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Lago Bianco at the Bernina Pass, Switzerland

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Darla

Lago Bianco is a stunning glacial lake at the Bernina Pass, Switzerland that captivates visitors from around the world. Sitting at an elevation of 2,234 meters above sea level, its popularity has soared thanks to photographs captured from the Bernina Express train. It acts as a reservoir and generates hydroelectric power.

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Overview: Lago Bianco

Lake:Lago Bianco
Altitude:2,334 meters
Maximum Depth:54 meters
Lago Bianco Summary from Swisstopo

Lago Bianco: What to Expect

Lago Bianco, despite its name meaning “white lake,” doesn’t have the same milky-white appearance as Lac des Dix or Lake Grimsel. The color of Lago Bianco varies from a vibrant turquoise to a deep blue, depending on the sunlight and weather conditions. Situated at 2,234 meters above sea level, it’s quite high compared to many other lakes. Nearby, there are three smaller lakes – Lej Nair and Lej Pitschen to the north, and Lagh de la Cruseta to the northeast.

Lago Bianco is a reservoir supplied by streams and glaciers, primarily used for generating hydroelectric power. Situated in a stunning region and often visible from Rhaetian Railway trains, it’s a popular tourist destination offering breathtaking views. While famous for its biodiversity and ideal for hiking and biking, it’s not suitable for swimming or skiing.

The clear water and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts. It is a relatively windy place but visitors can also enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the scenic paths surrounding the lake.

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We’ve done two hikes starting from Lago Bianco and have also admired it from the train multiple times. The views are truly stunning and you do get to see almost everyone in the train whip their phones out as soon as it gets to Lago Bianco.

Hiking around the lake is an unforgettable experience due to its high altitude and the clear, lovely color of the water. One thing to note is that it gets incredibly windy, especially near the dam wall leading towards Poschiavo, so it’s important to bring layers. Nonetheless, the water remains crystal clear throughout.

What I appreciate about this place is the presence of two alpine lakes that branch off in different directions across the globe. The rocky terrain in a high-altitude setting, coupled with a forest encircled by towering mountains, adds to the charm. Additionally, there’s a viewpoint that offers vistas of another valley (Poschiavo) and another country (Italy).

How to Get to Lago Bianco

Lago Bianco, situated in Poschiavo, Switzerland, is easily reachable for everyone. You can get there conveniently by train, driving through the Bernina Pass, or using nearby hiking or biking trails. Additionally, there’s a parking area in front of Hotel Bernina Hospiz for cars traveling via the Bernina Pass.

The train stop Ospizio Bernina stops in the middle of the lake. From there, you can head over to the direction of Poschiavo, Sassal Masone, or Diavolezza.

Address:Lago Bianco
7710 Poschiavo
Train:Ospizio Bernina
Car:Parcheggio Ospizio Bernina (in front of Hotel Bernina Hospiz)
7710 Poschiavo

Final Thoughts: Lago Bianco

Lago Bianco, located in the Bernina Pass of Switzerland, is a beautiful lake that attracts tourists from all over. It sits high up at 2,234 meters above sea level and offers stunning views, especially from the famous Bernina Express train. Apart from being scenic, the lake also serves as a reservoir for generating electricity.

Even though it’s called the “white lake,” Lago Bianco doesn’t always look white. Its color changes depending on the sunlight and weather, ranging from turquoise to deep blue. Surrounded by tall mountains, it’s higher up compared to many other lakes, and nearby, you’ll find a few smaller lakes too. While you can’t swim or ski here, it’s a great spot for hiking, biking, and taking photos of nature. You can easily reach Lago Bianco by train or car, and there’s even parking available near Hotel Bernina Hospiz if you’re driving through the Bernina Pass.


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