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The Picturesque Town of Aarburg, Switzerland

Last Updated on May 27, 2024 by Darla

Located in the Zofingen district, Aarburg is a picturesque town on the banks of the Aare river, a tributary of the Rhine. This is a historic town and municipality located in the German-speaking canton of Aargau.  Bern, Switzerland’s federal city, is about 60 km to the southwest. 

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Aarburg is in a triangular area between the Aare and a wedge-shaped rock formation.

Aarburg: One of the Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland

With the castle and the fortified walls on top of the hill, the last offshoots of the old town on the banks of the Aare and the church with two bell towers on a hill, the town stands out, visible from afar, in the uniform landscape.

Aarburg, the most beautiful Villages in Switzerland

Aarburg is one of Switzerland’s “Most Beautiful Villages“. It is dominated by a narrow, elongated ridge of rock, on which is the fortress of Aarburg. The Reformed Church sits on the same terrace as the Aarburg Fortress.  

Aarburg is located at the crossroads of the major transport routes in Switzerland. Back in Roman times, a road ran through the Aarburg, connecting Olten with the rest of Switzerland. The road across the Aarburg was widened and a dam was built between 1839 and 1841. Due to Aarburg’s location between two important towns, Olten and Zofingen, it couldn’t grow commercially and stayed small.

Aarburg Castle

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Aarburg’s landscape is characterized by a thin rock with the medieval Aarburg castle and the town’s neo-Gothic Reformed church. The rock formation and fortification of a church lend a beautiful backdrop to the visual image.  

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It is not known exactly when the current Aarburg fortress was built on the spur of the rock. Currently, it is believed to have been built around 1200 by the Lords of Büron. Castle ownership changed hands many times, from Counts of Frohburg to the von Kriech family to the Bernese.

Originally built to control the north-south trade route in Switzerland, it later served as a garrison and prison.

The Aarburg Castle is a heritage site of national importance. Aside from being a tourist attraction, it is now used as a shelter for juvenile delinquents.

Final Thoughts: Aarburg, Switzerland

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Aarburg is a small town that is an interesting place to visit. Due to the castle’s use as a juvenile center, it is best observed from the outside.

Is it worth visiting as a day trip from Zurich?  Aarburg is the perfect day trip from Zurich or a convenient stopover on your way from Zurich to Bern. It is also worth visiting if you are in Lucerne. This town is nice to stroll through and take pictures in. You will probably see everything in an hour.

After visiting Aarburg, I recommend that you visit the neighboring town of Zofingen. The medieval town of Zofingen is lined with cobblestone streets, as well as lots of shops (gift shops, candy stores, and clothing stores). The buildings in Zofingen are beautiful and among the best preserved in Switzerland.

With the train, Zofingen is only 5 minutes away from Aarburg. It is definitely worth visiting in conjunction with Aarburg, especially if you like dining and shopping.


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