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The Lorelei Bathing Islands: A Special Destination Near Lucerne

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by Darla Uhl

There is no better place to bathe than in one of Switzerland’s lakes during the summer months, and the Lorelei Bathing Islands are no exception. The Lorelei Bathing Islands are a collection of small islands in nature-protected waters off the Reuss Delta. The bathing islands can be found on Lake Uri, which is actually the southern tip of Lake Lucerne.

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The Reuss Delta

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Located in the nature reserve of Reuss Delta, the Lorelei Bathing Islands are a popular beach destination. With its rich flora and fauna, the Reuss Delta is one of the most popular protected areas in canton Uri.

Image of the Reuss Delta and the Lorelei Islands by wikipedia

As a result of this protected natural habitat and shallow water areas, the Reuss Delta has become home to a variety of animals. 500 species of plants, including some rarely seen ones, 225 species of birds, 30 species of fish, insects, bees, and mussels live on the Reuss Delta.

Since this area is a protected area, it is only permitted to swim in the Lorelei Bathing Islands and in the designated bathing areas. It is recommended that you stay within designated bathing areas.

The Lorelei Bathing Islands

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A water castle, Switzerland is known for its many lakes. Lake Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most popular lakes, is also home to the Lorelei Bathing Islands. This lake is one of the warmest and best in Switzerland, making it ideal for swimming in summer. Flüelen is located nearby, as is the mouth of the Reuss.

The Lorelei Bathing Islands consist of a group of incredibly tiny bathing islands replenished by rock from a nearby construction. In particular, a total of 3.3 million tonnes of rock and gravel were used in the construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, and some of this was exported to the Lorelei Bathing Islands.

The Lorelei Bathing Islands can only be reached by swimming across. These islands are perfect for swimming and chilling out. From any point on the bathing islands, you can enjoy incredible views of the mountains surrounding it.

The swimming area is free to use, and there are nearby toilets and outdoor showers as well. Sunbathing is possible on the flat rocks of the islands as well as on the fine sand of the shore. The Lorelei Bathing Islands are popular with both locals and tourists.

How to Get to Lorelei Bathing Islands

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Flüelen can be reached by train or by ship. The train ride from Lucerne to Flüelen takes approximately one hour, while the ship ride lasts approximately three hours. The views from the ship are simply stunning, so I highly recommend taking it if you have the time.

In order to reach the islands, you need to swim there from the shore.

By BoatFlüelen
By TrainFlüelen (See)

Final Thoughts: The Lorelei Bathing Islands

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In the middle of Lake Lucerne, these three Lorelei Bathing Islands offer visitors a chance to relax. You can swim in turquoise waters and enjoy the surrounding scenery. Visitors can relax on the sandy beach and enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery surrounding the Lorelei Bathing Islands.

Additionally, this region is filled with flora and fauna, which will enhance your appreciation of nature. It’s also a pleasant place to spend time with kids. This is a naturally beautiful oasis you can enjoy for free.

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