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How to Spend 1 Day in Stoos, Switzerland

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Visiting Stoos, Switzerland for at least one day is something I highly recommend. Stoos, located in Canton Schwyz offers a serene mountain escape. It is a car-free village that can be accessed via the world’s steepest funicular. I highly recommend that you spend 1 day in Stoos, Switzerland, and have a great time.

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Here are four of the top hikes to do in one day in Stoos, Switzerland to make the most of it:

Whether you visit Stoos in the summer or in the winter, you won’t be disappointed. I suggest visiting Stoos on a good day since most activities here are outdoors. One day is not likely to be enough here since there are so many things to do.

Whether you’re looking for a 1-day itinerary or a list of things to do in Stoos, this article is for you. Here are a few ideas for how you can spend one day in Stoos, Switzerland.

Stoos 1 Day Itinerary: What can you do?

1. Take the World’s Steepest Funicular to Stoos

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What better way to kickstart your day than by hopping on the world’s steepest funicular? With an impressive incline of 110% or 47.7 degrees, this extraordinary funicular can transport a maximum of 1,500 passengers per hour to the car-free village of Stoos.

Covering a distance of 1,740 meters and a vertical ascent of 744 meters, it offers a truly one-of-a-kind beginning to your day. The funicular will bring you from Schwyz to Stoos, 1,305 meters above sea level.

Upon arrival, you can grab breakfast or a snack from the shop conveniently located next to the mountain station before embarking on your day’s adventures.

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I found two aspects quite enjoyable to begin our day in Stoos: the firsthand experience of riding this unique funicular, where the steepness is visually evident due to the displayed percentages, and upon reaching the summit, encountering a tourism office representative who was available to provide guidance and advice to visitors who might need assistance.

2.  Pick a Hike that Suits You Best

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I recommend choosing a hike that is most suitable for you. If you’re seeking stunning views, have good balance, and aren’t afraid of challenging hikes, I highly suggest the ridge hike. I’ve personally done this trail, and while certain sections were a bit intimidating, the overall experience was incredibly rewarding due to the breathtaking scenery.

Here is a list of the best hikes in Stoos:

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  • Ridge Hiking Trail Stoos – This trail leads from Fronalpstock to Klingenstock (or vice versa). During the hike, you’ll be treated to the sights of 10 Swiss lakes. Covering a distance of 4.7 kilometers, this route features 400 meters of safety fencing and numerous benches for relaxation and breaks. If you’re looking for a shorter route back to Stoos, you have three exit options: Frontal, Unterbäch, and Firenboden. Completing the hike, which takes around 2 to 3 hours, is recommended with appropriate hiking footwear.
  • Moor Trail Stoos – The Moor Trail in Stoos is a brief, family-friendly hike spanning 1.6 kilometers, suitable even for strollers. This educational pathway guides you through 8 stations, providing insights into the unique bog environment in Stoos. Upon completing all 8 stations, you’re eligible to receive a gift by presenting the filled-out brochure.
  • Alp Cheese Trail Stoos – The Alp Cheese Trail is an 11 km hiking and food trail. To enjoy this experience, you should purchase the Alp Cheese Pass (ideally at the valley station), which grants you the opportunity to savor alp cheese at three out of the seven available stations.
  • Panorama Trail Fronalpstock – Enjoy a fantastic experience on the short 1.6-kilometer panorama walking trail in Stoos. Take in the breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne, Rütli meadow, and the Central Swiss Alps. This trail provides a way to savor panoramic vistas without tackling the longer ridge trail starting from Klingenstock. This trail is also available in winter.

Several other hikes are accessible in the area, but these are the top ones I suggest. Some routes are used for skiing and snowboarding in winter, so the trails will be different. In case you want to check out more hikes, you can visit for more information.

Hiking Time Calculator

Plan your hikes with ease using our Hiking Time Calculator. Calculate estimated hiking times based on distance, altitude, terrain, and average speed.

3. Visit the Stoos Seeli

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Right in the heart of Stoos village, the Stoos Seeli is a quaint lake perfect for relaxation and fishing. The lake features a round platform for visitors to enjoy.

Adjacent to it, there’s a water playground designed for young children to have fun. You may want to stop here for lunch in case you brought some with you.

4. Seek out a Dining Spot for your Lunch Break

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Stoos offers a variety of restaurants, and for our lunch, we opted for the Stoos Hüttä. It provided a satisfying experience with impressive views, a playground, and up-to-date amenities. I certainly recommend it.

If you’re considering restaurants in Stoos, you might consider trying one of these:

  • Gipfelrestaurant Fronalpstock – The restaurant offers options such as soup, salad, cheese, rösti, pommes frites, and other traditional Swiss dishes. From the restaurant, you can enjoy breathtaking vistas of Lake Lucerne and the encompassing mountains.
  • Stoos Lodge Restaurant – Featuring Italian classics such as pizza and pasta, along with grilled dishes and accompanying sides, a buffet, and an open kitchen, this modern restaurant offers a variety of options at fair prices, making it a solid choice. It is located in Stoos Lodge, right next to the mountain station.
  • Stoos Hüttä – With magnificent vistas, outstanding cuisine, and delightful service, this is the place where we enjoyed our lunch, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. There is also a children’s playground next to the restaurant.

