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BoBosco Trail In Amazing Verzasca Valley

Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Darla Uhl

The BoBosco Trail in Verzasca Valley is a fascinating trail for both kids and parents alike. BoBosco is short for “Boccia al Bosco“. Boccia stands for the wooden ball that fits the ball tracks interspersed in this 5.5-kilometer trail.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the BoBosco Trail in Verzsaca Valley as well as our own experience there.

Verzasca Valley (Valle Verzasca)

Verzasca Valley is a well-known tourist destination in Ticino. This destination is famous for its cool, green waters and the James Bond jump in Verzasca Dam. The BoBosco trail allows parents and children to enjoy the breathtaking views together.

The BoBosco Trail: In A Nutshell

The fascinating BoBosco Trail starts in Brione, Verzasca. It ends in Lavertazzo. There are 11 stations all in all. And the Boccia ball will come in handy in all 11 stations.

The trail has three sections.

  • The first section is from Brione, Verzasca to Ganne. It is 0.9 kilometers and is the most difficult section of the trail. The official recommendation is that it is suitable for kids 7 years and older. This section contains 2 BoBosco play stations.
  • The second section is from Ganne to Motta. It is 1.5 kilometers long. This is an easy trail that even smaller, younger children can complete. This section contains 4 BoBosco play stations.
  • The last section is from Motta to Lavertazzo. It is 3.1 kilometers long. This is also an easy trail that younger children can complete. There are 5 BoBosco play stations in this section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first part of the trail from BrioneVerzasca to Ganne is suitable only for older kids (7 years old and above). The path is narrow and near the river. Furthermore, as we experienced, the ball tends to fall from the first station. Younger children might not be aware of the danger and stumble while running after the ball. In any case, younger children can do the whole trail with the help of parents.

The BoBosco trail runs through the Verzasca Valley alongside the Verzasca River. With a Boccia ball, you can walk, climb, and have fun in the forest while enjoying the landscape of the valley. The ball tracks consist of natural materials such as wood and strings. Almost all stations are near the Verzasca river or waterfalls. The whole trail is definitely exciting for both children and adults alike.

As the materials used are from nature, it can happen every so often that the balls get blocked. Sometimes, the ball also falls out of track. It will help to clean the track, push the ball, and keep an eye on it. There are roots and twigs everywhere so also take note of this. It also helps to use the boccia balls. Balls from other locations are a bit smaller. The boccia balls are big enough and fit the cableways and ball tracks better. This will enable a better experience because the ball stays on the track more.

Where can I buy the wooden Boccia balls?

  • Mini Market Brione – Brione (Verzasca)
  • Ristorante Piee –  Via Cantonale, Brione (Verzasca)
  • Osteria Motta – Brione (Verzasca)
  • Kiosk Lavertezzo
  • Grotto Al Ponte – Lavertezzo (Verzasca)
  • Sonogno Infopoint
  • Dam Infopoint – Gordola (Verzasca)
  • Tourist Office Tenero

How much does a Boccia ball cost?

One ball costs CHF 7.

How do I get to the BoBosco Trail?

There are bus stops for each of the three start sections. These can be found on the following:

  • First section: Brione (Verzasca), Paese
  • Second section: Brione (Verzasca), Ganne
  • Third section: Brione (Verzasca), Motta

If you wish to start from the end of the trail, there is a bus stop in Lavertezzo, Paese. It is very near the famous Ponte dei Salti bridge.

Our Experience

We came early in the morning and parked our car in Lavertazzo, Paese. The Lavertazzo area becomes busy quickly, so we were lucky to have found a parking space. There is a bus stop near the parking lot where we waited for the bus.

We took the bus to the start of the trail in Brione (Verzasca), Piee. The start of the trail is a few meters away from the bus stop near the bridge going over the Verzasca River. It is marked by a big black sign BoBosco.

The first ball track was near the bridge. We had a hard time getting the ball on the track. This was one of the harder stations with kids. Our ball almost fell to the river. I can imagine that this part of the trail might be harder to handle with younger children.

The rest of the first section was one of the most beautiful parts of the trail. I had to stop every now and then to take pictures. The color of the river was emerald green. The clear water flowed beautifully amongst various big rocks.

After the first section, we crossed a bridge going to the start of the second section. In Ganne, we started seeing toddlers and younger children. This section was easy. The paths were wide and safe for younger children. It was also a bit further away from the water. But you could still see the river.

Further on, we passed by more ball tracks. Once or twice, we almost missed the ball tracks. They used tree trunks for most of the ball tracks. These blended quite well with the other trees in the forest. We also saw a wonderful waterfall where lots of people had their snacks or lunch.

The trail ended after crossing the beautiful stone bridge called Ponte dei Salti.

In summary, we enjoyed the BoBosco trail so much. The adults had a wonderful time enjoying the nature. The kids were busy playing with the Boccia balls on the ball tracks.

My number one hiking tip would be to make sure that your shoes are waterproof for this trail. Near the waterfalls, the area was quite wet. Also, another important tip is to educate the children about the dangers of the river. Especially in summer, when people are keen on swimming, it is important to be vigilant. The river still continues to have a strong current. A small distraction can end badly if one is not careful. Although I have read some reports stating that the trail can be done with a stroller, the area near the waterfalls might be difficult to do with that.

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