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Top 15 Highest Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Darla Uhl

Switzerland is well-known for its many mountains, and it’s never too early or too late to visit. Several of Europe’s tallest peaks are located in Switzerland, and these are all accessible in winter for skiing. However, not all ski resorts are equal. During warmer winter seasons, lower alpine ski resorts can run into more problems, so it is safer to head to the higher alpine resorts to ensure that there is enough snow. A list of Switzerland’s 15 highest ski resorts is presented in this article.

We will enumerate the highest ski resorts in Switzerland. There are gondolas and chair lifts to get to most of them. It is also indicated in meters above sea level how high the mountain station peak is. Without further ado, here are the top 15 highest ski resorts in Switzerland. 

Ski ResortPeak (Highest Mountain Station)Altitude (Meters Above Sea Level)
ZermattMatterhorn Glacier Paradise3,883
4 ValléesMont-fort3,330
Corvatsch – FurtschellasCorvatsch3,303
Belalp BlattenHohstock3,118
Lötschental LauchernalpHockenhorngrat3,111
St. Moritz CorvigliaPiz Nair3,057
EngelbergKlein Titlis3,028
St-Luc Chandolin –
Val d’Anniviers
Flims Laax FaleraVorab Gletscher3,018
Gstaad (Les Diablerets –
Glacier 3000)
Grimentz – ZinalBecs de Bosson2,985
SchilthornPiz Gloria2,970


Image of Matterhorn by Photos from Pixabay

Zermatt in Valais, Switzerland, is a world-class and snow-sure mountain paradise. Its highest peak, Matterhorn Ski Paradise, is located at a height of 3,883 meters above sea level. They have 360 kilometers of ski slopes with varying levels of difficulty in the ski resort.

The ski resort of Zermatt is the highest in Europe. Zermatt attracts skiers from all over the world. 

If you would like to spend a day in Zermatt, you can check out our article How to Spend 1 Day in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Saas Valley

Image by neringy from Pixabay

The Saas Valley is an alpine valley situated in Switzerland’s Visp district. It is located on the eastern side of the canton of Valais. Saas-Grund, Saas-Fee, and Saas-Almagell are some of the villages in the valley. There are both individual and combined ski passes available at the ski resorts. Postal buses connect the regions instead of ski lifts.

Two of the ski resorts in Saas Valley are among the highest in Switzerland: Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund.


Saas-Fee is a high mountain village in the Saas Valley situated at an elevation of 1,800 m. Its highest peak, Mittelallalin, is located at a height of 3,500 meters. The ski resort offers 150 kilometers of skiing for all levels of difficulty. Most of the slopes are intermediate runs.


Saas-Grund is located in Saas Valley, Switzerland. On the sunny side of the valley, you can find the Saas-Grund ski resort – Hohsaas. It has 34.5 kilometers of slopes, of which 65% can accommodate artificial snow.  Its highest peak, Hohsaas, is located at a height of 3,200 meters.

Engadin (Corvatsch, Corviglia, Diavolezza)

Image of St. Moritz by Pitsch from Pixabay

Engadin St. Moritz is one of Switzerland’s largest winter sports regions. The resort is among the oldest in the world for winter sports. It surrounds Lake St. Moritz (St. Moritzersee in German), which becomes ice-covered in the winter.

Corvatsch – Furtschellas

Corvatsch-Furtschellas is the highest point not only in Engadin but also in the entire canton of Graubünden. The peak of Corvatsch rises 3,303 meters above sea level. The majority of the 120 kilometers of slopes are intermediate in difficulty, so it is perfect for those with some skiing experience.

St. Moritz Corviglia

Corviglia is the second-highest peak of the three in the St. Moritz area. Piz Nair rises 3,057 meters above sea level. Of the three ski resorts around St. Moritz, Corviglia is the largest, with 163 kilometers of slopes. The resort offers enough for all levels, including 8 kilometers of freeride


Unlike Corvatsch and Corviglia, Diavolezza is not as big. Nevertheless, Diavolezza’s 2,977 meters still make it taller than most of Switzerland’s other ski resorts. A total of 45 kilometers of slopes are available, most of them intermediate or challenging. 

4 Vallées

Image of Verbier by berntsonlars from Pixabay

The 4 Vallées is a large and high-altitude ski resort. Six resorts are located in the four valleys: Verbier, Bruson, La Tzoumaz, Nendaz, Veysonnaz, and Thyon.

