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The Tranquil Beauty of Wägitalersee Lake

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In Innterthal Switzerland, there is a little-known but quite beautiful lake. Located quite near Zurich is the picturesque Wagitalersee Lake. If you want to spend a quiet day surrounded by nature, Wägitalersee is a great choice for a day trip from Zurich. You will not find many people here. If you want to learn more about this beautiful hidden lake near Zurich, keep reading.

Wägitalersee Lake

The Wagitalersee is an artificial, barrier lake situated in Schwyz’s picturesque Wägital Valley. It was built in 1924, primarily to store hydroelectric energy. This reservoir is located in the municipality of Innterthal

Located at a height of 900 meters above sea level, it is at the end of the Wägital valley. The lake is surrounded by the mountains Gross Aubrig, Fluebrig, Zindlenspitz, Brünnelistock and Bockmattli.

The waters of this lake are primarily derived from mountain streams nearby, especially Schlierenbach and Aberenbach. The waters eventually flow into Lake Zurich through Lachen.

Wägitalersee – A Family-friendly Place

Despite its beauty, Wägitalersee is not as well known as other nearby lakes. Generally, it is a quiet reservoir. Although it does get some traffic, it isn’t too bad. As a result, it is perfect for family outings, especially for those with young children.

Wägitalersee is a popular recreation area for families, hikers, nature lovers, and fishermen.

Walking, Skating, and Biking around the Lake

Most of the cars you will see will be those who failed to obtain a parking space at the lake’s entrance. Car drivers are generally cautious, so you can walk with young children without worrying. Most of the road is the width of one car. There are some places where two cars can fit.

It is about 12 kilometers around the lake.

We rode our bicycles around. In addition, the whole route is mostly paved, so even bicycle beginners will have no problem getting around. As the road is paved and wide, skating is also possible. Alternatively, jog around it if that’s your thing.  You can even bring strollers for your children.

The terrain is mostly flat for hiking. Therefore, I would consider it to be a leisurely walk instead of a strenuous hike. Still, it’s lovely. For something more strenuous, hike to the other side of the lake until Klöntalersee in Glarus. You’ll need to hike five hours to get there.

Swimming in the Lake

Swimming is also possible whenever it is warm. There are certain areas around the lake that you can find where it is easy to jump in the water.

Wägitalersee – A Fisherman’s Paradise

As I went around Wägitalersee, I noticed there was a lot of fishing going on. Quite a few anglers were fishing there. This lake is home to many fish species, including Walleye, Powan, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and European perch.

Wägitalersee is open to fishing from April through October. To fish, you will need a license, which you can obtain from the Fishing Office in Wägital.

You can contact the fishing shop and boat rental shop at Wägitalersee or using this address:

Fischerei & Bootsvermietung am Wägitalersee
Beat Holdenrieder
Sesstrasse 2, 8858 Innerthal

If you would like to rent boats from the boat rental shop, it is recommended to reserve them by phone call. You can check the website online for more information:

Where to Eat in Wägitalersee

Along the way, there are many areas where you can stop and have a picnic. As an alternative, you can also make a grill, but be careful not to make a mess.

You can choose to eat at a restaurant if you prefer. The following restaurants are among your options in Wägitalersee: Restaurant Oberhof, Gasthaus Stausee, and Restaurant Au.  

How to Get to Wägitalersee

Traveling by Public Transport

You can reach it by public transport by going to Siebnen-Wangen. From there, you can go by post bus to Innterthal, Post, or Staumauer.

Traveling by Car

For those taking cars, you can park just right by the entrance of the lake. The address is:

8858 Innerthal

Final Thoughts

Visit the Wagitalersee if you have the chance. The scenery is stunning. This lake is a worthy alternative to Obersee in Näfels or Klöntalersee in Klöntal. It’s a relaxing place that’s perfect for both young and old. 

There is a variety of terrain. If you want to take it easy, you can walk, bike, or jog on the paved road. For those who want more action, there are hiking trails in the nearby mountains. If you are a fisherman, you can also fish there. 

Wägitalersee definitely has a lot to offer. 

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