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Ouchy, Lausanne: A Haven for Everyone

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Darla Uhl

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Ouchy is Lausanne’s most famous harbor at the edge of Lake Geneva. It is the premier place to relax and enjoy the view, owing to the gorgeous views of the Alps that can be seen from this part of the city. With direct train connections to Lausanne’s city center, you can easily travel straight to Ouchy from the heart of Lausanne.

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The greenery and flower beds in Ouchy, as well as plenty of space to walk around, run, or simply chill, make it a wonderful place to spend warm sunny days with your favorite people. Maritime vessels are visible from the port area. The play area is also a plus if you have kids. You can also bring your loved one to Ouchy, Lausanne and have a fantastic and romantic experience. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in the attractive harbor of Ouchy.

Ouchy Castle

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It used to be a fisherman’s hamlet, but now Lausanne has a port called Ouchy connected to the city center by rail. Landri de Durnes, the bishop of Lausanne, built a tower in this former hamlet, and it became popular. This place attracted a lot of royals and military men. It’s a shame that the bishop’s keep was destroyed in 1207. 

Up until 1536, Lausanne was ruled by the House of Savoy. It wasn’t until the Reformation that Calvin’s followers broke the dominance. However, Lausanne would also get swept up in a war when the free city of Bern decided that it wanted this area too. It was the Bernese’s decision to keep the castle in a satisfactory condition until they retreated after the Peace Treaty of 1617. 

Ouchy Castle (or Château d’Ouchy) eventually became available to the French who fled their country after the Edict of Nantes. Craftsmen were allowed to set up shop inside the castle to practice their crafts.

In the end, Lausanne’s J.J. Mercier bought the castle and transformed it into a spacious hotel that is still available for reservation today. Ouchy Castle is listed as a Swiss cultural heritage site of regional importance.

If you would like to book it, you may do via by clicking this link – Château d’Ouchy.

Beau-Rivage Palace – A Historic Grand Hotel

In Ouchy, you can also find the Beau-Rivage Palace – a historical hotel, and winner of the historic hotel award in 1997. Originally built on the initiative of private individuals, it became the first Grand Hotel of Lausanne on the 24th of March 1861. In keeping with the architecture of that era, the hotel facade looks like a palace, like various palaces and castles built in Europe. It was designed in the new baroque style.

Throughout the years, Beau-Rivage Palace has had numerous renovations to keep up with the latest technology. This is done without neglecting the historic structure and substance of the building.

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Cruises from Ouchy, Lausanne

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You can take a boat trip from the port of Lausanne-Ouchy. There are several stops possible: Pully, Lutry, Cully, and Vevey-Marché.

The CGN boat company also offers food experiences. You can have a breakfast ride, a gourmet cruise, and a fondue cruise.

How to Get to Ouchy, Lausanne

It’s best to access Ouchy, Lausanne by Metro Line 2 although you can also take the bus or boat. Check out the different ways to get to Ouchy, Lausanne:

AddressPl. de la Navigation 6, 1006 Lausanne
By MetroOuchy-Olympique (Metro Line 2)
By BusLausanne, Ouchy-Olympique
By BikeAll. des Bacounis, 1006 Lausanne
By BoatLausanne Ouchy
By CarPl. de la Navigation 3, 1006 Lausanne

Final Thoughts: Ouchy, Lausanne

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Switzerland’s Francophone region is home to Lausanne, a stunning city perched on the hills overlooking Lake Geneva. As one of the many attractions in Lausanne, Ouchy stands out for its beauty, accessibility, and welcoming atmosphere. It is also free to visit.

If you would like to stay in Ouchy, Lausanne, we can highly recommend the historic hotels of Château d’Ouchy and Beau-Rivage Palace. You should definitely check out Ouchy if you are visiting Lausanne, Geneva, or Montreux. No matter what the weather is like or what season it is, Ouchy is a fantastic place to discover.


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