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Grosse Scheidegg and How to Get There

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by Darla Uhl

The Swiss mountain pass Grosse Scheidegg (1,962 meters) connects Grindelwald to Meiringen. Despite not being as high and well-known as its neighbor Kleine Scheidegg, it’s still worth visiting. The spectacular view of Grosse Scheidegg over the Rosenlaui Valley and Grindelwald makes it a must-see in any season.

Image of Grosse Scheidegg
Views from Grosse Scheidegg by

Where is Grosse Scheidegg?

Image of Grosse Scheidegg
Image of Grosse Scheidegg by

Grosse Scheidegg is a Swiss mountain pass located in the Bernese Alps. At an altitude of 1,962 meters above sea level, Grosse Scheidegg is the mountain pass that connects Grindelwald with Meiringen in the Hasli Valley. It lies on the lowest point between the Schwarzhorn and Wetterhorn mountains.

The Grindelwald-Meiringen Mountain Pass served as the connection between Grindelwald and Hasli long before tourists discovered Grosse Scheidegg as a Bernese Oberland excursion in the 19th century. The road between Meiringen and Grindelwald passes under a ridgeline, offering fantastic views of the notorious North Face of the Eiger.

Hunting Ban in Faulhorn-Jungfrau

Around Faulhorn-Jungfrau in Grosse Scheidegg, hunting has been banned since 1886. Despite changing boundaries over time, the perimeter has remained the same since September 30, 1991.

Currently, it is illegal to hunt around Schwarzhorn. Hence, animals in protected areas cannot be hunted, fed, or bothered. It is also forbidden to engage in winter sports, fly airplanes, use drones, drive cars, camp in the wild, and possess weapons around the protected area.

Local wildlife is protected by the hunting ban. In the forests around Schwarzhorn, chamois have increased, and deer have returned. The area is also home to Black Grouse, Ptarmigan, Hazel Grouse, Golden Eagle, Red Deer, Mountain Hare, Marmot, and Ermine.

Bus Road to Grosse Scheidegg

Grosse Scheidegg has been connected to Grindelwald since 1979. Tourists enjoy Grindelwald’s stunning views, as well as the climbing crowd, who descend on the city to tackle Eiger’s iconic north face.

It is generally prohibited for private vehicles to travel on the paved road to Grosse Scheidegg. You can only reach Grosse Scheidegg by alpine bus from Grindelwald or Meiringen (via Schwarzwaldalp).

Views from Grindelwald to Grosse Scheidegg

Image taken from Grosse Scheidegg
View of Grindelwald from Grosse Scheidegg by

Grosse Scheidegg is accessed from Grindelwald via a narrow curvy road that passes the town, Hotel Wetterhorn, and the aviary Vogelpark Ischboden-Hütte. On the way to Grosse Scheidegg, Grindelwald’s imposing summits and glittering glaciers are visible.

Near Grosse Scheidegg, you can see impressive views of the Eiger (3,970 meters) and Schreckhorn (4,078 meters). The peak of Mönch (4,107 meters) sits behind Eiger, but you won’t see it in its full splendor like Eiger. Numerous other peaks can also be seen, including Silberhorn (3,695 meters), Trugberg (3,932 meters), Schwarzhorn (2,928 meters), and Faulhorn  (2,681 meters).

Views from Meiringen to Grosse Scheidegg

Image taken from Grosse Scheidegg
View towards Meiringen from Grosse Scheidegg by

As you approach Grosse Scheidegg from Meiringen, you cross the Reichenbach Valley, over the Reichenbach falls, where Holmes fought Moriarty in his last stand. With sweeping views of surrounding mountains, the path winds through lush, green grasslands.

The Valley of Rosenlaui, located on the other side of Grindelwald, is also stunning, along with the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge.

Grosse Scheidegg Bus Stop

Image of Berghotel Grosse Scheidegg
Berghotel Grosse Scheidegg by

GrindewaldBus operates a regular bus service to Grosse Scheidegg. Grosse Scheidegg is about a half-hour bus ride away from Grindelwald. Despite the curvy roads, it’s still a comfortable drive. The bus route takes you through the wild and craggy countryside.

Depending on your destination, the bus will take you to Schwarzwaldalp, where you could change to another bus to get to Meiringen.

The bus stops at Grosse Scheidegg’s summit. There is a hotel restaurant called Berghotel Grosse Scheidegg right beside the bus stop where you can eat. Between May and October, four to ten buses run daily to Grosse Scheidegg, depending on the time of year.

Private car traffic is only permitted for residents and hotel guests with special permits. This makes Grosse Scheidegg a popular cycling destination as well.

