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Madrisa Mountain in Klosters, Switzerland: A Complete Guide

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Darla Uhl

Madrisa is a mountain located above the village of Klosters, in Graubünden, Switzerland. It is part of the Rätikon mountain range and spans across the borders of Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Madrisa encompasses a captivating landscape, and its highest peak reaches an impressive elevation of 2,826 meters above sea level. A popular destination for families with young children, and hiking and skiing enthusiasts, Madrisa is also part of the Davos-Klosters ski area. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into a complete guide to Madrisa Mountain, located in Klosters, Switzerland.

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Overview: Madrisa Mountain

Mountain RangeRätikon Alps
Valley Station AddressMadrisastrasse 7
7252 Klosters Dorf
Mountain Station AddressMadrisa Alp
7250 Klosters
Mountain Station Altitude1,887 meters
Prominent PeakMadrisahorn
Prominent Peak Altitude2,826 meters
Madrisa Mountain Summary

Madrisa: A Family-Friendly Mountain Resort

Madrisa Mountain is known to be a family-friendly mountain resort. This goes for both the winter and summer seasons when people go skiing and hiking, respectively. It is part of the Davos-Klosters ski area and offers a variety of slopes for skiers of all levels.

Image of Madrisa Land by

As a ski resort, Madrisa is known for its beginner-friendly slopes. This means that the slopes are not all too steep and there is also a ski school that caters to beginners of all ages. The resort also offers a variety of restaurants such as Madrisa Hof and Madrisa Alp.

Image of Madrisa Alp Restaurant by

As a hiking resort, Madrisa is known for its themed trails and its huge playground Madrisaland. Particularly Madrisaland, which is located near the mountain station, has a lot of fantastic play areas for children of all ages while offering beautiful panoramic mountain vistas for their adult companions.

Madrisa offers a wide range of winter and summer activities for visitors of all ages and skill levels. This beautiful spot offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps and a welcoming atmosphere for families.

Geographical Location

Image of Madrisa overlooking Klosters by

Madrisa is a mountain peak located in the Swiss Alps, specifically in the canton of Graubünden. It is situated in the Rätikon range, which is part of the Eastern Alps. The mountain is located near the border between Switzerland and Austria, and its peak can be accessed from the Swiss town of Klosters. On the other side of Madrisa lies the Austrian mountain resort of Gargellen.

Here are some of the mountain peaks that you can view from Madrisa:

  • Unghürhörner – 2,994 meters
  • Piz Fless – 3,020 meters
  • Piz Murtera – 3,044 meters
  • Pischahorn – 2,980 meters
  • Jakobshorn – 2,590 meters
  • Jatzhorn – 2,682 meters
  • Piz Kesch – 3,418 meters
  • Felahorn – 2,729 meters
  • Weissflue – 2,843 meters
  • Zenjiflue – 2,686 meters


Madrisa Alp, where most activities start, is located 1,887 meters above sea level. The prominent peak, Madrisahorn, has an elevation of 2,826 meters above sea level.

Going around Madrisa itself is relatively easy. There are some easy hiking paths and moderate hiking paths. Generally, Madrisa is considered a moderate mountain to climb. Because of this, it is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers during the summer months.

Mountain Terrain

Image of Madrisa by

Madrisa has a gentle terrain with green meadows, wildflowers, and streams. With its gradual inclines and wide paths, Madrisa makes for a more relaxed and leisurely hiking experience compared to other sharper mountains with steep slopes. You can come here without the need for advanced climbing skills, specialized alpine equipment, and alpine tour guides. But I would recommend coming in with hiking shoes, in any case.

In winter, Madrisa Mountain is often covered in snow. Although the ski slope is not completely flat, it still has gentle slopes where you can ski at a leisurely pace. It is also appropriate for beginners and intermediate skiers who do not wish to ski on a more challenging terrain such as what you can see in other ski resorts around Graubünden.

Due to the gentle terrain of Madrisa, hiking and skiing here are suitable for families with children or for those who do not want to deal with steep slopes.

Madrisa Land: A Family-Friendly Attraction

Image of Madrisa Land by

Madrisa Land is a popular family-friendly mountain resort located in the Swiss Alps. It offers a wide range of activities and attractions that cater to visitors of all ages, particularly younger children

Things to Do in Madrisa Land

Image of Madrisa Land Playground and Ball Track. A Glass House is shown behind. Image by

Here are some of the things that you can do in Madrisa Land:

  1. Bouncy Castle: A giant inflatable castle that provides hours of bouncing fun for kids.
  2. Giant Slide: Two giant slides that you can access by climbing up ropes or a staircase.
  3. Ball Track: A cool new ball track where you can see how the ball goes down.
  4. Climbing Wall: A small bouldering wall where you can climb if you wish to.
  5. Playground: A playground with swings, a flying fox, and a tree trunk for climbing.
  6. Alphorn: You can try playing this traditional alpine horn and see what it sounds like.
  7. Water Playground: A water playground where you can balance on tree stumps and pull the wooden board.
  8. Barbecue: You can also bring your food and barbecue or grill here in their grill pit.
  9. Scooter: You can ride a scooter downhill from Madrisa to Saas. It is an 8.5-kilometer route and is open to everyone, regardless of height and age.

