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Closest Mountains To Chur in Switzerland

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The city of Chur is in the eastern part of Switzerland. And it’s known for being the gateway to the Graubünden mountains. Chur is the perfect place if you want to visit the mountains, but also want museums, restaurants, and shopping.

If you would like to know the closest mountains to Chur, Switzerland then this list is for you. Check out this list of easy-to-access mountains near Chur.

Below we list the closest mountains to Chur, Switzerland.

1. Brambrüesch (1,597 Meters)

Image of Brambrüesch from wikimedia

Brambrüesch is the local mountain of the alpine city of Chur. This hillside terrace is on the slope of Dreibündenstein in Graubünden, southwest of the city.

How do you get from Chur to Brambrüesch? 

From Chur’s Train Station, take one of the buses that will bring you to Chur, Brambrüeschb./Stadthalle. There are a lot of buses leaving every hour.

From the train station, you can reach Brambrüesch’s valley station in 11 minutes by bus.

Why should you visit Brambrüesch?

Summer mountain adventures include hikes to nearby Dreibündstein, Feldis, and Pradaschier. On Brambrüesch itself, you can hike around via Spundisköpfe or Brambiweg. From Brambrüesch, you can hike to Känzeli, Malix, and all the way down to Chur.

Other than hiking, there are scooter rides and bike paths for the young and old. There’s even a fast toboggan run that’s sure to get you hyped. Even though it’s a small ski resort, Brambrüesch has 20 km of slopes to enjoy in winter.

The restaurants in Brambrüesch have a lot to offer when it comes to culinary delights. Whether you want to eat inside or on the terrace overlooking the valley, they’ve got you covered. There are plenty of options in Brambrüesch for everyone.

2. Churwalden Heidbüel (1,930 Meters) and Pradaschier (1,355 Meters)

Image of Heidbüel by

Heidbüel is easily accessible from Churwalden by panoramic gondola. The hiking trails in Heidbüel start at a high elevation of over 1,900 meters, giving you breathtaking views of the region as you hike. There’s a pretty lake near Heidbüel’s mountain station, perfect for taking pictures. Pradaschier, on the other hand, is a mountain you can go on adventures on.

How do you get from Chur to Heidbüel and Pradaschier? 

In Chur’s Bus Station, take Bus 182 until Churwalden, Bergbahnen. The total bus ride from Chur to Churwalden, Bergbahnen is 31 minutes. Both Heidbüel and Pradaschier are close to the bus stop.

Why should you visit Heidbüel and Pradaschier?

Hiking trails in Heidbüel lead to Alp Stätz, Stätzer Horn, Lavoz, Piz Scalottas, Sartons, Valbella, Lerchenhütte, and Churwalden. There is a 2.5-kilometer hiking trail about weather dwarfs that is appropriate for families with school-aged children. A surprise gift awaits kids who complete this weather path’s ten stations.

For cyclists, there are several bike trails as well: 602 Runda Lai, 615 Biketicket to ride blue, and 616 Biketicket to ride red.

Among Pradaschier’s activities are its 3-kilometer-long toboggan run, the longest in Switzerland, and its zipline, the first in Graubünden. They also have a ropes course. There are scenic hikes to Brambrüesch and Feldis from Pradaschier.

3. Lenzerheide Parpaner Rothorn (2,861 Meters)

Image of Rothorn and the Cable Car in Scharmoin, Lenzerheide by

The alpine city of Chur offers easy access to the Parpaner Rothorn in Lenzerheide, a bike, and ski paradise.

How do you get from Chur to Rothorn? 

In Chur’s Bus Station, take the bus going to Lenzerheide/Lai, Post. Get off in Lenzerheide/Lai, Rothornbahn.

The total bus ride from Chur to Lenzerheide/Lai, Rothornbahn is 35 minutes.

Why should you visit Rothorn?

The region of Lenzerheide is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and its bike-friendly landscape. The Bike Kingdom has some exciting bike trails if you’re into that. The trails offer something for everyone, from beginners to advanced bikers.

As soon as you’re done with the mountains, don’t forget to check out nearby Lake Heidsee, which is a short walk from Rothorn’s valley station.

Together with Arosa, Lenzerheide is one of Switzerland’s biggest ski resorts, with 225 kilometers of slopes.

4. Malans – Älpli (1,801 Meters)

Älpli in Malans is not a well-known tourist destination. It doesn’t have any fancy restaurants, themed trails, zip lines, or bouncy castles. Instead, it offers a breathtaking view, warm hospitality, and home-style food. It offers peace and quiet.

How do you get from Chur to Älpli? 

Take the train from Chur to Landquart. In Landquart, change to the connecting bus that will bring you to Malans, Älplibahn. The total journey from Chur to Älpli takes 24 minutes one way.

The cable car going up from Malans to Älpli takes 14 minutes. It also needs to be reserved by calling +41 81 322 47 64. Note: The cable cars only operate in summer. Malans is 17 kilometers away from Chur Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Älpli?

