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This Is Why Crestasee Lake Is So Famous!

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The world is filled with beautiful lakes such as Lake Louise in Banff, Lake Carezza in the Dolomites, and Lake Annecy in France. Many beautiful lakes are also in Switzerland, including the Blausee Lake within the Kander Valley, the Le Lac Bleu d’Arolla (or Bleu Lake) within Arolla, and the underground lake Lac Souterrain de St-Léonard. Those three lakes in Switzerland are among the most beautiful in the country and well worth a visit. Another beautiful lake in Switzerland is the Lake Cresta (or Crestasee in German), located in Graubünden.

Lake Cresta is a lake in Trin Mulin situated at approximately 844 meters above sea level. Mulin lies between Trin and Flims in the Trin Municipality. It can be found at the foot of the slope near the valley’s edge. 

Overview: Crestasee

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Crestasee is 375 meters long, 180 meters wide, and 14 meters deep. It is an iconic natural landmark of Graubünden that can only be accessed by foot.

Known for its crystal clear water, the lake is a popular photo subject. Its waters reflect the surrounding mountains and trees. The color of the water is lovely turquoise. It is very beautiful. 

Crestasee Lake Summary

Location:Trin Mulin, Graubünden
Length:375 meters
Width:180 meters
Depth:14 meters
Surface Area:4.7 hectares
Surface Elevation:844 meters

Crestasee: A Protected Area

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Aside from being scenic and beautiful, the lake is also very clean. A number of rare and endangered plants and animals call this watershed home. The quality of the water is excellent.

It is a sensitive ecosystem and we must ensure that it does not get damaged. Because it is a protected area, you must observe the following rules: 

  • Leave no litter
  • Follow existing tracks
  • Do not harm plants or animals

Crestasee: Highlights

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If you’re looking for an opportunity to visit Crestasee without crowds, then you should plan your trip before and after the bathing season. By doing this, the lake is left quiet, open, and free for anyone to view. The surrounding trees and the mountain backdrop make for an idyllic setting.

If you would like to experience Crestasee as a bathing lake, it is best to come during the summer. If you wish to avoid crowds, you should arrive earlier in the day. And if you wish to go for a swim later in the day, you should arrive mid-day or mid-afternoon. However, keep in mind that the place gets busy during the day and it might be crowded. You will also have to pay an entrance fee. There is also the option to do SUP or row a boat if you wish. 

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Crestasee: Bathing Rules
* Children must be accompanied at all times. Small children should always be within reach.
* Never drink alcohol before swimming.
* Do not swim when you’re hungry or too full.
* Do not swim when you feel too hot. Allow your body to cool down before swimming.
* Do not swim long distances by yourself. Even the best-trained bodies can weaken suddenly.
* Do not jump into murky waters or waters you do not know. Such waters have the potential to be dangerous.
* Swimming with air mattresses or vests in deep water is not recommended. They will not ensure your safety.

Felsbach Gorge

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As you walk near the Restaurant Crestasee, you pass through Felsbach Gorge, a gorge that has been shaped over countless years. A crystal clear stream of water flows in and around the Gorge. It sounds soothing. 

How to Get to Crestasee

There is no parking available in front of Crestasee. You will have to walk or ride your bike. While walking or biking, simply follow the signs stating Lag la Cresta.

Crestasee By Car

You will have to drive in the direction of Reichenau/Flims if you are coming from Chur. After the first tunnel, follow the signs for Trin Mulin and Crestasee.

You can park in parking spaces 1 through 5. Parking lot 5 is the closest, being only 15 minutes away on foot. The entire trail from the parking lot to Crestasee is a stroller-friendly path that passes through an open field, then a shady forest, directly into Crestasee’s crystal clear water.

Crestasee By Bus

You can take the Postbus going to Flims and get off at Felsbach Crestasee. From the bus stop Felsbach Crestasee to the lake, it takes 15 minutes. 

Crestasee By Bike

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It is also possible to reach the lake by bike. Here are the bike routes leading to Crestasee:

Crestasee: Dining Options

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An ice cream shop, raclettes, and snacks are available at the small kiosk located on Crestasee Lake. Nearby is alsoRestaurant Crestasee, which has great views of Crestasee Lake and extra seating. In addition to indoor dining, they have outdoor seating as well. Additionally, there is a grill pit for those who have brought their own food.

Around 70 meters uphill from the lake is a free public toilet. There is also a shower and/or changing room.

Crestasee: Entrance Fee

In the summer, Crestasee is open to swimming, but it is CHF 7 to enter. The lake can be accessed for free in autumn and winter.

Crestasee: Final Thoughts

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Crestasee is a scenic, picture-perfect, small lake near the village of Trin Mulin in Graubünden. The world-famous snowboarding mecca of Laax, the Rhine Gorge, and another popular lake called Caumasee are nearby.

In my opinion, if you are just interested in sightseeing, it is best to come before and after the bathing season. By doing this, you will be able to avoid crowds as well as get better photos of the still lake.

It’s also a good idea to visit in summer, but just keep in mind that it can get crowded.  The lake gets quite crowded in summer, so plan accordingly.

Crestasee is a great place to visit. It is famous for its beauty, both on and off-camera. 

It has become an attractive photo spot because of its popularity on social media. So for those visiting the region, Crestasee should definitely be added to your itinerary. 

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