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How to Spend 1 Day in Saas-Fee

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Spending one day in Saas-Fee, Switzerland lets you soak in the Swiss Alps’ beauty, enjoy outdoor adventures, and explore its car-free village. Saas-Fee, located in the Saas Valley in Canton Valais, is thrilling and rejuvenating at the same time.

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Saas-Fee is a charming alpine village with traditional wooden chalets, offering stunning views of glaciers and high mountain peaks right from the village itself. I have been here twice. And I can highly recommend that you spend at least 1 day in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

Here are five of the top hikes to do in one day in Saas-Fee, Switzerland to make the most of it:

Whether you visit Saas-Fee in the summer or in the winter, you won’t be disappointed. I suggest visiting Saas-Fee on a good day since most activities here are outdoors. One day is not likely to be enough here since there are so many things to do.

Whether you’re looking for a 1-day itinerary or a list of things to do in Saas-Fee, this article is for you. Here are a few ideas for how you can spend one day in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

Saas-Fee 1 Day Itinerary: What can you do?

1.  Start Your Day With a Cozy Breakfast

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In case your hotel doesn’t offer a breakfast option, you can walk around Saas-Fee to find a cafe. Several cafes and restaurants serve up hot coffee with delicious pastries. Some options are the following:

  • Bäckerei Backstübli Saas-Fee (Obere Dorfstrasse 43, 3906 Saas-Fee) – This little bakery opens early every day and offers tasty baked treats and fresh sandwiches.
  • Summit Coffee & Lounge (Obere Dorfstrasse 38, 3906 Saas-Fee) – This self-service coffee shop sells delicious cakes alongside coffee. When you choose to sit outside, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

After enjoying breakfast, consider strolling to your hike’s starting point. If you have a SaastalCard, I suggest making the most of it by taking advantage of free cable car rides to kickstart your hike from higher up the mountain.

And here’s why staying in Saas-Fee is fantastic: During the summer, they offer the Saastalcard at hotels. If you’re spending at least one night in Saas-Fee, you qualify for this handy card.

2.  Pick a Hike that Suits You Best

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I recommend choosing a hike that is most suitable for you. If you’re seeking stunning views, have good balance, and aren’t afraid of challenging hikes, I suggest the high-altitude trail which I partially completed during my last visit. I have experienced high-altitude trails around Switzerland and these are always rewarding due to the breathtaking scenery.

Another hike that I can highly recommend is the Marmot Trail, this is also one of the hikes that we did. Not only do you get to see the marmots, but you can feed them too. I have included more images below. If you want to read more about the marmot trail, you can also check out this article: Saas-Fee Murmeli Trail: Feeding Marmots in Spielboden.

Here is a list of the other best hikes in Saas-Fee:

  • Almagell High-Altitude Trail (moderate) – This hike starts at the Kreuzboden Station and runs southwards to Saas-Almagell. This 10.4-kilometer hike gives you fantastic views of the Pennine Alps.
  • Fairytale Trail Saas-Fee (easy, family-friendly) – This short, family-friendly hike intertwines the story of Pia in the dwarf realm, beautiful drawings, and the legends of the valley. It is an easy hike through the larch forests of Saas-Fee.
  • Kneipp Hydrotherapy Circular Trail (easy) – This is a short village tour with panoramic views of the mountains and a forest path leading to the Kneipp facility. I recommend trying this simple hike on a hot summer day.
  • Suonen Circular Trail (moderate) – The suonen or the bisses are the old watercourses or water channels used in Canton Valais to bring water from mountain streams, glaciers, or natural springs to parts of the valley with less water. The channels capture water and transport it to the areas needed for irrigation such as vineyards and orchards. To spot these water channels, try hiking the 7.6-kilometer moderate trail in Postrondell, Saas-Fee.

Several other hikes are accessible in the area, but these are the top ones I suggest. Some routes are used for skiing and snowboarding in winter, so the trails will be different. In case you want to check out more hikes, you can visit for more information.

3. Visit the Glaciers

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Glaciers are stunning natural wonders with their massive size and rugged landscapes. I always find these breathtaking and inspiring. There are so many glaciers to see in Saas Valley. You can admire the glaciers from the hiking trails or the mountain station viewpoints. I recommend going to either Mittelallalin or Hohsaas and viewing the glaciers from there.

Mittelallalin is probably the most interesting place to view glaciers. There is a glacier palace here similar to the one in Furka Pass and Titlis. From Mittelallalin, you will be able to see the following glaciers:

  • Hohlaub Glacier (3.75 km)
  • Alallin Glacier (5.9 km)
  • Chessjen Glacier (6 km)
  • Fee Glacier (6 km)

From Längfluh, you will also see the narrow end of the Fee Glacier tongue. From Rothorn, you will see the Grüebu Glacier. From Hohsaas, you will see the Trift Glacier (2.5 km).

By the way, there are several Trift Glaciers in various Swiss locations in varying sizes. You can find glaciers named Trift in the following locations: Gadmen Valley, Fischer Valley, Saas Valley, and Matter Valley.

You can go on a Glacier Tour from Spielboden on the Fee Glacier with a mountain guide. To arrange this, get in touch with the Saas-Fee Guides.

I suggest having your lunch or snack at Mittelallalin’s Revolving Restaurant. This amazing restaurant rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to savor your meal or snack while taking in the breathtaking views all around you.

4. Enjoy a Pleasant Walk around Saas-Fee Village

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Saas-Fee is a quaint, cozy village known for its alpine wooden chalet-style buildings. You’ll find a few streets with a mix of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Plus, there are scenic viewpoints scattered throughout the village.

