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Closest Mountains To Visit From Zurich

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Darla Uhl

Mountains offer stunning and majestic views that are unparalleled, opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, diverse ecosystems such as animals, birds, and plants, peace and solitude, and many more. If you are based in Zurich, you might consider visiting the closest mountains to the city of Zurich. And there are many mountains near Zurich worth visiting. We have listed below twelve of the closest mountains to Zurich sorted by distance as well as the advantages of visiting these. The travel time from Zurich train station is also noted.

Uetliberg Mountain - Closest Mountain to Zurich
Image of Uetliberg by

So while most Switzerland guides will readily point to visiting Jungfraujoch in Bernese Oberland or Matterhorn in Zermatt, these two majestic mountains aren’t exactly the closest to visit from Zurich. In fact, it will take you four hours or more to reach Matterhorn or Jungfraujoch from Zurich. Instead, why, not check out the mountains listed below?

Braunwald - One of the Mountains Near Zurich
Image of Braunwald by

These mountains near Zurich are easy to access due to trains and cable cars. Most of these mountains, though not as high as the ones in the Pennine Alps and the Bernese Alps, are reachable within an hour or two from Zurich.

Without much further ado, here are the mountains near Zurich:

1. Uetliberg (813 Meters)

Uetliberg is the closest mountain to Zurich
Image of Uetliberg by

Uetliberg is the closest mountain to Zurich and one of the four popular viewpoints near Zurich. It is accessible in 27 minutes with the S10 Train from Zurich Train Station. From the train, the walk to the peak (Kulm) and the viewing tower is just 56 meters going up. It provides a good view of Zurich city, the Alps in Glarus, and Central Switzerland. You can also hike 400 meters up from Triemli or Albisgüetli instead of taking the train.

There is a hotel and restaurant called Uto Kulm on the mountain.

Uetliberg can be reached 27 minutes by train from Zurich Main Train Station with the S10 train. It is only 4 kilometers from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Uetliberg?

The Üetliberg Train is the steepest normal standard gauge adhesion railway in Europe with a 7.9% gradient. It has been in operation since 1875 via Triemli and Uitikon-Waldegg. It is also really close to the Zurich city center and can be done in half a day.

If you would like to read more about Uetliberg, check out our article The Best Views in Zurich: A Guide to Uetliberg Mountain.

2. Felsenegg (804 Meters)

Felsenegg - Mountain Near Zurich
Image by Henna from Flickr

Felsenegg is one of the four popular viewpoints near Zurich reachable from Adliswil in Sihl Valley (Sihltal). One can reach it with the S4 train to Adliswil, 10 minutes to the cable car Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg, and then 5 minutes in the cable car going to Felsenegg.

The view from the Felsenegg Restaurant is that of the city of Zurich and Lake Zurich. There is also a planet trail from Felsenegg going to Üetliberg which even young children can partake in.

Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg can be reached 30 minutes by train from Zurich Main Train Station with S4 train. It takes 5 minutes with the cable car to go up to Felsenegg Mountain. It is 10 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Felsenegg?

The sea of lights in the evening from the Zurich region is particularly awesome. Like Üetliberg, it is also really close to the city center.

The GetYourGuide website lets you book a guided tour in a comfortable bus, a ferry ride across Lake Zurich, and a cable car ride to Felsenegg. You can book it with this link – Zürich: 4-Hour City Tour by Ferry, Cable Car and Coach.

3. Zugerberg (1,039 Meters)

Zugerberg - Mountain Near Zurich located in Zug
Image of Zug and its lake as taken from Zugerberg by

Zugerberg is a mountain in the Canton of Zug. It can be accessed from the city of Zug itself, by using the valley station of Schönegg. On the upper station at slightly below 1,000 meters, you can enjoy awesome views of the lakes Zug and Ägeri. There are hiking paths with beautiful flora and fauna, a sculpture path, and a playground called Schattwälldli. You can also grill here. In winter, it is a place for winter hikes, cross-country skiing, and sledding. It also has a small ski lift for children.

Zugerberg is 54 minutes away from Zurich by public transport. To reach it, take the train to Zug and from there the bus to Zug, Schönegg. You can then take the funicular that will lead you up to Zugerberg. It is 33 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Zugerberg?

