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Discover Alp Flix in Val Surses, Switzerland

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The Alp Flix (Alp Flex in Romansh) is a high mountain pasture in the Surses Valley. Alp Flix, a treasure trove of biodiversity, is a protected moorland at an altitude of 1,900 to 2,000 meters. Located above the village of Sur, Alp Flix is an area of outstanding beauty and national importance. Alp Flix is part of Parc Ela, Switzerland’s largest natural park. 

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Families, hikers, backpackers, bikers, and nature lovers will adore this little treasure island in the Swiss Alps. It’s a good hike from Sur, Bivio, or Marmorera. 

Yurts, animals, and more

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There are five yurts from the Cotti family on Alp Flix. Usually, the yurts are fully booked weeks in advance because they can only accommodate 30 guests. The Cotti family also offers horseback riding tours. With their yurts, stables, and restaurant, they make a great getaway. 

You’ll find Alp Flix awash in wildflower meadows and pine forests. These meadows and raised bogs are home to more than 2,000 different species of animals and plants. Hay can be used as forage and harvested across a large area.

Lais da Flix

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Alp Flix has three small moor lakes called Lais da Flix (Flixer Seen in German). You can also call them Lais Blos. You’ll see perfect reflections of the mountains and trees behind the lake if it’s a quiet day. These are great spots for a picnic or a short swim if you like cold mountain water. 

Children have the option of buying a Parc Ela Research Kit from Professor Fix. If you are coming from Savognin, you can buy it at the tourist office there. If you are already in Alp Flix, the kit is available at the Cotti Alp Flix reception area. Inside the kit, you will find a booklet with information and a small plastic cup with a magnifying glass where you can observe insects or plants. With the kit, you can also cast animal tracks in plaster and build a water wheel. There are six posts in total.

Hiking and Biking to and around Alp Flix

It’s cool to be able to drive these winding roads to reach the Swiss Alps. But how about choosing to hike instead towards Alp Flix? Here are some routes if you do decide to hike up to Alp Flix:

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  • Rona to Alp Flix – From Rona, you start at 1,400 meters and pass through the forest. You can go via Alp digl Plaz if you want an easier route to Alp Flix. The panorama is great with Piz Segnas and Piz Arblatsch in your view.
  • Lais da Flix Circular Route – If you take your car or the alpine bus, you start in Tgalucas (Alp Flix) as seen in the hiking post above. From Tgalucas, it will take you only 25 minutes to get to the lakes (Lais da Flix). It is a very easy walk and can be done even with small children.
  • Marmorera to Alp Flix – From Marmorera village, you will go through the forest right above Marmorera Lake. You will see the Ruine von Marmels and Gruba. After, you will reach Salategnas in Alp Flix. From there, you will see fantastic views of Piz Platta. Piz Platta (3,392) is compared to Matterhorn of Valais due to its similar shape.
  • Bivio – Alp Flix – The hike from Bivio starts by going through the forest. The path goes higher and higher until you reach Alp Natons. From Alp Natons, you will have to pass by the highest point on the saddle (Kanonensattel). Once you reach Kanonensattel, it will then be an easy descent going down to Alp Flix.

Bikers will be interested to know that Alp Flix is part of route 660 called Die verflixte Tour. The trail leads from Savognin and Tinizong through a forest to Alp Flix. Upon your return, you will travel to Sur, a village below Alp Flix. From there, you travel to Mulegns before continuing to Rona, before finally reaching Savognin.

How to Get to Alp Flix

From the last week of May until the last week of October, bus alpin drives from Sur to Alp Flix. As of April 2022, the bus ride costs CHF 10 for one way. Holders of the Ela Card and children until 16 years old have a 50% discount. Children below 6 years old can travel for free.

If you are coming by car, parking is conveniently located at the entrance to Alp Flix. You can walk along the Alps in whatever direction you like from there. We recommend heading to the left towards the lakes, though the other side also has its charms.

Final Thoughts: Alp Flix

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My favorite place in Val Surses is without a doubt Alp Flix. It truly lives up to its name as a treasure trove. Since Val Surses is not the most well-known tourist destination in Switzerland, you will mostly find Swiss tourists and locals there.

While many people travel here by hiking, the Alpine bus does carry tourists as well. Getting there is easy if you have a car. If you are planning on heading to Engadine, the road to Alp Flix can be seen on the way to the Julier Pass

Visiting in late spring is ideal when the flowers are blooming and the snow isn’t slushy. When the lakes are warm enough during the summer to dip into refreshingly, it is ideal for visiting families, especially those with small children. 

Alp Flix is definitely worth a visit. The pictures show how beautiful this region is, and why we have returned time and time again.


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