Älpli in Malans is an authentic experience in the alps. It offers peace and quiet, as well as majestic views of the Grisons Rhine Valley. While hiking here, you can see the Grisons Alps – Silvretta, Piz Kesch, and Piz Terri. When the skies are clear, you can even see Bernina Massif 70 kilometers away.

With a length of 3.5 kilometers, the Älplibahn is also one of the longest in Switzerland.

5. Grüsch-Danusa (1,800 Meters)

Image of Grüsch-Danusa by

Grüsch-Danusa is often overshadowed by its more popular neighbors. But this mountain is kid-friendly and easy to get to from Chur, Zurich, and St. Gallen.

How do you get from Chur to Grüsch-Danusa? 

From Chur, take the slow train that will bring you to Grüsch. Alternatively, you could go from Chur to Landquart and then take the slow train to Grüsch. In Grüsch, take the connecting bus going to Valzeina, Kirche. Get off in Grüsch, Danusa. The total journey from Chur to Grüsch, Danusa is 44 minutes.

Why should you visit Grüsch-Danusa?

Whether it’s winter or summer, Grüsch-Danusa is a family-friendly mountain. One of the idyllic spots in Grüsch-Danusa is the small lake Bergsee Älpli which is easy to reach by hiking or biking from Berghaus Schwänzelegg.

At 1,800 meters above sea level, Berghaus Schwänzelegg offers a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains of Prättigau.

A music-playing magic carpet and a themed ski area make it a memorable winter day out for kids. There is no doubt that it is one of the most ideal ski resorts near Zurich for children to learn how to ski. 32 kilometers of ski slopes will satisfy even advanced skiers.

6. Lenzerheide Piz Scalottas (2,323 Meters)

Image of Speichersee Valos in Lenzerheide by

Lenzerheide’s local mountain, Piz Scalottas, is easy to reach from Chur. The summit offers great views of the Lenzerheide plateau and surrounding mountains.

How do you get from Chur to Piz Scalottas? 

In Chur’s Bus Station, take the bus going to Lenzerheide/Lai, Post. In Lenzerheide/Lai, Post, change to the connecting bus 191 that will bring you to Lenzerheide/Lai, Val Sporz.

The total bus ride from Chur to Lenzerheide/Lai, Val Sporz is 52 minutes.

Why should you visit Piz Scalottas?

The top of Piz Scalottas offers awesome views of Piz Ela, Tinzenhorn, and Piz Mitgel. There are also plenty of hiking routes starting at Piz Scalottas, like heading to Tgantieni via Alp Fops or Schäfermulde. You can also hike the ridge from Piz Scalottas to Piz Danis.

The Globi Hiking Trail is available from Tgantieni for the little ones. If you’re lucky, you might even see a marmot or Globi himself. The Globi trail also leads to the crystal clear lake of Valos.

7. Flims Laax Falera – Fil de Cassons (2,644 Meters) and Crap Sogn Gion (2,229 Meters)

Image of Flims Laax Falera Ski Resort by Walter Kru from Pixabay

No matter what time of year you visit, Flims Laax Falera is one of the best mountain resorts in Switzerland. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Switzerland with 239 kilometers of slopes.

Flims Laax Falera is one of the pioneering snowboarding resorts. There are also 44 kilometers of freeride slopes on the mountain, making it a popular destination for freestylers as well. Back in the 1990s, it hosted ski races. It now hosts snowboarding and freeskiing events such as LAAX Open, the most prestigious snowboarding event in Europe.

How do you get from Chur to Fil de Cassons and Crap Sogn Gion

To get to Fil de Cassons in Flims, take the bus from Chur to Laax GR, posta. Get off in Flims Dorf, Bergbahnen. You can take the aerial cableway from Flims to Foppa, then Naraus. You will then need to hike around 11 kilometers to get to Fil de Cassons from Naraus. The total travel time from Chur to Flims Dorf, Bergbahnen is 30 to 45 minutes.

Note: A new aerial cable railway will be built by Cassons AG to get to Fil de Cassons from Naraus. We’ll update as soon as we know more.

To get to Crap Sogn Gion in Laax, take the bus from Chur to Laax GR, posta. Get off in Laax GR, Bergbahnen. In Laax, take the gondola lift to Crap Sogn Gion. The total travel time from Chur to Laax GR, Bergbahnen is 37 to 52 minutes.

Why should you visit Fil de Cassons and Crap Sogn Gion?

Panoramic mountain views, hiking, and biking trails are available in the summer. High above Flims, Fil de Cassons offers the most impressive panoramic views. It can be reached via Foppa/Naraus. Fil de Cassons gives you a view of Ringelspitz, Piz Segnas, Tschingelhörnern, and Martin’s Hole, which you can also see from Elm, Glarus.

It’s also worth checking out the panoramic views from Crap Sogn Gion. Crap Sogn Gion isn’t technically a mountain peak, but it’s still awesome for skiing and has breathtaking views. You can get to Crap Sogn Gion via Laax.

