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33 Small Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Darla Uhl

Switzerland is home to many world-renowned ski resorts, such as Zermatt, Verbier, and St. Moritz. However, there are times when it is better to go to a small ski resort.  There are many small ski resorts in Switzerland to choose from. 

If you have younger kids who get tired easily, you might prefer to ski somewhere smaller. Perhaps you have a limited amount of time and will only be able to go for an hour or two. Smaller ski resorts are also less expensive. No matter what the reason, you won’t need to be concerned.

In this article, you will find a list of many small ski resorts in Switzerland.  This article discusses 33 small ski resorts in Switzerland, their locations, and what they offer. I hope you enjoy it!

Small Ski Resorts in Graubünden, Switzerland

Image of Bergün Ski Area by

Graubünden is home to famous ski resorts such as Davos Klosters, Arosa Lenzerheide, Diavolezza, Flims Laax Falera and more. If you would like to visit a smaller ski resort, they also have several choices. Here are some of the smaller ski resorts in Graubünden:

  • Bergün – Another incredibly picturesque village called Bergün is home to this small ski resort with 25 kilometers of slopes. With 5 lifts (2 chair lifts, 3 drag lifts), as well as a children’s region and a sled run, you can be sure to enjoy a couple of hours on their slopes. The 10.5-kilometer toboggan run from Preda – Bergün and Darlux – Bergün is one of the longest in Switzerland.
  • Klosters Madrisa – The ski area of Klosters Madrisa has around 23 kilometers of slopes with varying levels of difficulty. It has a 4-seater gondola lift, two chairlifts, and four other ski lifts.
  • Chur – Brambüesch – Brambüesch is the home mountain of the alpine city of Chur. Brambrüesch has 20 kilometers of slopes. With one big cable car and a 4-person gondola, you wil be able to reach their ski area.
  • Tschiertschen – An incredibly beautiful Walser village near the city of Chur and the nearby mountain resort of Lenzerheide, Tschiertschen also has its own small ski resort. 2 chair lifts and 2 drag lifts will bring guests to the ski area of Gürgaletsch at 2,440 meters above sea level. Guests can then enjoy 32 kilometers of ski slopes in this beautiful region.
  • Sarn-Heinzenberg – Sarn-Heinzenberg is a small, affordable, family-friendly ski resort in the middle of Graubünden. From 1,300 to 2,075 meters above sea level, Sarn-Heinzenberg has 20 kilometers of slopes. In this small ski area, you will find a chair lift, a drag lift, and a short lift. They also have a magic carpet for beginners and a sled run.
  • Tschappina – Also easy to reach, this is a sunny slope with 4 drag lifts and 25 kilometers of slopes. The mountain station Lüschgrat is 2,161 meters above sea level.
  • Bivio – A hidden gem on the Julier that you pass by on the way to Engadin. The small village of Bivio has 3 drag lifts going as high as 2,560 meters above sea level. They have 30 kilometers of ski slopes. A big plus is their magic carpet for ski beginners which is free to use.
  • Vals – Located in a quiet Walser village away from everyone else, Vals is an extremely quiet but beautiful region. As one of the highest ski regions in Graubünden at an altitude of 3,000 meters, it is also snowsure. One 8-person gondola and 4 drag lifts will bring you to a ski area with around 25 kilometers of ski slopes.
  • Davos Schatzalp-Strela – The ski area located in Davos is a “slow mountain”. They want to focus on older guests, families with small children, and beginner skiers. With only 8.6 kilometers of slopes, it is indeed small. But it is a good option for those who are staying in Davos, in case you would want something smaller than the Parsenn and Jakobshorn ski regions.

Small Ski Resorts in Northeastern Switzerland

Small Ski Resorts in Switzerland - Pictured is Atzmännig
Image of Atzmännig by Adrian Müller from Pixabay
  • Ebenalp-Horn, Appenzell – The popular summer destination of Ebenalp also has a small ski area during winter. From Wasserauen, you can go by cable car up to Ebenalp. There are 3 ski lifts there as well as a practice area. They have around 10 kilometers of ski slopes as well as fantastic views of the Alpstein mountains.
  • Wolzenalp, St. Gallen – Located in St. Gallen, specifically in Wolzenalp ob Krummenau, this ski resort boasts a variety of lifts, including one chair lift, two ski lifts, two children’s practice lifts, and a magic carpet. With a total of 13 kilometers of slopes, this small ski resort offers ample opportunities for winter enthusiasts to hit the slopes.
  • Amden, St. Gallen – Offering fantastic views over Lake Walen, this small ski area is cheap and small. They have 5 lifts (2 chair lifts, 3 drag lifts) that take skiers to the mountain with 20 kilometers of ski slopes.
  • Atzmännig, St. Gallen – Another small ski area near Zurich, Atzmännig is in the region of Eschenbach. With only 8 kilometers of ski slopes, it really is a small one with 4 drag lifts and one chair lift. At the top station, they have a restaurant with a terrace.