Madrisa Resort: Skiing, Hiking, and More

Madrisa Ski Resort is a popular hiking, biking, skiing, and snowboarding destination located in the picturesque village of Klosters, Switzerland.

Madrisa Ski Resort is a small ski resort that offers a variety of skiing and snowboarding options, with 23 kilometers of slopes available. The resort has a good mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs, making it ideal for families and groups with varying skill levels.

Easy Ski Slopes6.2 km
Intermediate Ski Slopes9.2 km
Difficult Ski Slopes7.5 km
Freeride Ski Slopes3.9 km
Total Ski Slopes23 km
Skiing in Klosters Madrisa Ski Resort

Image of the Hiking Trails around Madrisa by

Madrisa is also a popular hiking destination in Switzerland, offering a variety of themed trails and hiking routes suitable for hikers of all levels.

The hiking trails are well-maintained and marked, making it easy for hikers to navigate their way through the mountain. Furthermore, there are also hiking maps available in the valley station, should you need one.

Here are some of the hiking trails in Madrisa:

Hiking TrailEstimated Hiking Time
Madrisa – Mässplatte – Madrisa50 minutes
Madrisa – Zügenhüttli – Obersäss – Madrisa90 minutes
Madrisa – Flue – Palfärn – Klosters Dorf90 minutes
Madrisa – Zügenhüttli – Schlappin – Klosters Dorf2 hours 30 minutes
Alpine Parklandschaft2 hours 30 minutes
Madrisa – Obersäss – Rätschenjoch2 hours 30 minutes
Madrisa – Älpli – Schlappiner Joch – Schlappin – Klosters Dorf3 hours 30 minutes
Madrisa – Älpli – Schaffürggli – Saaser Alp – Madrisa4 hours
Madrisa – Älpli – Schlappiner Joch – Gargellen (Austria)3 hours 15 minutes
Hiking Trails around Madrisa

Aside from the hikes mentioned above, they also have theme trails such as an Energy Trace Path, a Healing Herbs Trail, a Klara on the Alp path, and an Adventure Trail.

Hiking Time Calculator

Plan your hikes with ease using our Hiking Time Calculator. Calculate estimated hiking times based on distance, altitude, terrain, and average speed.

Image of Madrisa High Alpine Medicinal Herbs Garden by

Madrisa is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for nature lovers. The mountain is covered in lush green forests, and hikers can spot a variety of wildflowers and plants along the trails.

Along the way to Mässplatte, you will see a small High Alpine Medicinal Herbs Garden (Hochalpine Heilkräuter in German). Among the herbs that you will see here are the Valeriana montana, the Imperatoria ostruthium, and 17 other herbs. Each herb is described with pictures and text to explain its use.

You may book a 2-hour excursion if you wish to learn more about the medicinal herb garden in Madrisa.

Image of Madrisa 3D Archery Shooting Area by

The 3D Archery Course is a unique attraction in Madrisa, Switzerland. It is an archery course where you can challenge yourself to target some “fake” animals. Fake animals are designed and positioned to mimic real-life hunting scenarios.

Most of the route is in the forest and is not always easy to reach. To complete the course, you will need to estimate around 4 hours. The whole route is marked with signs and all 28 animals are numbered.

The course is available to children and adults, but minors need to be accompanied by adults. You can also use the 3D Archery Shooting Area near the mountain station if you would rather use this instead of the course.

The 3D Archery Course welcomes visitors daily from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, coinciding with the summer season of the gondola operation. You can pay for it in the valley or mountain station. You will receive the instructions from the mountain station.

Image of Madrisa Kneipp Path by

The Kneipp Path is located along Öpfelsee right beside Madrisa-Hof. It is a form of hydrotherapy that involves walking barefoot through shallow water.

You will have to go down via a staircase and walk while holding a rope on the edges of the lake’s water. After you get out of the lake, you will walk on top of various surfaces such as tree stumps, stones, or wood. And then you will head down again via another staircase into the water.

While the water is fresh, it is not cold. The Kneipp Path itself is designed to improve circulation, relieve stress, and promote overall well-being. I tried it and enjoyed doing it thoroughly.

The water covers the ankles. It is not extremely deep, but it can be a bit slippery. It is an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend it.

Accommodation in Madrisa

Madrisa offers several unique accommodation options: tree houses and glass houses. These options are available near the Madrisa Mountain station and can be reached within a few minutes of walking. These are perfect for those seeking a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat in the heart of nature.

