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Saas-Fee Parking: Tips and Information for Saas-Fee Visitors

Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by Darla Uhl

A car-free mountain resort in Valais, Switzerland, Saas-Fee requires you to leave your car at the village entrance. After leaving your car in the parking lot, you should arrange a private transfer through your hotel or hire an electric taxi. Parkhaus Saas-Fee is a large parking garage in Saas-Fee, Switzerland where everyone can park their cars.

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If you want to know more about Saas-Fee Parking, then this article is just for you.

Saas-Fee Parking Location and Access

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Saas-Fee Parking (or Parkhaus Saas-Fee in German) is a conveniently located building at Dorfpl., 3906 Saas-Fee, right at the entrance of the village. It is located 3 kilometers after Saas-Grund and two hairpin curves before entering Saas-Fee village. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Saas-Fee Parking provides a spacious parking lot for visitors with cars, featuring covered and uncovered parking spaces. Here, travelers can park their vehicles while they enjoy their stay in Saas-Fee. With plenty of parking spaces here, it is an ideal solution for those seeking an affordable and convenient parking option near Saas-Fee.

Parking spaces at Saas-Fee Parking are clean, well-lit and secure, providing a worry-free experience for visitors. Whether you’re visiting Saas-Fee for business or pleasure, you can trust that your vehicle will be safe and secure while you explore the beautiful surroundings of Saas-Fee.

As soon as you arrive, you are greeted with fantastic views of the mountains. With its prime location and excellent service, Saas-Fee Parking is the best option for those seeking a reliable and secure parking option while exploring the beautiful mountains and surroundings of Saas-Fee.

Parking Tips for Saas-Fee’s Parking Area

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  • Before you arrive, find out if your hotel or apartment can transport you to and from the parking lot. The shuttle service to and from our hotel (Hotel Europa) was free, but we had to make a phone call after arriving.
  • Taxis can be arranged if your accommodation does not have transportation services. This should be done one day in advance if possible. Why? The high demand at Saas-Fee, a top destination for travelers, might result in extended wait periods if you don’t plan ahead. You can check out taxi services from these sites:
  • With a SaastalCard Guest Card, you can get a discounted rate starting the second day.
  • Paying for parking can be done at the payment machines located near the entrance to the parking lot. If you have a SaastalCard, make sure to scan it to receive the discounted price.
  • There are charging stations in the building (second basement level) for electric cars.
  • A world championship in ice climbing is held at the Saas-Fee parking lot every January. There are more than 100 athletes from all over the world who climb the Ice Dome. It is a fantastic winter event in Valais. You can visit the following website for more information:

Can You Park in Saas-Fee?

Cars are not allowed inside Saas-Fee village. There is a parking lot at the village entrance where you must leave your vehicle.

Final Thoughts: Saas-Fee Parking

If you are planning a trip to Saas-Fee and traveling by car, the Saas-Fee Parking Lot is the perfect option for you. It is a spacious, clean, and well-organized parking lot that offers security for your vehicle. The facility is equipped with all the necessary amenities and staff are available to assist you if needed.

Unlike Zermatt, which must be reached via a train shuttle from Täsch, Saas-Fee is immediately accessible by foot from the parking lot. For those on a day trip, it is easy to walk to the village as it is only a few minutes from Saas-Fee Parking. If you are staying for a night or more, you can arrange a private transfer or hire a taxi to get to your hotel or apartment. Organize this in advance if you can.

With the ease of parking and transportation, you can fully enjoy your trip to Saas-Fee without worrying about your car. Don’t miss out on the stunning views and experiences that Saas-Fee has to offer.

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