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Lake Trübsee in Engelberg Switzerland

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by Darla

Lake Trübsee, officially named Trüebsee, is a stunning alpine lake located in Wolfenschiessen in Canton Nidwalden, Switzerland. Covering an area of 0.3 kilometers2, this beautiful turquoise lake receives the waters from the Titlis Glacier via the Trüebseebach. It is situated at an altitude of 1,764 meters above sea level on the high plateau of Ober Trüebsee.

Lake Trübsee
Image Lake Trübsee, near Engelberg and Titlis by

Overview: Lake Trübsee

Here are some facts and figures about Lake Trübsee according to the Swiss Federal Geoportal1:

Location:Ober Trüebsee, Wolfenschiessen
Altitude:1,764 meters
Volume:850,000 meters3
Area:27.1 hectares
Maximum Depth:9 Meters
Outflow:Engelberger Aa

Lake Trübsee is fed by the Trübseebach stream, which originates from the Titlis Glacier. The Trübseebach stream flows into the Engelberger Aa river, which eventually empties into Lake Lucerne. This stunning lake is a well-loved tourist spot all year round. The lake’s glacial source keeps its water cold and its beautiful turquoise color is consistent throughout the year.

Trübsee has been transformed into a reservoir. The water level was raised, and the lakebed was sealed. This resulted in the creation of a reservoir with a capacity of 0.85 million cubic meters of water, which also serves as a habitat for trout released by the local fishing club. Furthermore, it is utilized for technical snowmaking and serves as a water reservoir for mountain cable cars. The Trübsee hydroelectric power plant uses water from Trübsee, and this water eventually flows to Eugenisee.2

How to Get to Lake Trübsee

Titlis Valley Station
Image of Titlis Valley Station by

Lake Trübsee is easily accessible by gondola from the town of Engelberg, which is located at the base of Mount Titlis. The travel time from Engelberg to Trübsee by gondola is 23 minutes.

Alternatively, for those who enjoy hiking, you can get there either from Engelberg or Engstlenalp via Jochpass. Lake Trübsee is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, especially those who want to visit Mount Titlis.

AddressOber Trüebsee, Wolfenschiessen
GondolaTrübsee from Engelberg (Valley Station)
Hiking– Engelberg
– Engstlenalp (via Jochpass)

Hiking around Lake Trübsee

Lake Trübsee
Image of Lake Trübsee by

Around the lake, there are hiking trails for visitors to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. From easy walks to more challenging hikes, there is something for everyone. The trails are well-marked, and visitors can choose from a variety of routes that offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Some popular trails include the Trübsee Panorama Trail, the Jochpass Trail, and the Tannalp Trail.

While hiking, you will appreciate its crystal-clear, turquoise waters. It is an absolutely beautiful beautiful backdrop with lush meadows, rugged mountains, and the glacier in the background.

Lake Trübsee is a favorite among children due to the kids’ themed trail and playgrounds surrounding the lake. Several trails go around or near Lake Trübsee.

The following Hiking Trails are located near Trübsee:

  • Schmuggli’s Adventure – There’s a brief theme trail around Lake Trübsee that takes about 60 minutes. To begin, pick up a treasure map, then embark on a scavenger hunt, marking your discoveries on the card. As a reward, you can choose a gift at the end.
  • Sbrinz Trail – You can enjoy a longer theme trail about the historic Sbrinz Route from Lucerne to Domodossola that takes about 90 minutes, starting at Lake Trübsee and ending at Älplerseil (1,207 meters). This route enabled the trade of Sbrinz Cheese for olive oil, red wine, and various Italian products.
  • Alpine Flower Trail – The Trübsee Alpine Flower Trail offers a relaxed one-hour walk along the lake, from Trübsee Middle Station to Obertrübsee. This trail, spanning 3 kilometers, is open from June to mid-September, and you’ll spot flower signs guiding your way.
  • Trübsee-Stand Geology Trail – Learn more about the geological development around Trübsee in this moderate hike from Trübsee to Stand.
  • Waterfall Trail – An easy walk from Lake Trübsee to Wasserfall Stäubi where you can see the water from the Steinberg Glacier.
  • Four-Lake Hike – A popular hike that includes four lakes in total: Trübsee, Engstlensee, Tannensee, and Melchsee.

