grindelwald
* Grindelwald First
* First Cliff Walk
* Eiger Glacier
* Jungfraujoch
* Bachalpsee Lake
* Grindelwald Glaciers
* Grosse Scheidegg
* Männlichen

How do you get from Interlaken to Grindelwald?

Take the direct regional train from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald. Trains leave twice per hour. The train ride from Interlaken to Grindelwald takes 34 minutes.

2. Thun

Image of Thun by akiro from flickr

Thun is a breathtaking, romantic destination only half an hour from Interlaken. Located on the banks of Lake Thun, this town is surrounded by stunning scenery and castles.

Thun is an easy day trip from Interlaken for those seeking a more relaxing experience, such as strolling through its old town, visiting its castle or museums. Summer is also a great time to go on a cruise on the lake.  The lakeside is great for walking any time of year.

Don’t miss these attractions in Thun
* Thun’s Old Town
* Thun Castle
* Schadau Castle and Park
* Wocher Panorama
* Thun Art Museum
* Walking along Lake Thun
* Bathing at Strandbad Thun
* Lake Thun Cruise

How do you get from Interlaken to Thun?

Take the direct regional train from Interlaken Ost or Interlaken West to Thun. The train ride from Interlaken to Thun takes 27 to 33 minutes. 

There are also buses to Thun that run on the northern shore of the lake (Oberhofen, Gunten). The bus ride takes about an hour from Interlaken to Thun.

3. Mürren

Image of Mürren from Wikimedia

In less than an hour from Interlaken, you’ll find the charming, car-free village of Mürren, which rises to 1,645 meters above sea level. 

The Walser dwellers of the Lötschen Valley (Lötschental in German) settled back in the 13th century in Mürren. Nowadays, Mürren is a popular winter and summer destination in the Jungfrau region. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can enjoy the 51 km of slopes. 

You get a great view of the bottom of the valley from Mürren and easy access to the Schilthorn. The Piz Gloria restaurant in Schilthorn was featured in a James Bond film and has a Bond World 007 exhibit. Nearby are also beautiful villages, like Gimmelwald, Allmendhubel, and Stechelberg

As the village is car-free, you’ll have to leave your car either at Stechelberg or Lauterbrunnen. 

Don’t miss these attractions in Mürren
* Schilthorn Piz Gloria
* Thrill Walk Felsensteg Birg
* Paragliding
* Via Ferrata Mürren
* Allmendhubel
* 007 Walk of Fame on Schilthorn
* Blumental Panorama Trail

How do you get from Interlaken to Mürren?

There are two ways to get to Mürren – via Grütschalp and via Stechelberg.

Interlaken to Mürren via Grütschalp

  1. In Interlaken Ost, take the regional trail to Lauterbrunnen
  2. In Lauterbrunnen, follow the signs to transfer to the cable car heading to Grütschalp
  3. In Grütschalp, transfer to the small train that leads you to Mürren

Interlaken to Mürren via Stechelberg

  1. In Interlaken Ost, take the regional trail to Lauterbrunnen
  2. In Lauterbrunnen, transfer to the bus that goes to the direction of Stechelberg. At Stechelberg, Schilthornbahn, get off the bus.
  3. In Stechelberg, Schilthornbahn, transfer to the cable car that leads you to Gimmelwald.
  4. In Gimmelwald, you will take the connecting cable car to Mürren.

4. Giessbach Falls

Image of Giessbach Waterfalls by

You can find the beautiful waterfalls of Giessbach one hour away from Interlaken. The water that feeds it comes from the high Faulhorn-Sagis Valley and then flows into Lake Brienz.

There are 14 stages to the Giessbach brook. The Grand Hotel Giessbach, built between 1873 and 1874, is right next to the waterfalls. Located in an amazing 22-hectare park and garden, it’s one of Switzerland’s most beautiful hotels.  

How do you get from Interlaken to Giessbach Falls?

