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Museum Lindwurm, Stein am Rhein: A Window into the Past

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Darla Uhl

Museum Lindwurm is located in historic Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. Amidst beautiful buildings and shops, Museum Lindwurm is located in the center of this medieval town.

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Elegant rooms abound in this grand house. Each of the museum’s varying rooms depicts a scene from the nineteenth century.

Overview: Museum Lindwurm

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Museum Lindwurm appears as a typical elegant house within Stein am Rhein’s fairytale setting. The Lindwurm House itself dates back to 1279, making it one of Stein am Rhein’s oldest buildings. It has a salon, bedrooms, and separate quarters for staff. There have been numerous expansions and renovations over the years.

With its opulent decor and elegant furniture, you can see why this grand house used to be home to wealthy residents. It was quite spacious inside, with fine furnishings. Decorative ceramics and floral decorations in the dining room created the feel of a royal palace. The salon was open to guests who wanted to play cards or drink tea.

The rear building was originally used as a stable and farm building for storing food items like grain and hay. The servants were also housed here.

The elegant main house contrasts starkly with the simple rear house where hired help would stay. In one of these rooms, you can touch and play with all the items available as you wish. I certainly found this particular room incredibly fascinating for young children. Aside from experiencing the discomfort of the shoes back then, you also noticed how the clothing looked.

Guide: Museum Lindwurm

The Museum Lindwurm will be yours to explore on your own. In the museum, you can read more about different rooms on posters hanging around.

If you wish to organize guided tours for schoolchildren, you may contact the museum directly. Young guests can also enjoy book readings, baking and spinning workshops, as well as a night tour.

Elegant Salon and Rooms

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As soon as you enter Museum Lindwurm, you will be greeted by elegant rooms decorated with ornate moldings and subtle wallpapers. Walls are adorned with portraits. A polished hardwood floor is complemented by plush carpets. A lacquered piano, although not a grand, is positioned on one side of the room.


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Normal houses used the kitchen as their center of life during the 19th century. The kitchen was once considered the primary living space in each house. This is the main work area of the mother, as well as the area for eating and working. It was a source of pride for women during this time to produce fresh baked goods in their kitchens.

Rear Farm Building and Servant’s Quarters

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A rear building was originally built as a stable and farm building, where grain and hay were once stored. Compared to the elegant main house, the rear house was simple and bare. Visiting this part of the museum is like slipping into the past. I imagine many houses in the 19th century looked just like this one, since only a few wealthy families could afford a house as elegant as the one in front.

How To Get To Museum Lindwurm

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To get to Museum Lindwurm, simply head over to Stein am Rhein. It is within walking distance of the train station and located in the heart of town.

AddressMuseum Lindwurm 
Understadt 18
8260 Stein am Rhein
By TrainStein am Rhein from Schaffhausen, Winterthur, Konstanz
By BusStein am Rhein from Frauenfeld, Singen
By ShipStein am Rhein from Schaffhausen, Steckborn, Reichenau, Konstanz, Kreuzlingen

Opening Hours: Museum Lindwurm

The Lindwurm Museum is open from March to October, Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The museum is closed from November to February.

Final Thoughts: Museum Lindwurm

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Famous architecture and gorgeous paintings adorn the facades of old buildings in Stein am Rhein, one of the best-preserved medieval old towns in Switzerland. The Museum Lindwurm is a fascinating addition to a visit to the town itself.

Museum Lindwurm gives an insight into what life was like in 1850 in Stein am Rhein. Museum Lindwurm is an interesting place to visit with children, but also enjoyable for adults. The room where you could try games and clothes was a firm favorite of mine. I found it refreshing to be at a museum where you were encouraged to touch and play.

Once you are done with discovering Museum Lindwurm, you can head over to St. George’s Abbey, one of the best-preserved Medieval monasteries built around 970 by Duke Burkhart III of Swabia.

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