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Hiking Time Calculator

Here’s a straightforward Swiss hiking calculator designed to make your planning easier. It is based on the Schweizer Wanderwege formula. You can input your data and get a quick estimate.

Hiking Time Calculator

Hiking Time Calculator

Calculation Methodology

The Hiking Calculator assumes an average speed of 4 kilometers per hour on flat terrain, equating to a quarter of an hour per kilometer. For every 100 meters of ascent or 200 meters of descent, we add another quarter of an hour.

You can set the average speed to any value between 3 and 8 km per hour, and the estimated hiking times will adapt accordingly.

We've included a terrain adjustment feature that lets you pick the type of terrain. If you choose an easier terrain, the values will become 10% faster, and if you pick a more challenging terrain, they'll become 10% slower.

Keep in mind that this calculation simplifies real hikes, which can vary significantly based on many factors such as steepness, obstacles, markings, and more. Additionally, this estimate doesn't consider the breaks you might take to enjoy the scenery, have a meal, or rest during your hike.

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