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Sibe Brünne Springs: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Darla

You can find the stunning Sibe Brünne Springs (Seven Springs) in the Simmen Valley (Simmental in German). The Sibe Brünne springs are located in the Obersimmental-Saanen region.

Sibe Brünne can be found on the Rezliberg above Lenk. Between the mountain ranges of Wildstrubel and Rohrbachstein, you can see these magical waterfalls crashing down the serene alpine landscape. During the summer months, more than 2’800 litres of water flow through seven different springs every second.

Simmen Valley: Home of Sibe Brünne Springs

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With its traditional farmhouses and breathtaking views of mountains and valleys, Simmen Valley is known as one of the most beautiful, yet underrated regions in Switzerland.

In the west of Lake Thun lies the Simmen Valley (Simmental in German), a lush valley with verdant meadows and a lively river. At Wimmis, the Simme flows into the Kander after having passed through the valley of Thun. On the opposite side of this valley, you will find Fribourg’s Jaun Valley.

Nature treasures here, though less well known than those in the Jungfrau Region, are just as beautiful:

  • Seeberg Lake high above Diemtig, a side valley in Simmen Valley
  • Aegel Lake in Erlenbach
  • Niesen, a mountain peak that can be reached by the funicular in Mülenen
  • Stockhorn, a mountain peak that is accessible from Erlenbach via cable car
  • Rezligletscher, a 1.8-kilometer glacier located at an elevation of 2,750 meters above sea level

Stockhorn, one of its well-known peaks, offers panoramic views of the Aare Valley, Lake Thun, pre-Alps, Emmen Valley, and more than 200 alpine peaks. 

In this area of the Simmen Valley, right above the town of Lenk, there is also a glacier known as Rezligletscher. The same glacier can also be seen from Crans-Montana in Valais, where it is referred to by its French name, Glacier de la Plaine Morte (Plaine Morte Glacier).

There is a sense of wonder and beauty about the Simme. You will love this undiscovered gem if you are looking for peace and quiet amidst beauty. 

How To Get To Sibe Brünne

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Sibe Brünne Waterfalls are actually the spring – the source of the river Simme that gave the valley its name.

While it is a known tourist spot, you will still have to hike to get there. Therefore, it is not as overrun as easy-access places Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen or Jungfraujoch in the Bernese Oberland.

To get there, you can hike one of the following paths:

  • Hike from Simmen Falls to Sibe Brünne
  • Hike from Iffigenalp to Sibe Brünne

Hike from Simmen Falls to Sibe Brünne

Simmen Falls

Image of Simmen Falls (Simmenfälle)by

The Simmen Waterfalls to Sibe Brünne Trail is a short, easy hike, but it is uphill for most of the way. Restaurant Simmenfälle is the starting point of the path where you will also find a bus stop and a parking lot. The hiking path from Simmen Waterfalls to Sibe Brünne takes around 60 to 70 minutes.

From the Restaurant Simmenfälle, you will easily be able to see the Simmen Waterfalls (Simmenfälle in German). While viewing the Simmen Waterfalls, you will enjoy the powerful rush of water that erupts from the Simme River. From these waterfalls, just continue on the path that leads in the direction of Regenboldshorn.

By following this path you will eventually be able to reach Rezliberg Alp.

The Simmenfälle comes from a river that flows down below Rezliberg Alp. This waterfall is a popular tourist destination that visitors can enjoy prior to their visit to the Sibe Brünne (or after in case you come via Iffigenalp).

Barbara Bridge (Barbarabrücke)

Image of Barbara Bridge (Barbarabrücke) by

From the Simmen waterfalls, you can make your way up to the Barbara Bridge (Barbarabrücke in German). 

Barbarabrücke Bridge was built by the Lenk Gemeinde during the 18th century. This bridge was named after a local who took part in the development of the area. It serves the purpose of redirecting the young Simme in a way that prevents the valley floor from flooding.

If you are looking to get closer than ever before to the front waterfall, you can stand on the Barbarabrücke Bridge and feel the spray hitting your face. Almost like you can reach out and touch the powerful water that flows down from this natural attraction, which is a spectacular sight once you’re there.

Ammerten Stream (Ammertenbach)

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From the Barbarabrücke, you can just continue the path going up. You will pass by the Ammerten stream (Ammertenbach in German) before reaching Rezliberg Alp. You will reach the Sibe Brünne at the very end of the trail.

Sibe Brünne is at the very end of the valley, on the Rezliberg Alp, five kilometers behind the village of Lenk.

Rezliberg Alp and Sibe Brünne

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Rezliberg Alp is an alp on the northern slope of the Laufbodenhorn, 1,400 to 1,540 meters above sea level. The largest area of the valley floor is a good, grassy area with peat soil, much forest pasture, and forests all around. There are areas on this alp susceptible to avalanches.

Hike from Iffigenalp to Sibe Brünne

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There is one other longer hike, a one-way hike from Iffigenalp to the Simmen Waterfalls. It takes a total of more than three hours to hike 9.6 kilometers from Iffigenalp to Sibe Brünne.

To get to Iffigenalp (1,583 meters above sea level), you can take a bus going to Iffigenalp. The travel time from Lenk to Iffigenalp is approximately 26 minutes.

Iffig Waterfall (Iffigfall)

On the way to Iffigenalp, you will also pass by the Iffigfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Bernese Oberland. This waterfall plunges 100 meters and is located in the protected area of Gelten – Iffigen.

Image of Iffigfall by

Starting from Iffigenalp, you will subsequently encounter a steep climb up to the Alp Ritz and Alpkäserei Langermatte. From there, you will be going down the Rezliberg Alp where you can find Sibe Brünne.

If you are a cheese lover, then you should come to Alp Ritz because they produce award-winning cheese and butter here. At the end of the hike, you will find theSimmen Waterfalls

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