Here are some must-visit spots in Saas-Fee:

  • Untere Dorfstrasse: Close to the Tourist Office, you’ll discover well-preserved traditional wooden houses with stilts.
  • Panoramabrücke: Several bridges in the village have fantastic views of the Fee-Vispe alongside the village and the surrounding mountains. Of all the bridges in Saas-Fee, I think that the Panorama Bridge offers the most picture-worthy views.
  • Last Christmas Shooting Location: The shooting location for Wham’s popular Christmas music video “Last Christmas” is located on the edge of the village at Schliectenweg Street.

While Saas-Fee isn’t very large, it’s laid out along a long and narrow. The terrain is also not entirely flat. So, if you wander around, it might take you at least an hour, perhaps even more, especially if you decide to explore the shops or relax in one of the village’s restaurants or coffee shops.

If you’re up for more activities, you can also enjoy mini golf, visit a museum, play tennis (in the summer), or go ice skating (in the winter). Aqua Allalin (Panoramastrasse 1, 3906 Saas-Fee) also has a swimming pool, slides, and a children’s splash area.

Recommended Hotels in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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Saas-Fee offers a variety of hotels to suit different budgets. I recommend spending at least one night here, especially in the summer when you can receive the Saastal card.

If you need help selecting a hotel in Saas-Fee, here are some recommendations:

  • The Capra Saas-Fee (5-star) – Located in the heart of Saas-Fee, this elegant mountain hotel is near many shops and restaurants, as well as ski lifts. The rooms offer fantastic panoramic views, and there is a spa and wellness center on-site.
  • Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa Relais & Châteaux (5-star) – This luxury hotel in the heart of Saas-Fee offers amazing service, fantastic rooms, and an exclusive spa area. There are three restaurants, fitness classes, and an airport shuttle as well.
  • Boutique Lodge Spycher (4-star) – Boutique Lodge Spycher has excellent spa and wellness facilities, a convenient location near Hannig, well-appointed rooms, and a superb breakfast.
  • Wellnesshotel Schweizerhof (4-star) – Located close to the village center, this amazing hotel has a spa area, a relaxation room with stunning views, and an excellent breakfast. Moreover, you can have a good dinner here if you wish.
  • Boutique Hotel La Gorge (3-star) – Located right next to the Alpin Express cable car at the edge of a gorge, this boutique hotel is beautifully designed. The staff is helpful and the breakfast is delicious.
  • Hotel Garni Jägerhof (3-star) – The family-run hotel is an excellent option if you want a convenient ski-in/ski-out location in Saas-Fee. Excellent breakfasts, great value, and an awesome location make this hotel a great choice.

Summary: 1 Day in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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Saas-Fee may not be as large as Geneva or Bern, but it certainly is extremely charming. Saas-Fee is a fantastic mountain resort that offers an array of hiking trails, panoramic views, skiing opportunities, and various outdoor activities.

Given this, I strongly suggest planning your visit when the weather is favorable, as it will not be as enjoyable during bad weather conditions.

How to Spend 1 Day in Saas-Fee in Winter

If you come in winter, here are the things you can do in Saas-Fee on a 1-day trip:

  1. Skiing and snowboarding – There are a variety of slopes available for skiers of all levels at Saas-Fee, including easy, medium, and difficult. It’s the best thing to do during the winter in the entire Saas Valley.
  2. Cross-country skiing – Cross-country skiing is available in Saas Valley from mid-December until the end of March as long as the weather permits. Given enough snow, you can expect 26 kilometers of cross-country skiing.
  3. Sledding – There are sled routes from Kreuzboden to Saas-Grund (11 kilometers), as well as a shorter one from Hannigbahn to Saas-Fee via Sonnenberg (6 kilometers).
  4. Snowshoeing – Saas Valley has many snowshoe trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Trails are between 1.5 and 9.2 kilometers long.

Some summer hiking trails are also available in winter.

More Things to Do near Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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Saas Valley has many interesting attractions worth checking out. It is highly recommended to spend at least one day there, if not a week. Here are more attractions to visit near Saas-Fee, Switzerland:

  1. Suspension Bridges of Saas-Almagell – The 60-meter-long and 45-meter-long suspension footbridges provide dramatic views down the gorges amidst the panoramic views of the Saas Valley mountains. The bridges are secure and recommended starting at six or seven years old.
  2. Mattmark Dam – Europe’s largest earthen dam is located to the south of Saas-Fee near the Italian border. Lake Mattmark is not only incredibly beautiful but also highly functional. It serves a practical purpose with a storage capacity of 100 million cubic meters of water, which is essential for generating electricity.
  3. Hohsaas – Hohsaas can be reached by gondola from Saas-Grund. It enjoys fantastic views of the Saas Valley, sunshine, and 18 four-thousand-meter mountains. From here, you can easily reach Weissmies. Lagginjoch, an elevated mountain saddle, is also nearby.
  4. Kreuzboden – At Kreuzboden, children can enjoy the engaging playground (hanging bridge, water park, and more). A small animal park is located beside the restaurant in case you want to pet and feed goats. There is also a small lake nearby.
  5. Almagelleralp – Almagelleralp is at 2,200 meters above sea level. It is in the midst of breathtaking mountains and glaciers and is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Three hiking trails can lead you to Almagelleralp. Berghotel Almagelleralp is typically open until mid-October.
  6. Heidbodmen – Winter and summer sports are available here despite it being a quiet area compared to other parts of the valley.

What I would personally recommend after exploring Saas-Fee is also visiting Kreuzboden and Hohsaas in Saas-Grund or the Mattmark Dam.

Enjoy your trip to Saas-Fee!

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