The mountain has 80 kilometers of hiking paths to explore. Furthermore, you can engage in biking or riding a segway. And if you still have energy after a long day on the mountain, you can simply head back down to the city of Zug and explore it. It is not huge but pretty to stroll in, plus there are restaurants along the lake where you can relax after a long day.

For more detailed information regarding Zugerberg, visit our article here: 8 Awesome Things To Do in Zugerberg, Switzerland.

4. Sattel-Hochstuckli Mostelberg (1,185 Meters)

Sattel - One of the Closest Mountains to Zurich; Very family-friendly
Image by Myri Roet from Pixabay

The ride going up to Mostelberg is inside a rotating cable car in 4 various colors (one color for each season of the year). The area is located between Schwyz and the moor of Rothenthurm, northwest of the Mythen.

For children, there is a huge bouncy play area during summer, as well as a toboggan run. Skiing here is also possible for children and adults alike during winter.

Sattel-Hochstuckli is 1 hour 19 minutes away from Zurich by public transport. To reach it, take the train to Arth-Goldau and from there the bus to Sattel Gondelbahn. It is 46 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Sattel-Hochstuckli?

There is a 374-meter-long Skywalk, the longest hanging footbridge in Europe, hanging over Laui Ravine 58 meters below.

5. Rigi Scheidegg (1,643 Meters) and Rigi Kulm (1,797 Meters)

Image of Lake Lucerne from Mount Rigi by

The most visited viewpoint in Central Switzerland is Rigi – also aptly called the “Queen of the Mountains”. It is also a popular destination and can be reached from different sides – Vitznau, Arth Goldau, Weggis, Seebodenalp, and Brunnen.

There are other ways to go up to Rigi but these options will need more time. For example, there are steamboats that head to Vitznau. From Vitznau, you can either:

  • a) take the train going via Rigi Kaltbad to Rigi Kulm or
  • b) take the cable car to either Vitznauerstock or Gersauerstock and hike from there.

Rigi is set amidst three lakes – Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz. It has several peaks but the most dominant one is the highest – Rigi Kulm at 1,797 meters. Rigi Scheidegg (1,643 meters) and Hochflue (1,699 meters) are also well-known peaks.

The total travel time from Zurich Train Station to Rigi Scheidegg is less than 90 Minutes. To reach it, take the train to Arth Goldau and then take the cable car via Kräbel to Rigi Scheidegg. By car, it is 48 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station.

Why should you visit Rigi?

Aside from the gorgeous views of the lakes (13 lakes!) and surrounding mountains, there is also a well-known thermal bath called Rigi Kaltbad designed by the famed Mario Botta of Ticino.

Viator offers guided tours to the Rigi from Zurich. You can purchase tickets for summer (Mount Rigi and Lucerne Summer Day Trip from Zurich) and winter (Mount Rigi Winter Day Trip from Zurich) day trips by clicking the links above.

6. Hoch-Ybrig – Spirstock (1,771 Meters) and Sternen (1,856)

Hoch Ybrig - Ski paradise near Zurich
Image of Hoch-Ybrig by derdide from Flickr

Hoch-Ybrig is a skiing and hiking area in Canton Schwyz. In summer, Hoch-Ybrig offers hiking and biking routes. With the Sternensauser, you can also do the zip line. You can also play and fish. In winter, it has 50 kilometers of slopes for winter sports.

Hoch-Ybrig is dominated by the mountain range Forstberg, Druesberg, and Twäriberg. From Roggenstock, you can sometimes observe marmots, deers, or chamois.

The train connection from Zurich Train Station going to Hoch-Ybrig Weglosen valley station takes 84 minutes one way. The cable car going up to Seebli takes 6 minutes. From Seebli, there are cable car connections to Spirstock and Sternen. With the car, it is 55 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station.

Why should you visit Hoch-Ybrig?

From Spirstock, you get a fantastic view of the Mythen and Lake Lucerne regions. It also has lots of activities on offer both during the winter and summer months.

Together with Unteriberg and Oberiberg, Hoch-Ybrig builds the Ybrig region. This region has 170 kilometers of marked hiking and mountain paths. In winter, it has 50 kilometers of downhill slopes and 30 kilometers of cross-country skiing slopes.

7. Pilatus (2,073 Meters)

Pilatus - One of the Best Mountains to Visit Near Zurich
Image by Rene Staempfli from Pixabay

Pilatus is a well-known excursion and viewpoint near Lucerne. It is not as near to reach if you are based in Zurich but it is still possible to visit it for a day trip.

