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Here’s a look at the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Darla Uhl

The Zurich Succulent Plant Collection (Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zurich in German) is home to one of the biggest collections of succulents and cacti in Switzerland. This hidden gem in Zurich is awesome.

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Zurich Succulent Plant Collection

Founded in 1931, it houses not only cacti, but also agavealoes, and thick-leaf plants. These succulents, plants from arid areas that can hold water for a long time, are free to see in Zurich. 

The Zurich Succulent Plant Collection accommodates more than 4,500 different species from 78 plant families. These originate from various plant families such as Orchidaceae, Crassulaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, and Apocynaceae. 

There are greenhouses for each climate zone. Rooms are arranged nicely as well. You won’t feel crowded because there aren’t many people. 

Take a look at the information to learn more about succulents. Although some small cards are written in German, the larger boards will have an English translation. You can find big laminated books with information in German, French, Italian, and English in certain areas. There are also fun interactive parts for kids.

How to Get to the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection

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This succulent museum sits along the banks of Lake Zurich as seven greenhouses. In particular, you will find the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection along the Mythenquai near the lake of Zurich.

You can reach the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection by taking bus lines 161 or 165 to Sukkulentensammlung.

It is open to the public for free and fascinating to see, despite its size. It is also open all year round from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Guided tours can be provided by appointment.

Final Thoughts: Zurich Succulent Plant Collection

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The Zurich Succulent Plant Collection may not be famous, but it’s free and it’s got a pretty cool selection. Even if you don’t like succulents, you might like to take a peek.

Those who are really into plants can spend a long time here. We usually stay for about an hour, but you’re welcome to stay for a short or long time.

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