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Experience Alp Grüm At Least Once In Your Lifetime

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Alp Grüm in Switzerland is more than just a train stop. A must-visit place located in the municipality of Poschiavo, Graubünden, Alp Grüm should be on everyone’s bucket list. It offers stunning views in every direction. Structures in Alp Grüm are open from the month of June to the beginning of November. 

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Alp Grüm by Train

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Although Alp Grüm is not connected to a road network, it can be reached by train all year round. The Bernina railway company opened it on June 5, 1910. This destination is also an important stop on the Rhaetian Railway which links St. Moritz and Tirano. To be more specific, Alp Grüm is located on the line between Ospizio Bernina and Poschiavo.

During the summer months, the mule tracks leading into the settlement are only passable on foot. Motorized traffic is not allowed. 

This train station, where the famous Bernina Express train runs, is located at 2,091 meters above sea level. Inaugurated back in 1926, the present station building also doubles as a restaurant and hotel.

Alp Grüm Panoramic Views

Palü Mountain, Glacier and Lake

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The Alp Grüm train station offers a great view of the Palü Glacier, the Lagh da Palü Lake, and the Bernina mountains surrounding it.

From Alp Grüm, you will see Piz Varuna east of Piz Palü, a 3,453-meter-high mountain located on the border between Val Malenco, Italy, and Val Poschiavo, Switzerland. Piz Canton, a 3,111-meter-high mountain, can also be seen from Alp Grüm.

Val Poschiavo

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Val Poschiavo is a valley located in Graubünden’s southern, Italian-speaking part accessible via the Bernina Pass. It can also be reached from Livigno, Italy via the Livigno Pass.

At the bottom of the valley, it borders directly the Italian town of Tirano in the south. 

From inside the train, you can enjoy panoramic views of both sides. As the train starts moving downhill, it completes a photogenic semicircle and meanders through tight bends and spiral tunnels down to the Italian-speaking Val Poschiavo with a hint of the south. Rhaetian Railway trains traverse five spiral tunnels with as much as a 70-percent grade between Alp Grüm and the Italian-speaking Poschiavo.

Hikes from Alp Grüm

Ospizio Bernina

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You can hike up to the Restaurant Belvedere (Albergo und Ristorante Belvedere) just after leaving Alp Grüm train station. Follow the trail through the forest until you reach Pozzo del Drago at 2,162 meters. Ospizio Bernina is approximately one hour away from here. 

Before heading to Ospizio Bernina, you can also head over to Sassal Masone where you can stop and stay overnight. The location offers a spectacular view of the Palü Glacier, the surrounding Alps, and Val Poschiavo.

Ospizio Bernina is situated 2,309 meters above sea level. The ascent from Pozzo del Drago is not particularly difficult. The flat path along Lago Bianco will take you to the Bernina Hospiz while offering breathtaking views of the lake and passing trains every so often. 

Lago Nero and Lago Bianco, located on the Bernina Pass, are only a few meters apart. One flows north and ends in the Black Sea via the Inn and Danube. The other flows south toward the Adriatic via Adda and Po.

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Cavaglia and the Glacier Garden

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Cavaglia is a quiet village located on the valley floor of Val Poschiavo. Simple, cozy inns offer local cuisine from Poschiavo and the nearby Engadine Valley. A short walk from Cavaglia train station will take you to Glacier Garden. 

The Cavaglia Glacier Garden features glacier mills that are 10 meters deep. By visiting it, you will have a glimpse into the geological history of the last 30,000 years.

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Poschiavo is one of Graubünden’s most picturesque villages. There is a unique blend of Mediterranean and Alpine lifestyles here. This entire town is protected because of its historical significance. Beautiful squares and narrow alleyways characterize this charming village. 

Poschiavo is known for its culinary delicacies and cultural heritage as well. The climate here is ideal for growing produce and for supplying it to other regions of Switzerland. 

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