Basel to Interlaken Train: All You Need To Know 

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Many tourists visit Interlaken, Switzerland because it is an excellent starting point for exploring the Bernese Oberland region. Because of its convenient location for hiking, adventure, and trips, tourists usually stay here for several days or even longer. This article will provide all the information you need about traveling by train from Basel to Interlaken.

Basel to Interlaken
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Inevitably, logistics are a concern. In particular, train travel in Switzerland has a few specifics for those who plan to use it. How can I get from Basel to Interlaken? Do the trains offer scenic views? How much are the tickets?

On this page, you can find all the information you need regarding the train journey from Basel to Interlaken.

Overview: Navigating Swiss Trains

You can start by visiting the SBB website: Using the website, you can type in your departure and arrival destinations. It will then guide you to where and when you need to be. An app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

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Using the Swiss Pass, you can travel on Swiss trains, buses, boats, and more. Over 500 museums are also free or discounted, and there are free or discounted excursions to mountain summits.


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How to Get From Basel to Interlaken

Basel to Interlaken
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Basel Train Station to Interlaken

Interlaken is best reached by taking the direct train from Basel to Interlaken.

There will be stops in Olten, Bern, Thun, and Spiez before it reaches Interlaken West and Interlaken Ost. Get off in either Interlaken West or Interlaken Ost.

Basel Airport to Interlaken via Bern

From Basel Airport, you can take the bus that will bring you from Basel EuroAirport to Basel Train Station (Basel, Bahnhof SBB). After reaching Basel Train Station, simply look for the direct train that will bring you to Interlaken Ost.

  1. Take the Intercity train or Interregio train to Bern.
  2. In Bern, take the Intercity train to Interlaken West / Interlaken Ost.

Are There Direct Trains From Basel to Interlaken?

As of the time of writing (updated December 2022), there are two direct trains per hour from Basel to Interlaken.

How Long Is the Train Ride From Basel to Interlaken?

The following table shows the train ride duration from Basel to Interlaken (updated December 2022):

RouteDuration (Fastest Connection)
Basel – Interlaken Ost (Direct)2 hours 0 minutes
Basel – Interlaken West (Direct)1 hour 54 minutes
Basel Airport – Basel – Interlaken Ost2 hours 23 minutes
Basel Airport – Basel – Interlaken West2 hours 17 minutes

Is the Train Route From Basel to Interlaken Scenic?

Train Route: Basel – Interlaken Ost

Image of Basel Minster

Intercity trains from Basel to Interlaken are not scenic trains. There are fast trains that travel from one big city to another, whose main purpose is to transport passengers as quickly as possible.

During the ride, you can still see the scenery, but it won’t be slow and steady like other scenic trains.

How Much Will the Train Ticket From Basel to Interlaken Cost?

As of the time of writing (updated December 2022), here are the train ticket prices from Basel to Interlaken:

RouteFull Fare (CHF)Half Fare (CHF)
Basel – Interlaken Ost / West61.0030.50
Basel Airport – Basel – Interlaken Ost / West67.0033.50

As you can see, if you avail of the Half Fare Travel Card, you can definitely save on your fare for long train journeys. So this is definitely something to consider during your travel to Switzerland. You can do simple calculations and decide from there if it will be worth it for you.

Do You Need a Seat Reservation on the Train?

No, there is no need to reserve a spot on the train. But you can always add this option if that is your wish.