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Hiking the Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail

Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Darla Uhl

Let’s explore our experience hiking on the Senda Val Müstair Panoramic Trail, thanks to the suggestion of a friendly local.

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Val Müstair sits peacefully in the eastern region of Switzerland, close to the Italian border. It is known for its stunning, untouched natural landscapes. One of the most popular activities in Val Müstair is hiking, and for good reason. The valley is home to a vast network of hiking trails.

The Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail is a breathtaking hiking trail in Parc da natüra Biosfera Val Müstair. The trail starts at the Ofenpass and finishes in the quaint village of Lü, where you can treat yourself to delicious ice cream.

Overview: Val Müstair

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Val Müstair is one of the most peaceful valleys I’ve come across, possibly because it’s somewhat remote from the rest of Switzerland or simply because it’s often missed by travelers. It is located in the southeastern canton of Graubünden. You can get there from Zernez in the Engadine Valley by traveling through the Ofen Pass (or Fuorn Pass).

From Val Müstair, Italy is just a pass (or a hike) away. You can use the Umbrail Pass from Val Müstair to reach Bormio, Italy in the Adda Valley.

Val Müstair, along with the Swiss National Park (SNP) and the municipality of Scuol, makes up the UNESCO Biosfera Engiadina Val Müstair.

Hiking in Val Müstair

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Val Müstair is a year-round favorite for hikers in the summer and other winter sports enthusiasts in the winter. The trails in the valley range from easy walks near the Rombach stream to more difficult hikes up the mountains. The hike to Piz Chavalatsch is challenging as it follows the border between Switzerland and Italy.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, there is something for everyone in Val Müstair. I would classify the hikes into three categories:

  • Easy Hikes: You’ll find the simpler hikes mostly along the river, like the A la riva dal Rom theme trail that passes near the Rombach.
  • Moderate Hikes: Most forest hikes and panoramic hikes are moderate ones, perfect for those who want to go through dense forests and enjoy fresh mountain air. Some examples of moderate hikes are the Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail and the Val Mora Trail.
  • Difficult Hikes: For those who are up to a challenge, the region also has some alpine trails such as the Piz Chavalatsch Trail.

One of the most popular hikes in Val Müstair is the Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail. It’s a favorite among both residents and tourists because of its beautiful valley and Ortler views, as well as the mix of landscapes, from forests and meadows to rocky terrain.

Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail

The panoramic trail can be summarized as follows:

Hiking Trail:Senda Val Müstair
Distance:9 kilometers
Altitude Difference:260 meters ascent
480 meters descent

The duration of the hike depends on the hiker’s pace and how often they stop to take in the breathtaking views. You can use our hiking calculator to calculate your speed:

Hiking Time Calculator

Plan your hikes with ease using our Hiking Time Calculator. Calculate estimated hiking times based on distance, altitude, terrain, and average speed.

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The trailhead of Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail is located at the Ofen Pass (Pass dal Fuorn), which is easily accessible by car or public transport. From the parking lot bus stop, just walk across the street, and you’ll find the trailhead right there.

Address:Süsom Givé
7532 Tschierv
Bus Stop:Süsom Givè (Passhöhe)

The Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail is approximately 9 kilometers long and takes hikers through a variety of landscapes, including forests, meadows, and rocky terrain. Along the way, hikers will encounter fantastic panoramic views of the valley.

The trail is well-marked and maintained, making it accessible to hikers of all skill levels. Although the trail is suitable for hikers of all levels, I highly recommend that hikers wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water and snacks. There’s a restaurant, but you won’t get to it until you’re about three-quarters through the hike.

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Before enjoying the panoramic views, you will pass by the forest in Fop dal Taschin. After a short hike, you will start enjoying the panoramic views of Val Müstair with the Ortler range behind. From this path, hikers can see for miles around, taking in the stunning beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

If you are lucky, you will even get to see the snowy peaks of the Ortler (3,905 meters).

This panoramic trail isn’t very wide, and while it’s not extremely hazardous, one side has a steep drop. I had a close call when trying to avoid another hiker, but luckily, nothing happened. So, I’d recommend being cautious.

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Surprisingly, Plaun da l’Aua was the part I liked the most in this trail. It’s a vast plain, almost like a high plateau, with plenty of open space and mountains all around. It reminded me of one of my favorite alpine places, Alp Flix. We even spotted a group of horseback riders leisurely making their way through this area.

After passing through Plaun da l’Aua, the hiking trail ascends to Alp da Munt. This is the highest point of the trail. You will see the ski area of Minschuns to the left, and the rest of the valley to the right.

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In Alp da Munt, you’ll come across some interesting sandstone formations. Legend has it that these are the dwelling places of the mountain fairies, who used to assist the farmers during the haymaking on Alp da Munt. Unfortunately, some of the farmers stole their linen sheets, which angered the fairies so much that they never came out to help again.

The rest of the hiking trail winds through the forests. Along the way, there’s a fantastic restaurant called Alprestaurant La Posa where you can take a break before continuing to Lü. In this region, there is also a hidden cave. Alternatively, you can opt to head to Tschierv.

The trail is well-marked and easy to follow, with some tricky bits that require concentration. For younger children, the hiking trail is not suitable.

Practical Information

Image of the Hidden Cave (left) and Alprestaurant (middle), Val Müstair by
  • Best Time to Visit: I recommend visiting the trail from June until October. Summer is generally warm and sunny, while autumn will show you a sea of golden colors.
  • Shorter Version: For those looking for a shorter hike, you can opt to head down to Tschierv after Alp da Munt via Lajazöl.
  • Accommodation: The closest hotel is Hotel Süsom Givè. We stayed at Hotel Al Rom in Tschierv and loved it. The hosts were very friendly and their restaurant served delicious meals.
  • Safety Measures: It is important to take certain safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Check the weather forecast and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The trail can be steep and rocky in some areas, so sturdy hiking boots with good grip are recommended. Stay on marked trails.
  • Food and Drinks: Bring enough water and food for the duration of the hike. The Alprestaurant La Posa in Alp Champatsch will come up about three-quarters through the hike.
  • Facilities: The route does not have any toilets. The Alprestaurant La Posa was the only place I saw a toilet.

Final Thoughts: Hiking the Senda Val Müstair Trail

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Val Müstair offers a wide range of hiking opportunities for hikers of all levels. Since we chose to do the Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail, I can guarantee that it offers breathtaking views of Val Müstair as it winds its way from Ofen Pass to Lü.

This trail is accessible to older children and adults of all levels thanks to its well-maintained paths and clear signage. Due to some steep drops and the length, I would not recommend it for very young children.

The scenic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are one of the highlights of the trail. Plaun da l’Aua was also a wonderful place to hike.

Those who love hiking and want to experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps should definitely check out the Senda Val Müstair Panorama Trail. In comparison with other trails that we have done, this trail is unusually quiet.

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