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Enjoy a Relaxing Getaway in Bever, Engadine

Last Updated on May 27, 2024 by Darla

Bever is a quiet but well-preserved village in Upper Engadine, close to bigger places like St. Moritz and Samedan. It lies at the crossroads of the Albula and the Lower Engadine. Bever is also one of Switzerland’s coldest villages. 

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Bever gets its name from the word meaning fork because it lies at the crossroads of the Albula and the Lower Engadine.

Bever, Engadine

There are beautiful houses, gardens, and fountains to see in the small village of Bever.

It’s got the San Giachem Church (Baseglia San Giachem) with frescos from the 14th century. They also have a playground there for kids. Bever, standing at 1,700 meters above sea level, is considered the oldest village in the region.

Besides the well-preserved houses, there’s the river Beverin and the side valley of Val Bever that give this village its charm.

The 16.5-kilometer Beverin River drains from the mountain to Spinas and Bever, and then to Lej da Gravatscha before it gets to the Inn. The blue of the Beverin River flowing through the valley looks amazing in summer and fall. 

The best way to arrive in Bever is via the Albula railway line. And you can’t beat the train ride from Albula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visiting Bever will afford you many walks through the vast forest in summer as well as cross-country skiing in winter. Go for it and take your time to discover Bever. It will not disappoint you.

Get active in Bever

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Bever offers many opportunities for hikes in summer and cross-country skiing in winter. 

  • Piz Nair – Jenatsch Hut – Bever – If you are into long and difficult hikes, then the Piz Nair to Bever hike might be the right one for you. Walking from the Piz Nair cable car, you will descend to the Lej Suvretta lake. A breathtaking panorama can be expected at Fuorcla Suvretta just before heading to Jenatsch Hut for a short break. After stopping and resting at the Jenatsch Hut, you will slowly descend to Bever. This hike is 24 kilometers long.
  • Val Bever Fairy Tale Hike – Those wanting an easier hike can opt for the Val Bever Fairy Tale Hike starting in Bever and ending in Spinas. Children and adults alike will enjoy this peaceful and short hike with stories and sculptures on hand to help depict fairytales. Alternatively, you can walk in the opposite direction – from Spinas to Bever – without any issues.
  • Cross-country skiing – In winter, you have cross-country skiing and winter trails between Bever and Spinas. It is a beautiful and magical winter wonder world.
  • Las Agnas TrailSenda da Las Agnas is a short 5-kilometer trail that goes through Bever and La Punt Chamues-ch. The trail starts and ends at the Bever Railway station. 

Chesa Salis, Bever

The historic Hotel Chesa Salis is in the center of Bever. It was built in 1590. Formerly an elegant mansion owned by the Moeli family from Italy, it’s now a historic hotel in the middle of Bever.

I highly recommend this hotel in Bever if you’re thinking of staying there. They have thick walls, handsome workmanship, incredible paintings, frescoed ceilings, and beautiful fireplaces. Also, they have gorgeous antique furniture. For people who like historical pieces and details, this is an excellent choice.

For those who prefer something more modern, the new modular hotel built out of wood – Bever Lodge – is also a great choice.  

You can book Chesa Salis or Bever Lodge on by clicking the link below (affiliate link):


Val Bever

Image of Val Bever, Engadine by

Val Bever is largely unspoiled yet one of the most beautiful valleys in Engadine. It has been classed as an alpine rest area since 1971. The only way to get around is by foot or by horse-drawn carriage since cars are not allowed here.

You can relax in the tranquil surroundings, with the forest and the river nearby. You can expect an utterly tranquil, serene atmosphere because there are no cars, not even electric ones in places like Zermatt.

Also, you can get a horse-drawn carriage to get into the valley. At the other end of the valley, you’ll find Spinas. 


Despite its small size, Spinas has a train station and a guest house. It’s only four kilometers west of Bever. 

Spinas had almost twice the population of Bever at the time of the construction of the Albula Tunnel, itself a pioneering engineering feat. During the construction, 400 people lived here. Now, there are only a couple of houses. It’s pretty much deserted.  

A former Suvretta restaurant, Gasthaus Spinas is nestled among centuries-old larches at the end of the Bever valley, in an idyllic setting. The hotel is located in a pedestrian area, close to the train station, and can only be reached on foot.  

Final Thoughts: Bever, Engadine

The Engadine Valley village of Bever may seem quiet and unassuming. The village remains as authentic and traditional as it could be. It’s pretty easy to walk to it from Samedan (30 minutes), Celerina (1 hour), Pontresina (1.5 hours), and Zuoz (1.5 hours).

Visiting Bever is one of many things you can do in Upper Engadine.

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