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Lej Marsch: Bathing Lake Haven near St. Moritz

Lej Marsch, a charming bathing lake nestled in the Engadine valley of Switzerland near St. Moritz, sits at an elevation of 1,809 meters. This small lake is a delightful scene, surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks and a scenic forest. Beyond the bathing season, it becomes a favored spot for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers who are captivated by the tranquil beauty of the surroundings.

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Overview of Lej Marsch

Lej Marsch, a crystal-clear moor lake tucked away in a small Champfèr forest near St. Moritz-Bad, measures about 100 × 50 meters (0.5 hectares). Its name “Lej Marsch” translates in Romansh to stale lake, referring to the typical state of a moor lake.

This lake is a favorite among bathers in the canton of Graubünden due to its sheltered spot, and the shallow water can warm up to 21 degrees Celsius during the summer. There’s also a sandy beach on the north side.

The bathing lake is open for everyone to visit, unlike Caumasee in Flims or Blausee in Kander Valley where you need to pay before entering. It warms up not just because of its shallow water but also because it’s shielded from the wind. Even though it’s free, there are some facilities available here.

Facilities in Lej Marsch

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The bathing lake offers minimal facilities for a short swim or day out. It lacks extras like lockers and diving boards found in larger bathing lakes.

Among the facilities in Lej Marsch are:

  • Fire pits with firewood
  • Picnic areas
  • Toilets
  • Dock

Lej Marsch: What to Expect

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The small lake, surrounded by the forest, has a dark green color. It’s a popular bathing spot in Engadin because it’s not too deep and has spots protected from the wind. This makes it much warmer compared to the other larger lakes in Engadin.

Lej Marsch is suitable for families, as the shallow water ensures a safe environment for children to swim and play. The beach area is kept clean and well-maintained. Kids can also observe crabs and fish if they find it interesting. Plus, there are plenty of shaded areas thanks to the trees.

The clear water and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts. On a good day, the water reflects the forest and mountains, making it a nice spot for photos. In particular, mornings are peaceful there and a great time for taking pictures.

Visitors can also enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the scenic paths surrounding the lake.

  • Swimming and sunbathing
  • Relaxation
  • Spotting fish species and noble crabs
  • Hiking trails to Lej Nair, Surlej,Murtèl, Hahnensee, and St. Moritz
  • Biking route 65 from Maloja to La Punt (Inn-Radweg)
  • Ideal for swimming
  • Summer water temperature is around 20°C to 21°C
  • Sand beach for relaxation

During our fall visit to Lej Marsch, it was too chilly for a swim, but we noticed how well-maintained and clean the place was. We were there while hiking in St. Moritz, something we often do in autumn because we love coming to Engadin Valley for the great weather and beautiful fall colors. The lake looked peaceful and enjoyable during our visit. I’ve heard it gets crowded in the summer, so coming early might be a good idea if you want to avoid the crowds, even if it’s too cool for a swim.

However, it’s worth noting that there are no additional activities like a kiosk for snacks or a playground. If you have children and want to spend a full day at the lake, places like Caumasee, Lai Barnagn, and Heidsee might offer more options. Personally, I prefer lakes with lighter colors, like Caumasee and Lai Barnagn, but I can see the appeal of Lej Marsch. While it’s not my top choice for swimming, I think it’s a good option for those exploring the region.

How to Get to Lej Marsch

Lake Lej Marsch is located in the Engadine region of Switzerland and is easily accessible to the public. There are several access points around the lake from various hiking trails from Surlej, Murtèl, Champfèr, and St. Moritz that visitors can use to reach the area.

Lej Marsch is a short walk from the parking lot in front of Ristorante Peppino’s, the Olympic Ski Jump, and Tennisclub St. Moritz. You can easily hike from Champfèr or St. Moritz to this bathing lake. You may also take the bus to St. Moritz Bad, Campingplatz. The train station of St. Moritz is around 4 kilometers away.

Address:Lej Marsch
7500 St. Moritz
Car Parking:Olympiaschanze
7500 St. Moritz
Bus:St. Moritz Bad, Campingplatz (17-minute walk)

Final Thoughts: Lej Marsch

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Lej Marsch, nestled in the Engadine valley near St. Moritz, emerges as a splendid choice for a summer day out. At an elevation of 1,809 meters, this small bathing lake offers a picturesque setting surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks and a scenic forest. Although our autumn visit didn’t allow for a swim, it provided a glimpse of the lake’s cleanliness and tranquil charm. Lej Marsch becomes a haven for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and photographers during the off-season, providing an ideal backdrop for capturing the beauty of the surroundings.

This crystal-clear moor lake, situated in a Champfèr forest, is around 100 × 50 meters in size, offering a sandy beach on its north side. Perfect for families, the shallow water warms up to 21 degrees Celsius in summer, creating a safe environment for children to swim and play. While lacking some amenities found in larger lakes, Lej Marsch compensates with its serene atmosphere and the opportunity to observe crabs and fish. Photography enthusiasts can also rejoice, especially on clear days when the water reflects the surrounding forest and mountains. Though not my top pick for swimming, Lej Marsch remains a compelling option for those exploring the Engadin region, providing a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

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