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The Charming Village of Davos Monstein, Switzerland

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Darla Uhl

With incredible ski slopes, a variety of hotels, and many restaurants, Davos is a world-class mountain resort. Thirty minutes from Davos is this perfectly charming small traditional town that can’t be any different – Davos Monstein.

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Davos Monstein is a beautiful sunny terrace in Canton Graubünden with typical wooden houses and stalls. The houses and gardens here are well-kept, and there are several village fountains. In spite of its small population, Davos Monstein has a comprehensive school and is politically independent. 

Overview: Davos Monstein

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A tiny village perched above the Landwasser Valley, Davos Monstein is incredibly charming. The village with traditional Walser houses is 1,624 meters above sea level. You’ll have to drive up twisty mountain roads to get to this village, but it’ll be worth it. Tiny as it is, it does not lack in charm.

Getting to Davos Monstein takes between 15 and 30 minutes from Davos proper. And in spite of its proximity to Davos itself, Davos Monstein has a very different culture and character. With two small churches and a couple wooden chalets, Davos Monstein is a small village, much unlike the larger town of Davos. 

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Three structures in Davos Monstein have cultural significance. These are the following:

  • Mining Museum – Schmelzboden 3
  • Old Evangelical Church – Davos Monstein, Hauptstrasse
  • New Evangelical Church of St. Peter – Davos Monstein, Kirchenstrasse. 

Hiking Trails around Davos Monstein

The hiking trails around Davos Monstein are also great in summer and autumn. You can visit these places from Davos Monstein:

  • Zügen Gorge – Taking the train to Davos Monstein, you can walk to Davos Wiesen and explore Zügen Gorge. If you want to walk further, you can go to Filisur. You’ll also see the Wiesen Viaduct along the way. 
  • Davos Sertig – From Davos Monstein, you can reach Davos Sertig, one of Davos’ prettiest villages. The route goes via Oberalp, Fanezmeder, Fanezfurgga, and Ducantal.
  • Rinerhorn – The easier route is to start in Rinerhorn at 2,050 meters and hike down to Davos Monstein. Rinerhorn is followed by Hauderalp and Gruobenzugwald before reaching Davos Monstein.  It’s also possible to do it the other way around. 
  • Jenisberg – Jenisberg, at 1,504 meters above sea level, is accessible from Monstein. It is another Walser village located in the municipality of Bergün/Filisur. 

Monsteiner Beer Brewery

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As the highest brewery in Switzerland, Davos Monstein is home to the last beer before heaven. The Monsteiner Beers are made with crystal-clear spring water, Swiss hops, and mountain barley malt. Monsteiner beer has been around for 20 years. Beers brewed here are served in nearby towns and villages in Graubünden. 

If you want to visit the Monsteiner Brewery, you have several options:

  1. Open Visit – You can come every Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM. It is an open visit and you can buy beers as well if you wish.
  2. Davos Monstein Tour with Vintage Bus – Individual guests can also take a vintage bus up to Monstein, tour the village, and then take a tour of the Monsteiner Brewery. In addition, they’ll get to taste the ingredients of beer.
  3. Beer Hike – A beer hike is another option. The hike includes food and beer tastings from Ducan Restaurant, Veltlinerstübli Restaurant, OberalpTraum Restaurant, Laubenalp, and Monsteiner Brewery.

You can also book group experiences if you have 10 or more people. Check out Monsteiner Brewery’s page here if you’re interested in beer experiences.

Open Cast Mining Museum

A Mining Museum is near the railway station in Davos Monstein for those interested in mining. It is located in Silberberg, west of Davos Monstein. 

Among the things you’ll find here are open cast mining equipment, models, documents, and photos. In addition to the exhibition, there’s an audio-visual presentation. Calcite and rock quartz will be on display. 

Final Thoughts: Davos Monstein

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The peaceful and relaxing nature of Davos Monstein makes it the perfect place to visit when you’re in Davos or nearby. It’s small, but still worth checking out.

I think that it’s best combined with a hike in the nearby Alps or a trip to the Monsteiner Brewery. If you would like to stay here for a night or longer, you can stay at Hotel Ducan.

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