The train connection from Zurich Train Station going to Kriens Pilatus-Bahnen Valley Station takes 77 minutes one way. The train going up from Kriens, Lucerne to Pilatus Kulm takes an additional 41 minutes. With the car, it is 55 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station.

Why should you visit Pilatus?

The genius Eduard Locher envisioned a futuristic train on Pilatus at the end of the 19th century. Pilatus has the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. It has a maximum gradient of 48% and an average gradient of 35%. The train links Alpnachstad in Obwalden to Pilatus Kulm at 2,073 Meters.

The golden round trip is also a popular choice for tourists. It combines a ride on the steamboat, the red cogwheel railway, and going down with the cable car. On the mountain station of Pilatus, there is a short, secure way to enjoy the panorama. It lies between the peaks of Esel and Oberhaupt.

GetYourGuide has a multilingual tour from Zurich to Pilatus you can book here – From Zurich: Lucerne & Mount Pilatus Day Tour.

On this GetYourGuide tour, you’ll leave Zurich in the morning and stop in Lucerne at the Lion Monument before heading to Kriens. You can take the gondola to the top of Mount Pilatus in Kriens for an awesome view of the surrounding lakes and mountains. After that, you’ll take the funicular down to Alpnachstad, then take the boat back to Lucerne. Then you can take a bus back to Zurich. 

8. Braunwald Gumen (1,901 Meters)

Braunwald - Car-free Mountain Near Zurich
Image taken in Braunwald by

The car-free village of Braunwald has beautiful views of the Glarus mountains – Hausstock, Bifertenstock, Tödi, and Ortsstock.

Adventurous visitors can take the scooter descent (Trottinett) to Braunwald. Families with young children can enjoy a dwarf-themed trail, and various animals or check into a well-known family-friendly hotel called Märchenhotel Braunwald.

There is a direct train from Zurich Train Station going to Linhtal Braunwaldbahn. It takes 90 minutes one way to the valley station. The cable car going up to Braunwald takes 7 minutes. With the car, it is 86 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station.

Why should you visit Braunwald?

Visitors to Braunwald will enjoy not only the gorgeous views of the Glarus mountains. Braunwald also has numerous waterfalls (Schreyenbachfall, Berglistüber, Diesbachfall, Brummbachfall), lakes (Oberblegisee, Bergetensee, Muttsee), and a rose garden.

For more detailed information about visiting Braunwald, check out our posts here:

9. Pizol Laufböden (2,226 Meters) and Pizolhütte (2,227 Meters)

Pizol - One of the Closest Mountains to Zurich
Image by Phong from Flickr

Two cable cars go from Wangs in Sargans up to the mountains. Once above, we can see from a fantastic view of the Rhein valley until Lake Constance. The chair lifts can go as high as Pizol-Bergkamm.

The main peak Pizol (2,844 Meters) lies amidst Calfeisen/Tamina Valley, Weisstannen Valley, and Rhein Valley.

Wangs, Pizolbahn is 1 hour 9 minutes away from Zurich by public transport. To reach it, take the train to Sargans and from there the bus to Wangs, Pizolbahn. It is 93 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Pizol?

There is a popular hike called the 5-lake hike which goes around five different colored lakes. The most beautiful lake here is called Lake Schotten. Over Schwarzplangg is a fantastic view of the UNESCO World Heritage site the Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona, together with the Pizol glacier, Ringelspitz, and Piz Sardona amidst a backdrop of further Glarus Alps.

10. Flumserberg Maschgenkamm (2,010 Meters) and Prodkamm (1,939 Meters)

Flumserberg - Another mountain near Zurich, great for skiing
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Flumserberg, part of the municipality of Flums, is a great day trip option because it offers views of the Churfirsten range and Lake Walen (Walensee). There are numerous hiking and biking trails available in the resort.

There are two options for going to Flumserberg:

  1. The first option is to take the train to Unterterzen. From Unterterzen, take the cable car to Tannenbodenalp then the cable car to Maschgenkamm.
  2. The second option is to take the train to Sargans. From Sargans, you may take the bus going to Tannenheim, Post (Prodkamm), or Kabinenbahn (Maschgenkamm).

