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Technorama – Guaranteed One Of The Best Museums In Switzerland

Last Updated on December 14, 2023 by Darla

Swiss Science Center Technorama is considered among Switzerland’s best museums. Located in Winterthur, Canton Zurich, it is currently the only science museum in Switzerland.

Technorama from Outside. Image by

Switzerland’s Technorama museum is one of its most fascinating museums. You will be able to experience many different natural phenomena, technologies, and scientific concepts.

It appeals to a wide age group as well, from toddlers to preschoolers, and from school children to their teachers, right up to parents and grandparents. Technorama offers a variety of opportunities for play, experimentation, analysis, and active learning. 

Each level of Technorama is divided into many sections covering various science topics such as magnets, mirrors, light, smoke, water, and so on.

Since 2021, the museum has also opened a new outdoor park with several stations and a platform that overlooks Winterthur and the surrounding villages. 

History of Technorama

Founded in 1982, Technorama receives thousands of visitors every year. Its location in the industrial city of Winterthur will not come as a shock since various industries such as Rieter & Cie (Textile Machinery), Hard, and Sulzer are all located there.

Technorama is the only science museum in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe.

Technorama began by displaying various machines and their descriptions. It was even on the verge of bankruptcy. The museum improved and changed under Remo Besio’s direction by becoming an interactive museum. One of its inspirations was the Exploratorium in San Francisco. 

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Technorama Draussen – New Outdoor Area

The outdoor area opened on 18 April 2021. In the past, the museum was completely indoors. Visitors to the outdoor section now have more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather and experience interactive elements such as water, clouds, bridges, and a playground. 

The “Technorama Draussen” (Technorama Outside) offers a panoramic view of the nearby villages from the Wunderbrücke (Wonder Bridge).

Image of Technorama’s Wunderbrücke by

Generally, the museum is maintained through its own ticket sales. Despite this, it still receives a government stipend as well as donations from various individuals and companies. 

Things to Do in Technorama

Once you have entered the museum, you have the option of joining the rest of the crowd or staying in the fast lane for visitors who have already booked their tickets online. 

You can leave your belongings in the lockers to the left of the front ticket desk. In order to do this, you need to insert a 2-franc coin. 

The self-service restaurant is located to the right of the ticket area. It consists of an indoor and an outdoor area. If you walk straight ahead, you’ll find various tables and chairs for people who want to bring in their own food rather than eating at the restaurant.

You will find the outside section of the museum if you keep straight and follow the sign “Technorama Draussen”. The left side of the museum offers access to the first part of the museum.

Ground Floor

Image of the Technorama Draussen by
  • Technorama Draussen – The outdoor section of the museum. It covers topics such as water, sunshine, and play elements. It also has a viewing platform called the Wunderbrücke.
  • Mechanikum – Various experiments with circular movements, pendulums, lasso chain, and other moving objects
Image of the first floor of Technorama by
  • Blitz-Arena – Electricity demonstration
  • Electricity and Magnets 
  • Experiments in Chemistry and Physics

Second Floor

Several interactive and fun booths can be found on the second floor. It’s fun for kids to play in the water section. 

Image of the second floor (water) of Technorama by

Additionally, the Mindscapes section contains a lot of cool features. Many young children enjoy the “Drehtunnel”. It is actually a non-moving tunnel; however, the moving lights and movements will make you feel as if you are falling as you walk through it. It’s one of our favorite places in the museum.

The following sections can be found on the second floor:

  • Science Arena show
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Mathematics
  • Water, nature, and chaos
  • Brain

Third Floor

Image of the wooden ball tracks in the third floor by
  • Wooden ball tracks (Kugelbahn in German)
  • Experiments, interactive artistic elements
  • Light and sight
  • Adventure rooms

There is also a train collection at the lowest level. 

How to Get to Technorama

Technorama Museum Entrance. Image by

Traveling by Public Transport

From Zurich, take the train to Oberwinterthur. When you arrive at the train station in Oberwinterthur, turn right and walk for 10 minutes to Technorama. Turn left and walk until you see Bus 5, which will take you directly to Technorama. 
You may also catch the Technorama bus from Winterthur.

Traveling by Car

If you are arriving by car, you can park it right in front of the museum. The car parking space is ample, even with many guests. Campers can also park in front of the museum.

The address is: Technoramastrasse 1 CH-8404 Winterthur

Opening Times

Open daily from 10:00 to 5:00 PM with the exception of December 25. 

Tips for Technorama

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  • If it’s raining, you should expect more guests, as it is a popular activity during rainy days in Zurich.
  • There are some guests, especially children, who bring their own snacks. The museum has several spots outside and inside where people can eat food they brought in.
  • You can take your child’s stroller. While it has more than one level, there are elevators. And there is often ample room to push the stroller around.
  • Near the front desk are lockers for bags and jackets.
  • There is also a phone charging station near the lockers.
  • Check out ZVV, Co-op, and Migros promotions for a discount.

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