In winter, there are 410 kilometers of slopes. With 92 lifts, this winter wonderland offers unique terrain for every level (blue, red, and black). Mont-Fort, which towers at 3,330 meters, is the highest.

Among Switzerland’s ski areas, the 4 Vallées are the largest. Additionally, it is the third biggest ski resort in Europe after France’s Les 3 Valleys and Italy’s Sella Ronda. 

Belalp Blatten

Image of Belalp from Wikimedia

Belalp-Blatten is a sunny and beautiful region in Valais, Switzerland, full of customs and traditions. With a breathtaking view of the Great Aletsch Glacier as well as many peaks above 4,000 meters high, it is also a popular destination for families. The panorama of the Matterhorn, Dufourspitze, and Weisshorn can be seen from Belalp. 

Hohstock, its highest peak, stands at 3,118 meters. A medium-sized ski resort, it nevertheless boasts a high altitude.

The Belalp region is also part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site.

Lötschental Laucheralp

Image of Lauchernalp from wikimedia

Lauchernalp Winter Paradise is a sunny ski resort with 55 kilometers of pistes. You can start your descent from Hockenhorngrat, 3,111 meters above sea level, for 14 kilometers of thrilling descent.

There are views of 40 mountains higher than 4,000 meters. The Lauchernalp is just as popular with skiers of all levels, beginners to experts, as well as families with small children, snowboarders, and snow enthusiasts. A final descent takes you to Wiler on the valley floor of Lötschental, 1,419 meters above sea level.


Panorama from Mount Titlis by

Engelberg is a popular ski resort in Switzerland’s central region. Due to its proximity to Lucerne, the city is popular with foreign tourists even in summer. Klein Titlis, the peak of the resort, begins at 3,028 meters.  Skiers of all levels will find something here, whether they’re beginners, intermediates, or experts. 

Titlis in Engelberg also has the first revolving cable car in the world.

St-Luc Chandolin

Image of a Freerider in Chandolin by Valais Wallis from flickr

St. Luc and Chandolin, with their gorgeous views, are the biggest ski areas in Val d’Anniviers. You can access the slopes by chairlift, rack railway, and eleven ski lifts. They have a total of 60 kilometers. Bella-Tolla, at 3,026 meters above sea level, is the highest peak.

Flims Laax Falera

Image by Walter Kru from Pixabay

The Flims Laax Falera Ski Resort is one of the biggest and most well-known ski resorts in the Canton of Graubünden. Its highest peak, the Vorab Gletscher, lies at 3,018 meters above sea level.

It is popular due to its four snow parks and the world’s largest half-pipe, as well as for hosting winter races and competitions. Due to its size and variety, beginners, advanced skiers, snowboarders, and freeskiers, all have ample space to enjoy their sport.


Image of Gstaad in Winter by Mark Howells-Mead from flickr

Gstaad in Saanen is a charming ski resort in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. The region is known to international jet setters, but it maintains a down-to-earth ambiance.

The Gstaad ski area has slopes of varying altitudes between 1,000 and 3,000 meters. Its highest peak is slightly over 3,000 meters above sea level.

Grimentz – Zinal

Image by Christophe Schindler from Pixabay

Grimentz-Zinal is a great ski area beneath Couronne Impériale. With 115 kilometers of slopes and 21 lifts, Grimentz-Zinal offers breathtaking views of Rhone Valley and Val d’Anniviers. The highest point, Becs de Bosson, rises 2,985 meters above sea level.

The Grimentz – Zinal cable car route is the third-longest in Switzerland.


Image of Schilthorn by Julius Silver from Pixabay

Schilthorn is a summit in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It is a winter ski region encompassing 50 kilometers of groomed slopes between 1,600 and 3,000 meters. Its highest peak, Piz Gloria, is 2,970 meters above sea level. The winter ski area is open until the end of April. It is part of the Jungfrau Ski Region and the proud location of the region’s steepest slope (88% steep).

From Mürren, you can reach the mountain that overlooks the Lauterbrunnen Valley below. The peak also has the Piz Gloria restaurant, located 1,300 meters above Mürren. At the top, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Jungfrau region, Äbeni Flue, and Blümlisalp.

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