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8 Awesome Things To Do in Zugerberg, Switzerland

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Zugerberg is a mountain that overlooks Zug and its Lake. Zugerberg lies approximately halfway between Lake Ägeri (a glacial lake along Oberägeri and Unterägeri) and Lake Zug. Zugerbergbahn offers funicular transport from Zug to the Zugerberg. Located at 925 meters above sea level, the upper station is both a vantage point and a popular recreational area for those in the region.

Zugerberg is easily accessible by public transportation. Simply travel to Zug and then take the Zugerbahn funicular at Schönegg. Zugerbergbahn timetables and fares can be found online at

Zugerberg has a wide range of activities to offer its visitors, and there are over 80 kilometers of marked hiking trails in the region. We’ve selected the eight most interesting ones for you. 

1. Circular Hike from Zugerberg to Grossmattstolle

View overlooking Zug from Zugerberg by

From Zugerberg, you can take this circular hike that takes roughly 4 hours. It runs to Vordergeissboden and Hünggigütsch-Sätteli. Eventually, you will reach Grossmattstolle, a mountain peak of 1,165 meters above sea level. 

Stunning views surrounding Zug can be seen from the summit. After that, you can take a break at either Buschenchappeli or Ewegstafel, both of which have fireplaces. If you would rather stop at a restaurant, there are ones in Zugerberg, Vordergeissboden, and Pfaffenboden. 

Hike: Zugerberg ZBB Mountain Station – Vordergeissboden – Hünggigütsch-Sätteli – Räbrüti – Fiselstuden – Nollengatter – Grossmattstolle – Buschenchappeli – Früebüel – Ewegstafel – Altenboden – Zugerberg ZBB Mountain Station  

2. Hike from Zugerberg to Ägeri

Image of Ägeri by Erwin Blattmann from Pixabay

A little more than an hour is all it takes to complete this easy hike. Even children’s strollers can be used if you have them along. 
You will just need to follow the trail going down to Unterägeri from Zugerberg. You’ll notice how beautiful the scenery is along the way to Ägeri. It is a pleasant little walk for the whole family.

Hike: Zugerberg ZBB Mountain Station – Vordergeissboden – Hünggigütsch-Sätteli – Boden – Unterägeri ZVB Bus Stop 

3. Hike from Zugerberg to Höllgrotten Caves

Image of Höllgrotten Cave from wikimedia

With the entire family, you can easily walk from Zugerberg ZBB Mountain Station to Höllgrotten Caves in Baar. The path passes through Vordergeissboden and Hünggigütsch-Sätteli. After going through Schmidli, it reaches Höllgrotten. The entire hike from Zugerberg to Höllgrotten takes around 2 hours and 14 minutes.

Höllgrotten Baar is worth a visit. Lights from modern LEDs illuminate the stalactite cave and stone formations. You can see stalagmites, stalactites, and small lakes inside the cave. As you exit Höllgrotten, you will find a small kiosk as well as benches and tables for you to sit and enjoy your drink.

Hike: Zugerberg ZBB Mountain Station – Vordergeissboden – Hochwacht – Bilgerighof – Allenwinden – Wildenburg – Lorzentobelbrücke – Höllgrotten / Höll Baar

4. Scooter down Zugerberg

With a scooter, you can speed down Zugerberg. Once you reach Zugerberg mountain, follow the path to the right, passing through the big building. There is a wooden shed with scooters on the path leading to Schattwäldli playground. 

The scooters are available from Rother Events for CHF 25 to CHF 30 per person.

5. A Relaxed Cycle or Thrilling Bike Trail on Zugerberg

Zugerberg offers a variety of routes for cycling enthusiasts. You can enjoy a leisurely cycling trip on Zugerberg’s high plateau while enjoying the marvelous scenery. From Zugerberg, you get an awesome view of Rigi as shown below. Those seeking thrills can head over to Wildspitz

Bike on the Zugerberg Plateau and Enjoy the views. Taken by

With the Zugerberg Trail, you have over 2.1 kilometers of trail with an average gradient of 16% and 340 meters. Various curves and jumps can be found on this trail. All cyclists can complete the route since beginners have the option to bypass the more difficult obstacles. 

Bicycle tickets need to be bought separately at

6. Hiking and Cross-country Skiing in Winter

Image of Zugerberg by ZugerWanderwege from Pixabay

Zugerberg is a winter wonderland for hikers or cross-country skiers. The four winter hiking trails can each be completed in less than two hours and thirty minutes. 

ZBB Zugerberg Mountain Station is your gateway to Altenboden, Ewegstafel, Früehbüel, and Buschenchappeli. 
Upon reaching Buschenchappeli, you can opt to return to Zugerberg or to head to Pfaffenboden. 

The Zugerberg plateau, where you can do leisurely bike rides in summer, also offers cross-country skiing in winter. There are 11.5 kilometers of classic tracks and 13.5 kilometers of skating tracks. There is also a 1-kilometer night track until 10 pm. 

7. Tobogganing in Winter

Symbol image of a sled by Couleur from Pixabay

During good snow conditions, there is a toboggan track that runs from Zugerberg Mountain Station all the way to Schönegg Valley Station. 

As long as they have supplies, you can rent sleds at the valley station. Before renting one, you will need to deposit an identification card.

8. Enjoy the Zugiblubbi Adventure Trail

Image of Amadeus the Frog by

Zugiblubbi Adventure Trail is a fun and easy hike suitable for young children and their parents. Children will enjoy the 4.5-kilometer hike thanks to the ghost Zugiblubbi as well as different characters such as Amadeus the Frog, wild animals, mushrooms, a spider, and more. Along the way, the young ones can also enjoy the forest playground.

The trail is quite easy and can also be completed with strollers. Additionally, a Zugiblubbi Card can also be obtained from the Zugerberg Mountain Station. As the children search for diamonds and discover the secret word along the way, they can complete the card and put it in the post box next to Zugerberg Mountain Station. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve already been tempted by one or two activities that can be done on Zugerberg. It’s an excellent recreation area that’s easily accessible and packed with activities for everyone. 

Please take note that in 2022, the Zugerberg railway line will be renovated.

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