Hiking around Grosse Scheidegg

Image of Grosse Scheidegg
Hiking around Grosse Scheidegg. Image by

Hiking in the Jungfrau region offers spectacular views of high alpine peaks, romantic waterfalls, glaciers, and more. Hiking, alongside biking, is very popular at Grosse Scheidegg.

There are a variety of hiking trails around Grosse Scheidegg. Hiking along this route is enhanced by high mountain peaks and lush alps.

Here are some hikes that you can do from Grosse Scheidegg:

Hiking TrailDistance (in kilometers)
Grosse Scheidegg – First5.9 km
Grosse Scheidegg – Schreckfeld4.64 km
Grosse Scheidegg – Oberläger – Schilt – First (Marmot Nature Trail)7.04 km
Grosse Scheidegg – Unter Lauchbühl – Grindelwald8.29 km
Grosse Scheidegg – Wart – Hagelsee – Bachalpsee – First14.1 km
Grosse Scheidegg – Schwarzwaldalp – Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge6.7 km
Grosse Scheidegg – Schwandboden – Rosenlaui – Zwirgi – Meiringen15.2 km

Places to Visit Near Grosse Scheidegg

  • Grindelwald First – First is a minor summit on the slopes of the Schwarzhorn in the Bernese Oberland. Most people know it as a cable car station above Grindelwald. Aside from hikes, two activities that stand out in this area are the Grindelwald First Flyer and the Grindelwald First Glider. Both are available from July to October. For the safety of visitors, it is subject to weather conditions.
  • Grindelwald First Flyer – The Grindelwald Flyer is an 800-meter zip line moving at 80 kilometers per hour. ​It starts in Scheckfeld and ends in Grindelwald.
  • Grindelwald First Glider – This is another thrilling experience you should try. The strap is in the form of an eagle and is attached to a pulley. It also moves at a speed of 80 kph while offering spectacular views.
  • Grindelwald First Cliff Walk – High walkway suspended from the side of the mountain offering fantastic valley views.
  • Bachalpsee Lake – Walking there takes around 50 minutes from First. It’s so picturesque as you can see Schreckhorn reflecting in the lake. 
  • Upper Grindelwald Glacier – Between Schreckhorn and Wetterhorn, a vast snow field forms Upper Grindelwald Glacier (Oberer Grindelwaldgletscher in German). Its glacier tongue is at 1,400 meters, and is one of the lowest glaciers in the Alps. 
  • Lower Grindelwald Glacier – Below Agassizhorn and Strahlegghörner lies the Lower Grindelwald Glacier (Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher in German). It is connected to the Finsteraar Glacier through the Finsteraarjoch.
  • Pfingstegg – The starting point for hikes going to both glaciers in Grindelwald. You can reach Pfingstegg with a cable car from Grindelwald. Additionally, there is a toboggan run and a fly line.
  • Lauterbrunnen – Lauterbrunnen village is situated at the valley bottom of this magnificent U-shaped valley in Switzerland surrounded by numerous waterfalls.
  • Männlichen – Männlichen is a 2,343-metre mountain easily accessible from Wengen and Grindelwald. From Männlichen, you get a fantastic view of Mönch, Eiger, and Jungfrau.
  • Eiger Glacier – The Eiger Glacier lies on the northwest side of the Eiger mountain.
  • Jungfraujoch –  The saddle between Jungfrau (at 4,158 m above sea level) and Mönch (at 4,110 m above sea level). It is also the location of the highest mountain railway in Europe at 3,454 meters above sea level.
  • Kleine Scheidegg –  Kleine Scheidegg is a mountain pass at an elevation of 2,061 meters. It is located between the Eiger and Lauberhorn. Kleine Scheidegg makes a great starting point for excursions to Jungfraujoch and Lauberhorn. It is also the meeting point of two rack railways.

How to Get to Grosse Scheidegg

Image of Grosse Scheidegg
Grindelwald Bus Stop on Grosse Scheidegg by

From Grindelwald and Meiringen, Grosse Scheidegg is accessible by bus, bike, or foot. Private car traffic is only permitted for residents and hotel guests with special permits. This is why Grosse Scheidegg is a good option for bikers to pass through since there isn’t much car traffic.

Travel to Grosse Scheidegg by Bus

If you decide to take the bus to Grosse Scheidegg, you have two options:

  • Option 1: From Grindelwald, take the bus to Schwarzwaldalp. Get off in Grosse Scheidegg.
  • Option 2: From Meiringen, take the bus to Schwarzwaldalp. From Schwarzwaldalp, change to the bus going to Grindelwald. Get off in Grosse Scheidegg.

If you’re in Interlaken, you will have to go to Meiringen or Grindelwald first before getting to Grosse Scheidegg.


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