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Cherry Trail in Frick, Switzerland

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Darla Uhl

The Cherry Trail in Frick offers a delightful stroll through the picturesque Frick Valley, adorned with charming cherry trees. It’s an easy hike, perfect for families or anyone seeking a peaceful escape into nature.

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Especially in April, when the cherry blossoms burst into bloom, the landscape transforms into a breathtaking sight, with trees draped in delicate white petals.

SeasonBest to do in Spring (April)
Trail Length5 km or 9 km
Time2 hours (short) or 4 hours (long)
Trail HeadGipf-Oberfrick
MapMap from Aargau Tourismus
Image of the Cherry Trail in Frick by


  • Stunning display of fully blooming cherry trees lining the trail
  • Informative boards along the way providing insights into cherry cultivation and the region’s cherry industry
  • Opportunity to buy fresh regional products sourced from the local village
  • Scenic views of the surrounding Jura Mountains adding to the beauty of the hike

Our Experience

Image of the Cherry Trail in Frick by

We were fortunate to head out on a lovely, sunny spring day for our hike. The Cherry Trail had been on my bucket list for ages, and we finally made it happen. Before our hike, I checked the Chriesiweg website, and their ticker mentioned that the cherry trees were in full bloom until the 16th or 17th of April. It was helpful to have that information to time our visit perfectly!

Die Chriesibluescht (Kirschblüte) ist in vollem Gange. Ab dem 16. / 17. April wird die Bluescht langsam zu Ende gehen. Einzelne blühende Bäume können bis ca. 21. April bestaunt werden.

– Fricktaler Chriesiwäg, Bluescht-Ticker

We started at the trailhead around 10:30 am and made it back to Gipf village by noon, so it only took us about 90 minutes to complete the trail. And we took our time, soaking in the scenery and reading the information along the way.

Since we’re used to tackling tougher mountain hikes, the Cherry Trail felt like a breeze – more like a leisurely Sunday stroll than a challenging trek. The cherry trees along the path were undeniably beautiful, though personally, I would’ve loved to see some pink blossoms mixed in with the white.

Image of a Cherry Tree with White Blossoms, Cherry Trail in Frick by

I’ve seen some reviews mentioning that the trail gets really crowded, but honestly, that wasn’t our experience at all. Sure, there were other folks out and about when we started around 10:30 am, but it wasn’t packed by any means. We encountered groups ahead of us and behind us, but there was always plenty of space to move around. We didn’t feel rushed and had no trouble snapping pictures without swarms of people getting in the way.

Unfortunately, while there was a vendor selling drinks along the trail, we were surprised to find that none of the restaurants or huts typical of mountain trails were open for business. It’s the kind of setup you’d expect, with a cozy spot to grab a bite near a peak or at a middle station. But alas, we made do. After finishing the trail, we made a quick stop at the kiosk by the train station to grab a snack before heading back home. It wasn’t quite the après-hike meal we had envisioned, but it did the job.

How to Get to the Cherry Tree Trail

You’ll find clear trail markers for the cherry trail starting from Frick Train Station and the bridge over Bruggbach in Gipf.

Bus:Gipf-Oberfrick, Brücke (3-minute walk)
Train:Frick (15-minute walk)

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