Take the direct regional train from Interlaken Ost to Brienz BE. In Brienz BE, change to the connecting bus ride that will lead you to Brienz BE, Abzw. Giessbach. The total journey from Interlaken to Giesbach takes 56 minutes. 

You can also reach Giessbach by boat from Interlaken Ost several times per day. The boat ride from Interlaken Ost to Giessbach (See) takes more than one hour. 

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5. Rosenlaui

Image of Rosenlaui Valley by

Rosenlaui is a tiny pocket of land in Reichenbach Valley (Reichenbachtal in German) near Interlaken. Close to the Rosenlaui Glacier, this spot is 1,328 meters above sea level. Rosenlaui’s glacier, alpine meadows, and towering trees give you a breathtaking view.  

Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge has thundering waterfalls, romantic grottos, and bizarre cliff formations to see for about an hour. Waves foam over rocks and flow down slopes or whiz by on either side.

The sky becomes a thin ribbon of blue with occasional patches that are perfectly polished chalk walls crowd so close together they form an eerily beautiful tunnel-like view! 

If you would like to learn more about Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge, check out our article Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge – One of Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Gorges.

How do you get from Interlaken to Rosenlaui Gorge?

The best way to get from Interlaken to Rosenlaui is by car, and it takes around an hour.

6. St. Beatus Caves

Image of St. Beatus Caves by

Located on the northeastern shoreline of Lake Thun near Interlaken, St. Beatus Caves contain a vast array of adventures for those who want to explore the interior of the Niederhorn Massif. Getting there is easy from Interlaken since the bus only takes 24 minutes to reach St. Beatus Caves.

Inside the St. Beatus Caves, visitors are able to explore a prehistoric settlement. There is an informative museum at the entrance that explains what was done during those times when people were still new to earth. The trails inside lead past roaring waterfalls and through narrow passageways with stalagmite grottos and flame formations.

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How do you get from Interlaken to St. Beatus Caves?

Take the bus from Interlaken Ost or St. Beatus Caves. The bus ride from Interlaken to St. Beatus Cave takes 24 minutes. 

7. Iseltwald

Image of Seeburg Castle on Iseltwald Peninsula by Susanne Stöckli from Pixabay

Switzerland’s Iseltwald is a beautiful area near Interlaken that has been designated a Swiss Heritage Site. The backdrop of the mountains, the lake, and tons of trees around the castle make it picture perfect. Boats stop here in the summer when they cross Lake Brienz.

At the tip of Iseltwald’s peninsula, you can see an impressive building with a great view of the lake. This is the Seeburg Castle which adds to the village’s beauty. Originally built in 1907, this architectural gem has seen a lot of owners but is still private.  

How do you get from Interlaken to Iseltwald?

Take the bus from Interlaken Ost or Iseltwald. The bus ride from Interlaken to Iseltwald takes 29 minutes.

You can also reach Iseltwald by boat from Interlaken Ost. The boat ride from Interlaken Ost (See) to Iseltwald (See) takes 44 minutes.

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8. Spiez

Image of Spiez by Evelyne H. Bur from Pixabay

Spiez is a gorgeous lakeside town just 20 minutes from Interlaken.  Any time of year you visit Spiez, you will not be disappointed.

In Spiez, there are several beaches to choose from, including Frei- und Seebad Spiez, Faulensee Beach, Schattenbad Spiez, and more.  Whether it’s a lazy day at the pool, a thrilling ride on the 86-meter water slide, or just some sunbathing by the lake, it is worth visiting these spots in summer. 

Then there’s Spiez Castle, with its museum, park, and garden. Alternatively, you can walk along the path that runs from Spiez to Faulensee.

Don’t miss these attractions in Spiez
* Spiez Castle
* Spiez Walking Tour
* Spiez Museum
* Faulensee
* Spiez Bay, beaches, and pools
* Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum)

How do you get from Interlaken to Spiez?

