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Rosengarten Bern: A Stunning Garden with Unparalleled Panoramic Views

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Darla Uhl

Switzerland’s federal city Bern lies along the banks of the Aare River. Surrounded by mountains, and home to a beautiful old town, Bern is one of the must-see destinations in the country. For those looking for a perfect spot to take a picture of the city or wander around a beautiful park, I highly recommend visiting the Rosengarten. As its name implies, it is a rose garden in the city.

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Rosengarten Bern by

Overview: Rosengarten

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Rosengarten Bern by

Located northwest of Bern’s old town, Rosengarten offers breathtaking views of the city, the mountains, and the Aare River. Nature lovers will enjoy the park’s flora and fauna, which include a variety of species. There is no question that Rosengarten is a popular destination for tourists as well as locals.

The rose garden, which boasts around 250 varieties of roses in summer, is one of its main attractions. During a stroll through the garden, visitors can enjoy the vibrant colors and sweet fragrances of the flowers.

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Bern’s Old Town from Rosengarten by

As a tranquil getaway from the city, the garden is popular for picnics, sitting on the bench, sitting on the stone wall, or just relaxing. In addition, there is a panoramic terrace restaurant that offers breathtaking views of the city and the Alps where one can dine.

The terrace of Rosengarten is a popular spot for photography similar to Gurten to the south. Sunrises and sunsets can be breathtaking when the sky is awash in yellows, oranges, blues, and other radiant hues. I highly recommend visiting Rosengarten for anyone traveling to Bern, because of its unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm.

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History of Rosengarten in Bern

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Rosengarten Bern by

Early History

Rosengarten, which means rose garden in English, is a popular park in Bern, Switzerland. Bern purchased the land in 1751 to convert it into a cemetery. In 1900, the women’s club requested that it be turned into a public space, which was approved by the building manager.

Between 1914 and 1922, the pergola, lily pond, and restaurant gradually transformed this public space into a park. In addition, 3,700 roses of 130 different varieties were planted. In 1925, the playground and music pavilion were added.

The rose garden was expanded in 1933, and further changes have been made since then. A rose library was added in 1962.

Recent Developments

Over the years, the city has slowly improved the rose garden, pergola, and pavilion. Since then, has since become a beloved gathering spot for both locals and tourists alike.

It is popular between March and April when cherry trees are in full bloom. Fall is also a great time to visit, when the leaves turn yellow and brown, and the colorful leaves make for a spectacular sight. The park’s central location and beautiful surroundings make it an ideal spot for people of all ages.

Features of Rosengarten

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Rosengarten Bern by

Rosengarten is known for its beautiful rose garden and park that offers a serene environment for visitors to relax and enjoy nature. All over the garden are roses in various stages of bloom. There are some plants labeled with their names.

Upon entering Rosengarten, you will find a pathway leading to a panoramic terrace suitable for taking pictures of Bern. The gardens are divided into different sections, each with its unique features.

There is a large expanse of grass to your right, as well as a pergola at the end. In this area, there are several benches where you can sit down. An attractive lily pond can be found to your left. There is a children’s playground and a restaurant beyond the pond.

Generally, Rosengarten has well-maintained lawns, flowers, and trees that create a picturesque view of the city and river. Visitors can stroll in the rose garden and enjoy the scenic views.

Restaurants and Cafes

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Rosengarten Bern by

Restaurant Rosengarten is a fantastic place for visitors to enjoy a meal while admiring the beautiful views. The cafe offers a relaxed atmosphere. It has an indoor and outdoor seating area. When the weather is fine, the outdoor area makes a perfect place to eat and enjoy the outdoors.

How to Get to Rosengarten

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Bern and the Aare River, Rosengarten Bern by

Getting to Rosengarten is easy and convenient by public transportation, bike, or foot. You can select from several options based on your preferences.

The easiest way to get to Rosengarten is to take bus number 10 to the “Bern, Rosengarten” stop. From the bus stop, it is a short walk to the park.

Rosengarten is also accessible on foot. There is a bit of climbing involved in visiting the park since it is situated on a hill. Nonetheless, a stroll through Bern’s old town up to Rosengarten will provide visitors with a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

AddressRosengarten Bern
Alter Aargauerstalden 31B
3006 Bern
By BusBern, Rosengarten
By TramBern, Viktoriaplatz (14-minute walk)
By TrainBern (25-minute walk)
By CarParking Klösterlistutz
Klösterlistutz 18/20
3013 Bern

Final Thoughts: Rosengarten Bern

Image of Rosengarten Bern by
Image of Rosengarten Bern by

Bern is known for its stunning rose garden, the Rosengarten, particularly due to its scenic views, colorful flowers, and modern amenities. It is a beautiful and serene place with a restaurant, a playground, and ample space. A trip to Rosengarten will provide you with memorable photos of the city and time spent with family or friends.

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