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Discover Planet Swatch Museum in Biel, Switzerland

Last Updated on December 19, 2023 by Darla

Planet Swatch in Biel is among the most captivating watch museums to explore in Switzerland, showcasing a range of quirky and iconic designs.

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Overview: Watch-making in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its watch brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Piaget, Longines, among many others. There is no better way to enjoy the watches of Switzerland than by visiting one of its watch museums.

Introduced for the first time in Biel back in 1983, Swatch gained global fame thanks to its quartz watches and excellent value for the price.

Many watch brands have their own museums, like the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva and IWC Museum in Schaffhausen. In Biel, you can cover two watch museums in one day – Planet Swatch and the Omega Museum.

This article will cover what you can expect from Planet Swatch in Biel, Switzerland.

Visiting Planet Swatch

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In the world of Swiss watches, Swatch is one of the most well-known brands. Colorful and playful, this brand stands out from other serious brands. It is also commonly given as a gift or bought as a souvenir.

Rather than teaching its visitors about the history of time and timekeeping, the museum Planet Swatch is more about celebrating the cult brand’s history and products.


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The Swiss town of Biel, also known as Bienne in French, is located 40 kilometers northwest of Bern. It is one of the watchmaking centers of Switzerland along with La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle. It is a bilingual town on the northeastern shores of Lake Biel.

Biel/Bienne is home to watch companies like Swatch, Alpina, and Horage. And despite having its headquarters in Geneva, Rolex’s largest production facility is located in Biel.

It’s hard to think of Biel as your typical tourist destination. The town is a labor-intensive industrial area that attracts watchmakers. It’s a place where watches are made, not necessarily where they are sold.

Cité du Temps: Home of Planet Swatch

Located on the second floor of the Cité du Temps, these exhibits are dedicated to Swatch, a world-famous watch brand. The Omega Museum is located one floor down.

The building is entirely modern and consists of several floors. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, it perfectly complements the Swatch watch brand. 

Besides being absolutely free, the museum is also very interesting because you can see various types of watches manufactured by Swatch over the years. 

A small Swatch drive-thru shop can also be found near the museum if you wish to make a purchase. 

What to Expect Inside the Museum: Planet Swatch

Light floods into the open-plan room, which is large and spacious and makes it easy to navigate the entire space. Inside the Planet Swatch Museum, you will be welcomed warmly by employees who will happily give you information.

When we were there, there were different paths on the floor that you could follow. Each path relates to a specific theme that will guide you while you browse through the different types of watches. Furthermore, the wall is adorned with numerous glass displays with watches arranged according to the year they were released. 

The other side of the room had a video or short film showcasing various sports or athletes Swatch sponsors. A photo-making machine allows you to take your own pictures.

Also available are machines that allow you to create your own customized watch style. However, we weren’t able to access it while we were there.

How to Get to Planet Swatch

Biel’s train station is within easy reach of Planet Swatch. You can either take the bus or walk around 15 minutes from there.

AddressPlanet Swatch
Cité du Temps
Nicolas-G.-Hayek-Strasse 2
2502 Biel
By TrainBiel (14-minute walk)
By BusBiel, Omega (Buses 2, 3, 4, 72)

Final Thoughts: Planet Swatch

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The Planet Swatch museum was a short but enjoyable visit. This is a colorful, playful, and well-organized exhibit. You’re tempted to get a fun new watch after seeing it presented in such an interesting way.

My suggestion would be to take the elevator up to the second floor and finish the Swatch Museum before going down one floor to the Omega Museum.

A visit to Planet Swatch will take you roughly an hour to see most of the watches on display. Including a visit to the Omega Museum, you can plan on spending two to three hours (most likely around two hours).

If you’re a watch enthusiast or a fan of Swatch, be sure to visit the Planet Swatch museum in Biel, Switzerland.

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