Take the direct regional train from Interlaken Ost or Interlaken West to Thun. The train ride from Interlaken to Thun takes 17 to 22 minutes. 

There are also buses to Thun that run on the southern shore of the lake (Därlingen, Leissigen, Faulensee). The bus ride takes about 33 minutes from Interlaken to Spiez.

9. Stockhorn

Image of the panorama from Stockhorn taken by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Though Harder Kulm in Interlaken is also an awesome viewpoint, I think Stockhorn will be worth the 90 minutes more travel time from Interlaken. It’s not exactly close, but the 240-degree view of a fascinating mountain world will be worth the trip. You can see as far as the Black Forest in Germany on clear days.  

With the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau to the south, and the Swiss plateau north (known in German as Mittelland) there’s no shortage of things to see from Stockhorn. Beside the mountain restaurant, there is a viewing platform with a partial glass floor, so you can see 400 meters down the valley.  

If you’re looking for a bit of adrenaline, bungee jumping is available in the evening after regular cable car hours.

Don’t miss these attractions in Spiez
* Panoramic View of the Swiss Alps
* Hinterstockensee Lake
* Fishing, climbing, paragliding, hiking, or delta flying.

How do you get from Interlaken to Stockhorn?

  1. In Interlaken West or Interlaken Ost, take the regional trail to Spiez
  2. Take the train from Spiez to Zweisimmen and get off at Erlenbach im Simmental.
  3. At Erlenbach im Simmental, you will take the cable car to Chrindi, then Stockhorn.

10. Lauterbrunnen

Image of Lauterbrunnen by

Around 12 kilometers away from Interlaken is another beautiful village called Lauterbrunnen. It’s an idyllic village full of waterfalls. You can explore most of the Jungfrau region from Lauterbrunnen.

Lauterbrunnen village is situated in the valley bottom of this magnificent U-shaped valley in Switzerland. From Lauterbrunnen, you can reach Wengen’s sunny car-free terrace and Kleine Scheidegg by train. Mürren can also be accessed either through Lauterbrunnen or via Stechelberg on the other side. 

Some of the other highlights of the Lauterbrunnen region include Staubbach Waterfall, Trümmelbach Waterfalls, Mürrenbach Waterfall, and Gimmelwald.

Don’t miss these attractions in Lauterbrunnen
* Staubbach Falls
* Trümmelbach Falls
* Mürrenbach Waterfall
* Lauterbrunnen Village
* Lauterbrunnen Church
* Nearby are Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg, and Mürren

How do you get from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen?

Take the direct regional train from Interlaken Ost or Lauterbrunnen. The train ride from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen takes 20 minutes. 

11. Blausee

Image of Lauterbrunnen by

Blausee is a stunning lake in the Kander valley around 38 kilometers away from Interlaken. It’s believed to have formed after a landslide from Fisistock. A combination of light reflection, trees, and sky gives this lake a great blue color. Since it’s open year-round, you can go there any time of the year.

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How do you get from Interlaken to Blausee?

  1. First, take the Intercity train from Interlaken Ost or Interlaken West to Spiez
  2. In Spiez, take the regional train to Frutigen
  3. In Frutigen, take Bus 230 to Kandersteg. Get off in Blausee BE.

The journey from Interlaken to Blausee takes 69 to 74 minutes.

12. Lake Brienz

Image of Lake Brienz by Martin Abegglen from flickr

Lake Brienz is right at Interlaken’s doorstep. Passenger boats run on it from April to October.  Regular boat service lets guests go to other spots along the lake. 

Boats on Lake Brienz stop in Böningen, Ringgenberg, Niederried, Iseltwald, Oberried, Giessbach, and Brienz. You can also visit the towns the boats stop at. If you want to ride a steamer, you can ride the Lötschberg on Lake Brienz.

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How do you get from Interlaken to Lake Brienz?

You can see the boats in Lake Brienz behind Interlaken Ost train station.