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The Fascinating Lichthalle Maag in Zurich, Switzerland

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Darla Uhl

Lichthalle Maag, located in the industrial district of Zurich, opened as Switzerland’s first permanent museum dedicated to immersive and animated art. The light hall is located in the Music and Arts AG Building Complex (Maag Halle in German), which also houses various art exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, conferences, and other events, in addition to offering immersive art experiences.

Image of Lichthalle Maag by
Image of Lichthalle Maag by

Within the light hall, there are several unique spaces where you will be able to experience an impressive amount of projections. Lichthalle Maag also has 360° all-round projections and excellent acoustics.

Even though the light museum is permanent, the art exhibits are temporary and often change. There are two to three popular artists that are featured each year.

Art Exhibits at Lichthalle Maag

Artists’ works take on new dimensions when pixels replace brushstrokes. Details are magnified and animated; the sound effects are appropriately used. Aesthetically, what we see is not only lovely but also extremely modern.

Every year, the light museum features several popular artists. Lichthalle Maag has presented artists such as:

  • Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent Willem van Gogh
  • Mexican Artist Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón
  • French Impressionist Oscar-Claude Monet
  • Art Nouveau Pioneer and Symbolist Painter Gustav Klimt
  • Spanish Painter, Sculptor, and Ceramicist Pablo Picasso

The exhibits encompass the artist’s life and works, ranging from background information about him or her to immersive art and sounds from all the art they’ve created. Seeing the artist’s works divided by themes and periods of his life, as well as the moving elements within the paintings, is a fascinating idea. Lichthalle Maag offers viewers an opportunity to explore the life and work of an artist through its exhibits.

Image of Lichthalle Maag by
Image of Lichthalle Maag by

As they wander through the exhibition halls, visitors to the Lichthalle Maag are treated to interactive projections, information, and an array of art displays. Typically, the artist’s best-known works are shown in a continuous loop in a short show inside the main hall, accompanied by original music and projections. The main art show is also typically enhanced further by separate smaller galleries with screen projections.

An unforgettable journey awaits visitors at the exhibition thanks to the technology and state-of-the-art audio-visual effects of Lichthalle Maag. Visitors will truly feel like they are part of the artist’s world as they experience an exhibition unlike any other.

As you leave the exhibition, you will pass a souvenir shop where you can purchase merchandise to commemorate the artist’s artwork.

How to Get to Lichthalle Maag

Image of the Lichthalle Maag Building by

You can easily walk from Bahnhof Hardbrücke to Lichthalle Maag. It’s just a short walk, about two to three minutes.

AddressLichthalle Maag
Zahnradstrasse 22
8005 Zürich
By TrainZürich Hardbrücke
By BusBahnhof Hardbrücke

Final Thoughts: Lichthalle Maag

Image of Lichthalle Maag by
Image of Lichthalle Maag by

As a whole, the Lichthalle Maag is a fascinating destination in Zurich that offers visitors a unique indoor experience that differs from that of regular museums. While digital art shows cannot completely replace original art exhibitions, they are nonetheless incredibly fascinating and memorable by combining technology with art.

There is a compelling reason why immersive experiences are in high demand on the global art scene. Lichthalle Maag is worth visiting if you’re looking for something unique. Exhibits at Lichthalle Maag are worth taking the time out for.

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