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Breathtaking Blausee Lake – A Day Trip In Kandergrund

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Blausee is an incredibly beautiful lake located in the Kander Valley. Kander Valley lies in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland. The Kander River passes through the valley.

It is said to have been created after a landslide from Fisistock. Huge ice slabs from the Kandersteg Glacier fell into the valley and caused a lowering of land. After the ice melted, it created Blausee.

As we proceed through this article, we’ll take a closer look at this picturesque and absolutely wonderful lake, the Blausee in Switzerland. In addition, I will provide my impression and tips for you if you choose to visit. So, without further ado, let’s get to Blausee Lake. 

Blausee Lake in a Nutshell

Lake surface area:0.64 hectares
Maximum depth:10.1 meters (33 feet)
Surface elevation:887 meters

The beautiful blue color of the lake is said to come from a combination of light reflection, trees, and sky. This picturesque Blausee lake amidst an enchanting forest is perfect for day trips. It is located in Bernese Oberland. As it is open all year round to guests, it can be visited during any season of the year.

Did you know? Unlike all the other lakes in Switzerland, Blausee is a private lake. It is owned by The Blausee Corporation which also owns the hotel and spa, restaurant, organic trout farm, and shop in the vicinity.

It is a popular tourist destination and features often on Instagram due to its beauty. I have included a screenshot of Blausee from my Instagram account below. It does look as beautiful in person as it is in the picture.

We don’t even notice the entire lake is filled with new water within 48 hours. All year round, it maintains a constant temperature of 6 to 8 degrees. 

Due to its protected status, swimming and bathing in the lake are prohibited. 

The Blausee Nature Park is open the whole year round starting at 9:00 AM.

Where is Blausee Lake located?

Blausee (translated to Blue Lake) is a tiny lake in the Kander Valley in Switzerland. It is near a river called Kander above Kandergrund. It is in the Frutigen-Niedersimmental municipality.

This is part of the popular Bernese Oberland region. There are other well-known tourist spots in Bernese Oberland. These are Jungfrau, Interlaken, Wengen, Mürren, Schilthorn, Lauterbrunnen, Männlichen, and many more.

Why is BlauseeLake so popular?

Blausee Lake is an incredibly picturesque lake with clear blue waters. You can find it amidst an enchanting forest. Even I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly beautiful it is. There are so many trout swimming in the water. And the water is so clear and fresh-looking.

There are many walkways within. For those who wish to dine, there is a Gault Millau restaurant where they serve fresh trout. There is also a possibility to bring your own food to the grill.

The surrounding area of the Blausee has a lot in store. A mystic nature park, with walkways, fireplaces, and picnic areas can be found inside. There is also a playground for the kids. A few meters away from the playground is the Kander River. There is also a Blausee Museum.

Another plus is that you can ride a small glass-bottom boat without any extra charge.

How can I get to BlauseeLake?

If you are driving by car, look for Naturpark Blausee at Blausee 222, 3717 Blausee. There is a big parking lot in front of the entrance.

For those using public transportation, you can ride the bus from Adelboden or Kandersteg. The bus stop is Blausee BE.

Is there an entrance fee to Blausee Lake?

Yes, there is an entrance fee to Blausee. It costs CHF 10 on weekdays and CHF 12 on weekends for adults. Tickets are cheaper for students and younger children. Kids until 5 years old can get in free. Local guests carrying a guest card also get a discounted rate.

The ticket covers the following:

  • Free boat ride on the lake
  • Visiting the trout farm and
  • Usage of the playgrounds
  • Usage of the grill areas

What can I do in BlauseeLake?

Blausee Nature Park

There is nothing quite like the Blausee Lake Nature Park. The park has a total area of 20 hectares. As the buses and cars are parked outside, everyone inside goes on foot.

There are several romantic pathways that wind through an enchanting forest within the nature park. Before reaching the lake, you must pass through the walkways. Walking to the lake isn’t that far from outside. 

It is relatively easy to follow the path to the lake. And Blausee Lake itself can be reached in only 5 minutes from the entrance.  However, good shoes are preferred as the road is not always paved. 

Boat Trip

There is a short boat trip (around 10 minutes) included in the ticket price. The boat has a glass bottom so you could see the fish swimming under while in the boat.


Blausee Park has a restaurant in the nature park that serves fresh fish. If you do not want to eat there, there are areas where you could hold a picnic or grill with firewood.


Near the restaurant is a playground for children. There are also toilets near the playground.

Alpine Trout Farm

There are currently 80 tons of trout produced at the Alpine trout farm each year, and 45% of them remain onsite. In the restaurant, these are served either as fish sticks or as a specialty fish dish. There is a percentage sold at Blausee Lake Shop. Those remaining are sold to big supermarket chains such as Coop. 

They also have an alpine trout farm, which is open to guests and free to visit.

Can you fish in BlauseeLake?

No, fishing is not allowed in Blausee. There is a traditional fishing event available to the public once a year. It takes place during the middle of Autumn. But, it has been canceled for this year.

Can you swim in BlauseeLake?

No, swimming is not allowed in Blausee. But once a year, in winter, they allow a limited number of people to swim in the ice-cold water. Tickets cost CHF 40 for adults. Participants receive a certificate for being a tough cookie. The amount collected gets donated to a good cause.

Our experience

A friend of mine told me that there were lots of tourists in Blausee. My friend came in the afternoon and had to wait in line to get inside. With that in mind and due to our other plans for the day, we came in early in the morning. We were one of the first guests. We did not have to wait in line to buy our tickets.

As we went inside, we decided to follow the first walkway we found to the right of the entrance. It led us to an enchanting forest with lots of huge stones and tall trees. After a few minutes of walking, we saw the blue lake.

There were a couple of people waiting to get into the glass-bottom boat. We waited with them and got on the boat. A man drove us on the boat for around 10 minutes. He told us that fishing wasn’t allowed. He also mentioned that there was a winter swimming event done once per year and that it was very popular.

After riding the boat, we walked towards the playground. Near it was the river Kander. We just enjoyed the views. We thought of eating at the restaurant but there was a long queue by the time we got there. As the reviews online weren’t that excellent for the restaurant, we decided to head back out. We ate in the Kander Valley instead. That said, there were already lots of people grilling near the playground premises.

We took another path on the way out. It was not the same as the one we used going inside. But it was as beautiful. There were tall trees and big rocks covered with moss.

We went out via the gift shop. As we got outside, we saw a long queue to go inside as well as more people looking for a parking space.


My recommendation would be the following:

  • It is recommended that you use public transportation to get here. During busy times, the parking lot becomes very crowded.
  • Come in earlier rather than later. This is a popular destination and the lines can get long the later you arrive.
  • Bring your own food if you don’t fancy the restaurant. You can take a picnic or bring food to grill (sausages, bread, etc)
  • Simply enjoy the surroundings. Take lots of pictures! It is very beautiful and definitely worth a day trip.


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