Hiking Time Calculator

Plan your hikes with ease using our Hiking Time Calculator. Calculate estimated hiking times based on distance, altitude, terrain, and average speed.

Boating on Lake Trübsee

Lake Trübsee
Image of a Rowing Boat, Lake Trübsee by

Boating is a fantastic way to soak in the area’s beauty. If you’d like to go boating, there are six rowing boats available at Lake Trübsee, and each boat can hold up to four passengers. Just grab a life jacket, and you’re ready to go.

When you’re finished, simply return the boat. While boat usage is free, it’s a good practice to make a fair contribution at the cash register as a token of appreciation.

Skiing near Lake Trübsee

When winter arrives, the hiking trails in the area become ski slopes. The slopes are well-groomed, and visitors can enjoy skiing with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. You can go skiing around Trübsee, especially at Jochpass, Klein Titlis, or Stand. For skiers and snowboarders, the Trübsee Hopper chairlift conveniently takes you across Lake Trübsee.

Winter hikes and cross-country skiing are wonderful choices for those who enjoy the snowy landscape. Additionally, families with children will enjoy Schmuggli’s Winterland, situated near the restaurant and the Trübsee Mountain station. Lake Trübsee is a fantastic place for snowy adventures, making it a perfect destination for all kinds of winter fun.

Our Experience: Lake Trübsee

Lake Trübsee, View from the Gondola to Titlis
Image of Lake Trübsee by

Lake Trübsee is undoubtedly among the most stunning alpine lakes in Switzerland. Nearly everyone I saw during our hike couldn’t resist stopping to snap photos. In my view, other lakes that rival Lake Trübsee’s beauty include the following:

Surrounding the lake are the mountains of Mount Titlis, Klein Titlis, and Jochstock. You’ll see a blend of grassy fields, rugged mountains, a glacier, and, if you’re fortunate, clear blue skies and bright sunshine.

Adventure Park near Lake Trübsee
Image of Adventure Park near Lake Trübsee by

Honestly, there are loads of activities around Lake Trübsee, but most are enjoyed best in good weather. So, if you’re spending a couple of days in either Lucerne or Engelberg, I recommend planning your visit when the weather is good.

For a leisurely outing, you can take a relaxed walk and have a picnic at one of the grill pits. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can venture up to Jochpass or take on the four-lake hike. And for those who enjoy biking, it’s a great option to explore as well.

On our trip, we enjoyed hiking, and our kids had a great time in the playground while following a themed trail. We also spotted some people rowing boats during our visit. Close by, there’s an adventure park where visitors can enjoy exciting activities like bouncing on a massive trampoline, riding the Trübsee Flyer Zipline, experiencing the BagJump Tower, trying the Trampoline2Bag, and testing their balance on a slackline.

Lake Trübsee
Image of Lake Trübsee by

Yes, it’s worth visiting Lake Trübsee, especially when the weather is good and dry. Lake Trübsee is a place where you can create beautiful memories and experience the Swiss alpine charm at its finest.

Lake Trübsee is a place of scenic beauty and serenity. With its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush green meadows, rocky mountains, and a glacier in the backdrop, it’s a picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

When the weather is favorable, Lake Trübsee is an ideal spot to explore a variety of activities. Not only can you enjoy strolls, picnics, and rowing on the lake, but there’s also an adventure park nearby that adds an exciting element to your visit.

I think that a bit of rain will be manageable, but if it’s pouring, you might want to consider other options for your outing.

Final Thoughts: Lake Trübsee

Lake Trübsee
Image of Lake Trübsee by

Lake Trübsee, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is a picturesque gem that boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters set against a backdrop of lush meadows, rugged mountains, and a glacier. This idyllic spot offers a range of outdoor activities for visitors, from strolls and lakeside picnics to rowing on the serene waters. For those seeking adventure, there’s also an enticing nearby adventure park.

Lake Trübsee is a must-visit destination where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Swiss alpine landscape and create lasting memories. We loved visiting it and I highly recommend it!


  • 1 Lake Trübsee (NW) – Wolfenschiessen. Maps of Switzerland, Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft. Accessed on 23 October 2023.
  • 2 Kraftwerke Trübsee & Dallenwil. Kantonales Elektrizitätswerk Nidwalden.

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