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Falconeria Locarno And The Remarkable Birds of Prey Show

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Darla Uhl

For fans of eagles and other birds of prey – Falconeria Locarno is a must!

Falconeria Locarno is an aviary in Canton Ticino. Eagles, owls, and falcons are some birds that visitors can come closer to and observe. In this world of birds, they also have a remarkable Birds of Prey Flight Demonstration for guests young and old alike.

Eagle at Falconeria Locarno
Image of Falconeria Locarno by

Which birds can be seen at Falconeria Locarno?

Falconeria Locarno contains first and foremost lots of birds. Below are impressive birds that can be found here. These birds are:

  • African Fish Eagle – Haliaeetus vocifer – is a large species of eagle found throughout sub-Saharan Africa
  • Bald Eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus – is a bird of prey found in North America near large bodies of open water
  • Steller’s Sea Eagle – Haliaeetus pelagicus – is the largest known sea eagle
  • Black-chested buzzard-eagle – Geranoaetus melanoleucus – a bird of prey of the hawk and eagle family found predominantly in South America
  • Griffon Vulture – Gyps fulvu – also known as the Eurasian griffon, it can be found in various parts of Europe
  • Black Vulture – Coragyps atratus – also known as the American Black Vulture, it is a bird found in the southeastern United States and South America. It is not related to the Eurasian Black Vulture despite similar names
  • Bearded Vulture – Gypaetus barbatus – a bird of prey whose diet consists mostly of bone
  • Spectacled Owl – Pulsatrix perspicillata – a large tropical owl native to Central and South America
  • Snowy Owl – Bubo scandiacus – a white owl sometimes called the polar owl, native to tundra or treeless mountain tracts
  • Secretarybird – Sagittarius serpentarius – a large, terrestrial bird found in the open grasslands of Africa with long legs and black feathers on its head
  • Marabou stork – Leptoptilos crumeniferus – a large wading bird of the stork family found in Africa south of the Sahara
  • Southern crested caracara – Caracara plancus – an opportunistic raptor found in South and Central America which feeds on carcasses of dead animals and steals food from other raptors, raid bird nests, and take live prey like insects
  • Striated caracara – Phalcoboenus australis – also known as Johnny rook, this scavenger that preys on dead seabirds, dead sheep, and food scraps is found in the Falkland Islands. In German, it is called Falklandkarakara.
  • Saddle-billed stork – Phalcoboenus australis – is a large wading bird found in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya. It is a huge bird that grows up to 150 centimeters and weighs between 5 and 7.5 kilograms.
  • Andean condor – Vultur gryphus – is a vulture found in the Andes mountains and Pacific coasts of western South America. It is the largest flying bird in the world by a combined measurement of weight and wingspan.
  • Gyrfalcon – Falco rusticolus – it is the largest of the falcon species found on Arctic coasts and tundra, islands of northern North America, and the eurosiberian region
  • Saker falcon – Falco cherrug – also known as the national bird of Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, and Mongolia. It breeds in Central Europe and then migrates to Ethiopia and Asia in winter.

There are more than 30 bird species found at Falconeria Locarno.

Are there other animals that can be seen in Falconeria Locarno?

Yes, there are other animals that can be seen in Falconeria Locarno. Aside from the birds, there are also the following animals:

  • Carps – carps can be fed for CHF 3 per bottle
  • Two Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs
  • Koi Fishes
Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs  at Falconeria Locarno
Image of Falconeria Locarno by

What can I do in Falconeria Locarno?

The most interesting activity in Falconeria Locarno is the bird show. The bird show is truly impressive. One after the other, the birds come and fly to and from various places in the 650-seater tribune. They also demonstrate, for example, how the Secretarybird acts when they see snakes. They give descriptions as to how large the birds are and where they can be found.

The Birds of Prey Flight Demonstrations happen daily from Tuesdays to Sundays. This hour-long show is presented in both Italian and German. In summer, from March to October, the shows are at 11:00 AM and 15:00.

Birds of Prey Flight Show at Falconeria Locarno
Image of Falconeria Locarno by

Aside from the bird show, you can also:

  • Feed the carps
  • Let the children have fun in the playground
  • Visit the Koi fishes
  • Have your picture taken with the Owl or with the American Eagle
  • Have a snack at Snack bar bistrot del Pellegrino where they serve salads, toast bread, focaccia, bratwurst, lasagne, hotdogs, french fries, chicken nuggets, and more.
Playground at Falconeria Locarno
Image of Falconeria Locarno by

Where is Falconeria Locarno located?

Falconeria Locarno is located just 15 minutes away from Piazza Grande, Locarno. Its address is Via delle scuole 12 6600 Locarno.

How do I get to Falconeria Locarno?

From Locarno, take the Bus 311 to Locarno, Palazzetto Fevi. Falconeria Locarno is a 6-minute walk from the bus stop.

What are the opening hours of Falconeria Locarno?

The park is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is open on Mondays in July and August, as well as during public holidays. Otherwise, it is closed on Mondays.

How much does it cost?

The ticket costs CHF 25 per Adult and CHF 18 per child (3 to 16 years old). The family tickets cost CHF 60 for 3 people, CHF 75 for 4 people, and CHF 89 for 5 people. Seniors and students pay CHF 22.

Falconeria Locarno tickets can be purchased at the entrance or pre-booked through Viator.


Our Experience: Falconeria Locarno

We went with public transportation for FREE as our hotel provided us with the Ticino Ticket.

Ticino tickets are provided by hotels, hostels, and campsites to visitors. With the Ticino Ticket, you will have the possibility to use FREE public transport in Ticino. Also, there are discounts on mountain railways, boat trips, and the main tourist attractions of Ticino. I would highly recommend ensuring that you get your Ticino Ticket from your hotel as this is not always proactively given by all hotels.

We wandered around the park grounds. The birds were in their cages and there were descriptions. We saw the dogs, the fish, and of course, the various birds. There was also a small playground for kids to enjoy.

Unfortunately, we came around 2 to 3 minutes before the show started and the tribune was already full. We didn’t get the best seat. So it is best to come a bit earlier than shortly before the show starts. The tribune was almost full and the best spots were already taken. If you ask me, I think the best spot is on the top row or second top row because those demonstrating walk there at the very top and hold the birds. We were seated in front and it is close to the stage. But the birds are still too far back to see up close. The birds fly from the back to the 2 small towers in front where the ladies stay.

Birds of Prey Flight Show  at Falconeria Locarno
Image of Falconeria Locarno by

After the show, there was also a possibility to take a picture with an owl. One picture costs CHF 10 each. The one who wants to hold the owl will have to wear a glove to protect the arm. It was really well done and the bird followed instructions without issues.

All in all, it is definitely worth visiting. The price is steep, but they do need to maintain the park, feed the birds, and perform the show. So the price tag is well worth it as long as you get to see the flight show.

Do not miss the flight show – it is the best part of Falconeria Locarno!

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