Small Ski Resorts in Zurich and Central Switzerland

Small Ski Resorts in Switzerland - Pictured is Stoos
Image of Stoos in Winter from wikimedia
  • Bäretswil, Zurich – The small ski lift in Zürich Oberland. Bäretswil has 3 drag lifts and a pony lift. It is incredibly small with only 1 kilometer of ski slopes from 725 to 835 meters above sea level. Other ski areas in Zurich Oberland are Ghöch (1 kilometer), Fischenthal (4 kilometers), Oberwangen (800 meters), Sternenberg (300 meters), and Oberholz-Farner.
  • Marchbach, Lucerne – The ski area near Entlebuch has 10 kilometers of ski slopes and fantastic views of the Bernese Alps. You can reach the mountain station of Marbachegg through a 6-person gondola. They also have 2 drag lifts.
  • Mörlialp, Obwalden – With 14 kilometers of slopes, the ski area of Mörlialp opened in 1935 as one of the first ski lifts in Central Switzerland. Today, it is a family ski area with a chair lift and 4 drag lifts. Perfect for young ones, they also have a magic carpet for ski beginners to use.
  • Rigi – The queen of the mountains Rigi has 3 small ski areas, two of which can be reached by the train. They have 9 kilometers of skiing fun. For Rigi-Kaltbad, you will need to go from either Vitznau or Weggis to reach Gratalp.
  • Seebodenalp, Schwyz – Seebodenalp has only 5 kilometers of slopes. A cable car will bring you to Seebodenalp and from there, a drag lift can take you to Wissiflue. There is also a children’s ski lift in Holderen.
  • Bannalp, Nidwalden – A hidden gem from 1,600 to 2,800 meters, Bannalp has one gondola and 2 drag lifts. It is perfect for families. It is also a good starting point for snow tours.
  • Stoos, Schwyz – This beautiful, car-free ski resort has 35 kilometers of ski slopes. With one of the steepest funiculars in Switzerland, you can reach the ski resort directly. They also have chair lifts, drag lifts, and a snow park.
  • Sattel-Hochstuckli, Schwyz – It is a small ski resort but quite popular for families living in the Zurich and Zug regions. Sattel-Hochstuckli is a small ski resort with 14 kilometers of ski slopes. In Sattel-Hochstuckli, the gondola will bring you directly to the ski area. Then, there are 3 ski lifts, and a children’s lift to help you move around.
  • Brunni-Holzegg-Haggenegg, Schwyz – This small ski resort of Brunni-Alpthal is only 9 kilometers away from Einsiedeln. Located at the foot of Mythen mountains, it is also a popular destination for those who live near Zurich. With only 8 kilometers of ski slopes, most beginners learn skiing here. They have 2 drag lifts.
  • Biel-Kinzig – Located in Uri, it is a small ski area with 7 kilometers of ski slopes. The ski area has 2 gondolas, a chair lift, and a drag lift.

Small Ski Resorts in Valais, Switzerland

Small Ski Resorts in Switzerland - Pictured is Les Marécottes
Image of Les Marécottes from wikimedia
  • Visperterminen – This is a small ski area with a chair lift and 3 drag lifts. They have 20 kilometers of ski slopes. What’s special about Visperterminen is that they have a wonderful panorama of Switzerland’s highest mountains located in Valais.
  • Rosswald ob Brig – Rosswald has 25 kilometers of slopes and a 15-kilometer toboggan run. The gondola and 4 drag lifts will bring you to the ski area up to 2,536 meters high. Rosswald is a beautiful and sunny mountain ridge. They have guaranteed snow in the car-free holiday destination.
  • Les Marécottes – Les Marécottes is in Val du Trient near Martigny. It is located near Chamonix, Verbier, and Portes du Soleil. This family-friendly ski area has a gondola, a chair lift, and a drag lift which will bring guests to 25 kilometers of slopes.

Small Ski Resorts in Bern and Fribourg, Switzerland

Small Ski Resorts in Switzerland - Pictured is Niederhorn
Image of Niederhorn by TeeFarm auf Pixabay
  • Bumbach Schangnau, Bern – The ski area near Hohgant in Emmental has 6 kilometers of slopes.
  • Axalp ob Brienz, Bern – The small ski area has a chair lift and several drag lifts. They also have 15 kilometers of slopes on a terrace overlooking Lake Brienz.
  • Schwarzsee, Fribourg – 2 chair lifts and 2 drag lifts will bring you to the ski area with 22 kilometers of slopes. Schwarzsee might be small but they do have snow-making capabilities for almost half of their slopes in case it is necessary.
  • Jaun Gastlosen, Fribourg – The ski area has 25 kilometers of slopes with 3 drag lifts and a chair lift. It is one of the most snow-sure regions of Fribourg due to its location.
  • Beatenberg Niederhorn Hohwald, Bern – With fantastic views of Lake Thun, Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, Beatenberg is a good choice. With 22 kilometers of slopes, it is easy to reach Beatenberg with the gondola. For skiing, they have several drag lifts to help you get around.

Other Small Ski Resorts in Switzerland

  • Airolo – Pesciüm, Ticino – With around 30 kilometers of slopes, Airolo is made of two cableways, 3 lifts and a chair lift. Guests can be transported to the slopes of Sasso della Boggia, Comascnè, and Varozzei. The ski resort is located between 1,175 and 2,256 meters above sea level.
  • Balmberg, Solothurn – Balmberg is on the Jura Plateau near Solothurn. Here you can find 3 drag lifts and several slopes, one of which is available until 10:00 PM in the evening. They have a total of 5 kilometers of ski slopes.
  • Mollis-Schilt, Glarus – A small ski resort in Glarus, Mollis has 6 kilometers of ski slopes. A mere one hour away from Zurich, it is a good choice for those who live in that region. You can be brought from the Näfels-Mollis bus station directly to the ski area. The ski region has 3 drag lifts stretching from 1,100 to 1,600 meters above sea level.

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