5. Enjoy a Pleasant Walk to the Stoos Chapel

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This little chapel Stooskapelle Maria Hilf perched atop a small hill is charming and very Swiss. The highlight of heading over to the chapel is the walk through the village before reaching it. Surrounding the chapel are mountain peaks and grass. It’s very picturesque.

While we visited during the summer, I can imagine it will look even better during winter with a snowy backdrop.

6. Head Over to Stooshorn

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After visiting the Stoos Chapel, I recommend embarking on the Stooshorn Round. This short 2.8-kilometer trail will guide you to Stooshorn where you will reach a stunning viewpoint overlooking Morschach and Lake Lucerne. Along the way, you can expect playful elements and short stories.

You can dine in a Stoos restaurant after a day of hiking or skiing, or catch a funicular down to see one of the attractions in the region.

For a day trip from Lucerne or an alternative to Rigi, Stoos is a charming car-free village worth visiting. Have a great day in Stoos!

Recommended Hotels in Stoos, Switzerland

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While the options for hotels in Stoos aren’t extensive, we’ve listed three below. If you’re unable to find accommodations in Stoos, you might consider staying in Lucerne and making a day trip to Stoos instead.

Should you need some assistance choosing a hotel in Stoos, here are some suggestions:

  • Stoos Lodge (4-star) – Stoos Lodge is situated conveniently right beside the mountain station of the steep funicular, making it easy for guests to arrive in this car-free village with their baggage. The hotel has a terrace, a restaurant, a play area, and a bar.
  • Wellness Hotel Stoos (4-star) – Located near the cable car from Morschach, this hotel is equipped with a wellness and spa area and has 5 different saunas, 2 steam baths, and beautiful views of the mountains.
  • Gipfelrestaurant Fronalpstock – This small hotel is located at the mountaintop of Fronalpstock. From your room, you can enjoy breathtaking vistas of Lake Lucerne and the encompassing mountains.
  • Stoos Hüttä – With magnificent vistas, new buildings, wooden rooms, and fair prices, this place is lovely. For those coming in winter, it is ski-to-door access.

Summary: 1 Day in Stoos, Switzerland

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Stoos may not be large, but it certainly is extremely charming. Despite its size, Stoos offers an array of hiking trails, panoramic views, skiing opportunities, and various outdoor activities.

Given this, I strongly suggest planning your visit when the weather is favorable, as it will not be as enjoyable during bad weather conditions.

How to Spend 1 Day in Stoos in Winter

If you come in winter, here are the things you can do in Stoos on a 1-day trip:

  1. Skiing and snowboarding – There are a variety of slopes available for skiers of all levels at Stoos, including easy, medium, and difficult. It’s the best thing to do during the winter in Stoos. Cross-country skiing is available in all four villages of Stoos, Muotathal, Illgau, and Morschach as long as weather permits.
  2. Sledding – There are sled routes from Fronalpstock to Mettlen, as well as smaller ones for younger children near Sternegg and Fröneli’s Winterland.
  3. Snowshoeing – Stoos-Muotatal has 38 kilometers of snowshoe trails, ranging from easy to difficult.

Some summer hiking trails are also available in winter.

More Things to Do near Stoos, Switzerland

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Canton Schwyz might be small but it also has many interesting attractions worth checking out. It is highly recommended to spend at least one day there, if not a week. Here are more attractions to visit near Stoos, Switzerland:

  1. Hölloch Cave: The Hölloch Cave, 200 kilometers long and 938 kilometers deep, is the second-largest cave in Europe and one of the most extensive cave systems in the world. You can explore parts of the cave in two hours or you can opt for a multi-day expedition.
  2. Illgau: Right across Stoos, Illgau is a sunny and peaceful mountain resort between 800 and 1,300 meters above sea level. There are many family-friendly hikers here such as the Ladybug Adventure Trail (Chäferliweg Illgau), Fallenfluh Circular Trail, Hasenmattli Circular Trail, and Pfylen Circular Trail. For those who want a more challenging hike, you can go to the Ybrig region and enjoy the views from Sternenegg and Spirstock.
  3. Morschach: Easily reachable from Stoos via cable car, Morschach is a compact village famous for the Swiss Holiday Park. This family-friendly hotel features pools, slides, and play zones. In addition to the hotel amenities, Morschach offers diverse hiking options, including the renowned Swiss Path. You can also opt to traverse forests and homesteads to Alp Schilteli where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Schwyz Valley, Uri Alps, and Seelisberg.
  4. Muotatal: Apart from family-friendly hikes like the Joke Hiking Trail or Weather Frog Hiking Trail, you can also plan a visit to the Husky Lodge or take a walk alongside the Muota River. For those seeking a greater challenge, the Pragel Pass or Via Suworow routes are good options.

What I would personally recommend after exploring Stoos is also visiting the Hölloch Cave, the Swiss Holiday Park, or the Husky Lodge in Muotatal.

Enjoy your trip to Stoos!

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