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Corippo, Switzerland: Ticino’s Charming Hilltop Village

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Darla

If you go deep enough into the Verzasca Valley in Ticino, Switzerland, you will eventually reach the quiet village of Corippo. In terms of population, it’s the smallest mountain village in the country.

At the northern end of artificial lake Lago di Vogorno, Corippo is about 12 kilometers from Locarno. You’ll probably see Corippo on the way to Lavertezzo. Italy is only 20 kilometers away.  

Corippo is tucked away on a hill in the Verzasca Valley. The scenery there is breathtaking and the atmosphere is peaceful. As of October 2020, the village of Corippo has merged with four other villages to form a new municipality called Verzasca.

Even though it’s small, Corippo is one of the prettiest villages in Ticino

Corippo in Verzasca Valley

Lago di Vogorno

The village is on the western slope of the Verzasca Valley, on top of a steep hill. At 600 meters, Corippo is has a small square and a church. Lago di Vogorno is nearby.

Corippo is currently under national historical protection under the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

I really like this village because it’s got a lot of character, history, and local flavor. It has many houses built of thick, gray stones and granite roofs. The windows are small with white lime around them. The houses in Corippo were built to withstand treacherous weather. 

Dwindling Population and Tourism in Corippo

Corippo, Ticino via Wikimedia

Almost 300 people lived in Corippo when it became an autonomous municipality in the mid-19th century.  Now, there are only nine to twelve people living in the village of Corippo in Verzasca Valley in southern Switzerland.

There are said to be about 60 empty houses now in Corippo, built from Ticinese granite. These houses were built with dry stone roofs and chestnut floors.

Corippo’s tourist office calls their village “the smallest village in Switzerland.” This may very well be true given that it is the least populated area in Switzerland. 

Those living in Corippo believe tourism will boost the economy and keep the small village from becoming a ghost town. Thanks to its stone buildings, narrow streets, and beautiful views, tourism will help keep Corippo in Ticino, Switzerland thriving.

There is hope that Corippo will attract young locals and tourists alike, so it will liven up this village. 

How to get to Corippo, Switzerland

With public transportation, you can get to Lavertezzo by taking Bus 321 from Locarno to Sonogno. Get off at the Corippo, Bivio stop. The ride from Locarno takes about 37 minutes.

From Corippo, Bivio, you will have to walk around 15 minutes up to Corippo village.

There are several parking lots in the village, in case you are coming in with the car.


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