Conveniently situated in the main building of Madrisa-Alp, you’ll find all the showers and toilets serving the various accommodations. Rest assured, regardless of your choice, mattresses, bedding, and lighting will be provided to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

Image of Madrisa Tree House by

Madrisa offers these enchanting tree houses as a fun, lodging option. The tree house is perfect for those who are seeking something unique and adventurous, or someone who wants somewhere peaceful and relaxing. It is built on a sturdy tree and can be accessed by a wooden walkway. It blends well with the natural surroundings.

The tree house is 25 m2 large and is equipped with comfortable beds.

The prices include the return trips to and from Klosters, Breakfast, and local taxes. However, you will have to pay extra for dinner. Here are the prices for booking the tree house (as of June 2023):

6-person tree houseCHF 450 per night
4-person tree houseCHF 350 per night
Dinner (adult, child 13 years and older)CHF 40 per person
Dinner (child, 5-12 years old)CHF 25 per person
Dinner (child, up to 4 years old)CHF 5 per person
Prices for the Tree House

Image of Madrisa Glass House by

For those who prefer another alternative, yet no less fun experience, Madrisa also offers several stunning glass houses. Each glass house is a contemporary structure that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Most importantly, it will allow you a panoramic view of the sky before you go to sleep at night.

The glass house is equipped with a double-sized bed and an armchair. It also has a balcony surrounding the glass house that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views.

On the other hand, there is also one Maiensäss available. Here, you can live in a small wooden house. The dinner is obligatory.

The prices include the return trips to and from Klosters, Breakfast, and local taxes. However, you will have to pay extra for dinner. Here are the prices for booking the glass house and Maiensäss (as of June 2023):

Star Suite (25m2)CHF 320 per night
Maiensäss (15m2)CHF 250 per night
Dinner (adult)CHF 40 per person
Romantic Candle Light dinner with a Gift and Apéro, and ProseccoCHF 80
Prices for the Glass House

The Madrisa Tipi tent has space for up to 10 persons. It is also near the Madrisa mountain station.

The prices include the return trips to and from Klosters, breakfast, dinner, and local taxes. There is no need to pay extra for dinner. Here are the prices for booking the Tipi Tent (as of June 2023):

Price (adult, child 13 years and older)CHF 110 per person
Price (child, 5-12 years old)CHF 70 per person
Price (child, up to 4 years old)CHF 30 per person
Prices for the Tipi Tent

Image of Madrisa Petting Zoo near Gadä by

Available only during the summer months, the Madrisa Gadä is located directly beside the Madrisa mountain station. It is near the petting zoo with the goats, so it’s perfect if you have kids who love petting animals. Unfortunately, you will not be able to bring your pet to this accommodation.

The prices include the return trips to and from Klosters, breakfast, dinner, and local taxes. There is no need to pay extra for dinner. Here are the prices for booking the Gäda (as of June 2023):

Price (adult, child 13 years and older)CHF 120 per person
Price (child, 5-12 years old)CHF 75 per person
Price (child, up to 4 years old)CHF 35 per person
Prices for the Gäda

Seasonal Events

Madrisa, Switzerland is not only a great destination for outdoor activities, but it also offers a variety of seasonal events throughout the year. Aside from the seasonal events, you can also contact Madrisa in case you want a company outing, seminar, wedding, baptism, or other parties.

You can discover exciting events to enhance your experience at Madrisa. They have, for example, a Swiss National Day brunch and dinner. They also have a Yodel Day, if you are into music. You can stay updated on all the latest happenings and plan your visit accordingly by exploring the Madrisa website for a comprehensive list of their current and upcoming events (see here:

How to Get to Madrisa Mountain

Image of Madrisa Valley Station by

Although you could hike up to Madrisa mountain from Klosters, the easiest way to go to Madrisa is to take the gondola. If you are coming by train, simply go to Klosters Dorf. And then follow the signs to head to Madrisa.

There are ample parking lots near the Madrisa Valley Station in case you do want to come by car.

AddressMadrisastrasse 7
7252 Klosters-Serneus
By TrainKlosters Dorf
By BusKlosters, Dorf
Klosters, Madrisabahn

Final Thoughts: Madrisa Mountain

Image of Madrisa by

Madrisa Mountain is a captivating destination located in Klosters, Switzerland. As part of the Rätikon mountain range, its highest peak reaches an impressive elevation of 2,826 meters above sea level.

Madrisa offers a diverse range of activities for visitors. It is particularly renowned for being a family-friendly mountain resort, with attractions such as Madrisa Land, where families can enjoy various activities. Additionally, Madrisa is a small paradise for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. It is also part of the Davos-Klosters region.

Madrisa Mountain also offers hiking trails, a high alpine garden, 3D arrow parcours, a Kneipp path, and various accommodation options, including tree houses, glass houses, and a tipi tent. Throughout the year, Madrisa hosts seasonal events that add to the vibrant atmosphere of the mountain.

Overall, Madrisa Mountain promises an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and families seeking adventure and relaxation. We enjoyed our visit and I can also highly recommend that you check it out!


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  • 3D Wildpark Klosters. Madrisa, 2023.
  • Madrisa.

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