The train ride from Zurich to either Unterterzen or Sargans takes around 1 hour. It takes an additional 30 to 40 minutes to get to Tannenheim or Kabinenbahn. With a car, it is 93 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station.

Why should you visit Flumserberg?

Flumserberg has lots of options for children to enjoy: playgrounds, a climbing station in Prodalp with more than 100 climbing stations laid out on 3 levels, mini-golf, and a toboggan run over 250 meters long.

11. Säntis (2,501 Meters)

Säntis - Beautiful Mountain Near Zurich
Image of Säntis from Kronberg by

When exploring the mountains near Zurich, a visit to Säntis is a must. Located in the Appenzell region, this mountain stands tall at 2,501 meters above sea level and is the ultimate highlight of the area. The reason is simple: the breathtaking views that unfold before your eyes when you reach the summit. With such magnificent panoramas awaiting you, a trip to Säntis is undoubtedly worth every moment and all the effort you put in.

Cable cars run every 30 minutes. The timings of going up the mountain will be sped up if there are a lot of guests. During the summertime (July and August), sunrise rides are held every Sunday. Those with a GA card and Half-fare card have discounts.

If you would like to read more about the wonderful Appenzell region, check out this article 12 Best Things To Do in Appenzell Region, Switzerland.

The train connection from Zurich Train Station going to Schäwgalp takes 2 hours one way. To reach it, take the train to Gossau SG. In Gossau SG, change to the connecting train to Urnäsch. After, you can ride the bus from Urnäsch to Schwägalp, Santis-Schwebebahn. The valley station of Säntis is 94 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Säntis?

Säntis is the highest mountain in the Alpstein massif of the Appenzell Alps.

The summit of Säntis is one of the most prominent in the Alps. Whenever visibility is good, you have a chance to see six other countries surrounding Säntis. In addition to Switzerland, you can see Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, and Italy.

12. Malans – Älpli (1,801 Meters)

Älpli in Malans is not a well-known tourist destination. It doesn’t have any fancy restaurants, themed trails, zip lines, or bouncy castles. Instead, it offers a breathtaking view, warm hospitality, and home-style food. It offers peace and quiet.

The locals operate the cable car. It is maintained by volunteers and various cooperatives as a non-profit organization. Its valley station is beside the vineyard of Malans. Please note that it only operates in summer and reservations with Älplibahn (Phone Number: +41 81 322 47 64) are necessary.

The train connection from Zurich Train Station going to Malans, Älplibahn via Landquart takes 79 minutes one way. The cable car going up to Älpli takes 14 minutes. It also needs to be reserved by calling +41 81 322 47 64. Note: The cable cars only operate in summer. Malans is 107 kilometers away from Zurich Train Station by car.

Why should you visit Malans Älpli?

Älpli in Malans is an authentic experience in the Alps. It offers peace and quiet, as well as majestic views of the Grisons Rhine Valley. While hiking here, you can see the Grisons Alps – Silvretta, Piz Kesch, and Piz Terri. When the skies are clear, you can even see Bernina Massif 70 kilometers away.

With a length of 3.5 kilometers, the Älplibahn is also one of the longest in Switzerland.

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Summary: Closest Mountains to Zurich

Here is a summary of the closest mountains to Zurich and how far away these are (in kilometers, approximate).

MountainHeight (m)Distance from Zurich (km)Canton
Uetliberg813 meters4 kmZurich
Felsenegg804 meters10 kmZurich
Zugerberg1,039 meters33 kmZug
Sattel-Hochstuckli Mostelberg1,185 meters46 kmSchwyz
Rigi Scheidegg / Rigi Kulm1,643 meters / 1,797 meters48 kmSchwyz / Lucerne
Hoch-Ybrig – Spirstock / Sternen1,771 meters / 1,856 meters55 kmSchwyz
Pilatus2,073 meters55 kmLucerne
Braunwald – Gumen1,901 meters86 kmGlarus
Pizol – Laufboden / Pizolhütte2,226 meters / 2,227 meters93 kmSt. Gallen
Flumserberg -Maschgenkamm / Prodkamm2,010 meters / 1,939 meters93 kmSt. Gallen
Säntis2,501 meters94 kmAppenzell / St. Gallen
Malans Älpli1,801 meters107 kmGraubünden
Closest Mountains to Zurich

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