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First Cliff Walk – One of Grindelwald’s Most Beautiful Viewpoints

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by Darla Uhl

Switzerland is known for its spectacular mountain views. And if there is one place in Switzerland that you shouldn’t miss, it’s Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland region.

Image of Grindelwald’s First Cliff Walk by

With the prominent Eiger North Face as one of its main attractions, Grindelwald is unlike any other place you’ve ever been. One of the best viewpoints in Grindelwald is the First Cliff Walk presented by Tissot. Mountain cable cars are right next to it, so it is very convenient to reach it from Grindelwald.

Let’s find out what the First Cliff Walk is about.

What is the First Cliff Walk?

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Located in Grindelwald First, 2,167 meters above sea level, First Cliff Walk is a metal walkway suspended from a mountainside. No need to worry about the walkway falling down since it is very secure. Walking alongside the mountain, you will have fantastic panoramic views toward one side and the rocky mountain on your other side.

A short suspension bridge is situated in the middle of the First Cliff Walk. It is only a short bridge and will take you a minute or two to cross.

Image of the Bachläger Waterfall as seen from First Cliff Walk by

As you walk along the First Cliff Walk, you will also be able to see the Bachläger Waterfall. This is one of the largest waterfalls in Switzerland and falls across the rock wall. From Bachalp Lake, Lütschine River, Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, River Aare, Lake Biel, and River Rhine, the water in this region flows to Rotterdam at the North Sea.

The First Cliff Walk should not take you more than 30 minutes, so you should be done in no time at all. Photographs will require more time, of course. 

Is First Cliff Walk Free?

Yes, you can visit First Cliff Walk for free. The Cliff Walk does not require an additional ticket to enter.

First Cliff Walk Views

Image of the Panoramic Views seen in Grindelwald by

The First Cliff Walk is very popular owing to the fantastic views that you will see of the surrounding Bernese Alps. Here, you can see around 92 peaks, as well as the moorland, waterfalls, and Grindelwald itself.

Some of the higher peaks that you can see from the First Cliff Walk are the following:

  • Scheideggwetterhorn (3,361 meters)
  • Schreckhorn (4,078 meteres)
  • Finsteraarhorn (4,274 meters)
  • Eiger (3,970 meters)
  • Wetterhorn (3,691 meters)
Image of the Views from First Cliff Walk by

You will also see here the Oberer Grindelwald Glacier and Unterer Grindelwald Glacier.

The First Cliff Walk is a popular panoramic viewpoint not only in Grindelwald but in the whole country of Switzerland.

Grindelwald First: Home of First Cliff Walk

Image of Grindelwald’s First Cliff Walk by

In Grindelwald First, you can do more than just the First Cliff Walk. Other activities include hiking, riding scooters down to the valley, visiting Bachalp Lake, dining, and shopping.

Here are some of the hikes that you can do from Grindelwald First.

RouteExpected Duration
Grindelwald First – Lake Bachalp50 minutes
Grindelwald First – Grindelwald2 hours and 30 minutes
Grindelwald First – Spitzen1 hour and 30 minutes
Grindelwald First – Grosse Scheidegg1 hour and 15 minutes
Grindelwald First – Schwarzhorn2 hours and 50 minutes
Grindelwald First – Schreckfeld30 minutes
Grindelwald First – Bussalp3 hours
Grindelwald First – Bort1 hour and 20 minutes
Grindelwald First – Faulhorn2 hours and 20 minutes
Grindelwald First – Schynigge Platte5 hours
Grindelwald First – Axalp3 hours and 40 minutes
Grindelwald First – Wildgärst3 hours and 30 minutes

Our Experience: First Cliff Walk

Image of Grindelwald’s First Cliff Walk and Suspension Bridge by

My initial impression of the First Cliff Walk was that it was much more popular than I expected. Even the greetings in the gondola were available in many languages.

I also noticed a sign showing that Grindelwald First was used as a film location in the popular Korean television drama Crash Landing On You.

“Crash Landing on You” Film Location. Image by

I enjoyed sharing this wonderful place with people from around the world. The venue was never too crowded, though many people were moving around. All of the people were very polite as well.

I recommend that you follow the flow of visitors and walk the same way. It becomes chaotic if everyone is moving in different directions at once.

Some visitors might be afraid of heights on First Cliff Walk. First Cliff Walk has railings throughout and keeps you secured so you won’t fall. It is quite secure – don’t worry!

You don’t find places like this everywhere. The contrast between the snow-capped peaks and the rocky mountain faces, as well as the glaciers, the moorland, the waterfalls, and the town, is unique here.

Due to the stunning views, many people stop to take pictures. Don’t forget to do it, too. It’s stunning.

How to Get to First Cliff Walk

Image of Grindelwald First Valley Station by

Most visitors will take the gondola from Grindelwald to Grindelwald First via Bort and Schreckfeld. It’s all well-marked so you don’t need a map anymore if you’re coming by gondola.

As we did, some hikers start from a specific point in Grindelwald such as Grosse Scheidegg or Bussalp. I highly recommend this too, as it allows you to enjoy nature whilst there.

BusGrindelwald, Firstbahn

Final Thoughts: First Cliff Walk

Image in Grindelwald First Cliff Walk by

There is something very striking about the contrast between snow-capped peaks, lush mountains, and rocky faces. If you also want to enjoy this kind of view, I suggest coming to First Cliff Walk in late spring when the mountains still have snow, but the lower portions of the mountains are no longer snow-covered.

Our trip was in autumn, and I also highly recommend coming during that time of year. Your eye is drawn to all of these contrasting colors; browns, greens, and snow-capped mountains are all around you.

Of course, summer is also fantastic. It will be a great way to cool down when it is so hot everywhere. However, you might not see as much snow in the mountains by then.

First Cliff Walk is worth a visit in my opinion. The walkway is a popular tourist destination, and the views are worth it. There is no doubt that I enjoyed my time there and I am looking forward to returning soon.

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