It’s also worth noting that UNESCO has listed this region Sardona as a World Heritage Site, a geological phenomenon.

After a day in the mountains, you can also explore nearby Caumasee and Crestasee.

8. Pizol Laufböden (2,226 Meters) and Pizolhütte (2,227 Meters)

Image by Phong from flickr

From its Romansh name Piz ault, Pizol means high peak. This is the entrance to the Grisons Rhine Valley. The main peak, Pizol (2,844 meters), lies between Calfeisen/Tamina Valley, Weisstannen Valley, and Rhein Valley. From the valley, you can reach Laufböden and Pizolhütte.

How do you get from Chur to Pizol? 

From Chur, take the train to Bad Ragaz. This train ride takes roughly 14 minutes. In Bad Ragaz, change to the bus that will bring you to Bad Ragaz, Pizolbahn. Check before you go if this connection is running since it is a seasonal service.

 The total journey from Chur to Pizol’s Valley Station in Bad Ragaz is 31 minutes.

Why should you visit Pizol?

Once above, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the Rhein valley until Lake Constance.

There is a popular hike called the 5-lake hike which goes around five different colored lakes. The most beautiful lake here is called Lake Schotten. Over Schwarzplangg is a fantastic view of the UNESCO World Heritage site the Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona, together with the Pizol glacier, Ringelspitz, and Piz Sardona amidst a backdrop of further Glarus Alps.

9. Arosa Weisshorn (2,638 Meters)

Image of Arosa by

Arosa is a scenic mountain resort inhabited by the Walser people, similar to nearby Tschiertschen, Davos Monstein, and Obermutten in Graubünden.

How do you get from Chur to Arosa Weisshorn? 

You can get to Arosa by taking the regional train from Chur. In most cases, the trains heading to Arosa depart from outside the train station. From the train station of Arosa, simply walk to the Arosa Weisshorn Valley Station.

Why should you visit Arosa Weisshorn?

From the Weisshorn, the highest point accessible by aerial cableway, you can see all the way to Säntis and the Bernina region. On a clear day, you can even see the Bernese and Pennine Alps.

During the winter, it is part of the Arosa Lenzerheide Ski Resort, one of the largest in Switzerland. The resort features 225 kilometers of slopes that include peaks such as Weisshorn, Parpaner Rothorn, Hörnli, Piz Scalottas, Piz Danis, Lavos, Stätzerhorn, and Windegga.

In addition to authentic Alpine huts, it has plenty of sunshine. There are facilities for young winter sports enthusiasts, snow parks, and perfectly groomed slopes for all levels here. Experiences for early risers and night owls are also available for exceptional mountain adventures. This ski resort also hosts international competitions every now and again. Arosa also has the largest children’s ski school in Switzerland. 

10. Flumserberg Maschgenkamm (2,010 Meters) and Prodkamm (1,939 Meters)

Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Flumserberg, part of the municipality of Flums, is a fantastic mountain to visit from Chur because it offers views of the Churfirsten range and Lake Walen (Walensee). There are numerous hiking and biking trails available in the resort.

How do you get from Chur to Flumserberg? 

Take the train from Chur to Sargans. In Sargans, take the bus to Flumserberg, Tannenboden. Get off in Flumserberg, Tannenheim. From there, you can reach Prodalp and Prodkamm with the aerial railways. The total travel time from Chur to Flumserberg, Tannenheim is 1 hour and 4 minutes.

You may also opt to go from Sargans to Flumserberg, Tannenboden. From Tannenboden, you can use the aerial railways to reach Maschgenkamm. The total travel time from Chur to Flumserberg, Tannenboden is 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Why should you visit Flumserberg?

Flumserberg has lots of options for children to enjoy: playgrounds, a climbing station in Prodalp with more than 100 climbing stations laid out on 3 levels, mini-golf, and a toboggan run over 250 meters long.

Summary: Closest Mountains to Chur, Switzerland

Here is a brief summary of the closest mountains to Chur and how far away these are (in kilometers, approximate).

MountainHeight (m)Distance from Chur (km)Canton
Brambrüesch1,597 meters900 mGraubünden
Churwalden Pradaschier / Churwalden Heidbüel1,355 meters / 1,930 meters11 kmGraubünden
Lenzerheide Parpaner Rothorn2,861 meters16.2 kmGraubünden
Malans Älpli1,801 meters17.8 kmGraubünden
Grüsch-Danusa1,800 meters22.7 kmGraubünden
Lenzerheide Piz Scalottas2,323 Meters23.8 kmGraubünden
Flims Fil de Cassons / Laax Crap Sogn Gion2,644 meters / 2,229 meters24 kmGraubünden
Pizol (Bad Ragaz) – Laufboden / Pizolhütte2,226 meters / 2,227 meters24.3 kmSt. Gallen
Arosa Weisshorn2,638 meters30 kmGraubünden
Flumserberg Maschgenkamm / Prodkamm2,010 meters / 1,939 meters49.8 kmSt. Gallen

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