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Unique Swiss Gifts: 7 Uncommon Souvenirs from Switzerland

If you’re seeking something beyond the usual Swiss gifts like red Swiss Army Knives and Lindt chocolates, this article’s for you. Here, we’ll explore unique gifts or souvenirs from Switzerland that stand out from the typical choices.

Without further ado, here are 7 of the best unique gifts from Switzerland:

1. Artisanal Chocolate Bars

Image by cgdsro from Pixabay

While lots of lists suggest chocolates like Lindt or Läderach, why not explore artisanal chocolates? Artisanal chocolates come in a range of flavors and are crafted with top-notch cocoa beans by skilled craftsmen or small independent chocolatiers. These artisanal treats are made by independent chocolatiers using traditional methods, resulting in unique and mouthwatering flavors.

Here are some of the artisanal chocolate brands for you to discover:

2. Customized Watches from Swatch X You

Image of Planet Swatch by

A personalized Swatch watch is more than just a timepiece; it’s a canvas for your creativity. With the Swatch X You collection, you will have the unique opportunity to craft a watch that suits you or your loved ones. Right now, you can personalize one online and use designs from Peanuts, Street Stories, Nature, European Space Agency, and more.

If you’re after a Swiss watch that’s not the usual one everyone gets, this might be for you. It’s a unique and fun Swiss gift for sure.

You can find unique Swatch watches here:

3. Unique Bags from Freitag

Image of Freitag Bags from Wikimedia

Freitag Bags aren’t just bags; they’re one-of-a-kind companions on your journey. Crafted from repurposed truck tarps, each Freitag bag is a unique piece, bearing its own story and character. Lots of folks love their messenger bags, but this company also offers backpacks, totes, laptop bags, and travel bags for different needs.

Purchasing a Freitag bag means more than just owning something special. It’s about supporting sustainability and expressing your individuality with a bag that’s distinctive while carrying all your necessities.

You can find unique Freitag bags here:

4. Swiss Mountain Carafes from Alpinte

Image by

Why settle for a plain glass carafe when you could have one with a mountain inside? It’s a unique Swiss gift, especially for mountain lovers or those who’ve visited iconic peaks like the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, or Jungfrau. These carafes feature the essential silhouettes of famous mountains like the Dents du Midi, Titlis, and Eiger.

Holding up to one liter, they’re tough against shocks and temperature changes while staying surprisingly light. Fill them with water, wine, or a fruity cocktail to see the colorful mountain reflections dance in your drink.

You can find unique Alpinte Carafes here:

5. Engraved Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox

Victornox - One of the Best Things to Buy in Switzerland
Image of Victorinox Pocket Knives by

Swiss Army Knives are iconic Swiss gifts loved by many for their durability and usefulness in various activities like camping or everyday tasks. While they’re a common choice, you can make them stand out by personalizing them with engraving.

Adding a name or a short message on the front or back of the scales elevates the gift, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs, making them suitable for a wide range of activities, from camping and hiking to everyday use. This is a practical and unique Swiss gift that is sure to be appreciated.

You can find unique Victorinox Pocket Knives here:

6. Personalized Drink Bottles from Sigg

Image of SIGG Water Bottles for sale in Appenzell by

Sigg, a renowned Swiss drink bottle brand, offers a perfect canvas for a unique and personalized gift. Sigg water bottles are sleek, durable, and a staple in Swiss design. Crafted from high-quality materials, they come in various sizes, colors, and designs to suit different tastes.

With “Sigg Unique,” you can customize your bottle by selecting the size and color that suits you best. Add a personal touch by imprinting a picture or text onto the bottle, creating a one-of-a-kind Sigg bottle that stands out. Choose your style, make it yours, and gift something truly special with Sigg Unique.

You can find unique Sigg bottles here:

7. Unique Panorama Knife Kitchen Products

Image of the Chopping Board from

Panorama Knife kitchen products stand out uniquely among kitchen essentials as they beautifully showcase Swiss panoramas or mountains, setting them apart from conventional kitchen items. These specialized knives cater to various cutting tasks in the kitchen, making them indispensable for slicing meat, vegetables, or bread. Specifically designed for different cutting needs, each knife boasts a distinct blade length, tailored for bread or meat-cutting purposes.

The hallmark of the Panorama Knife lies in its blade, depicting various mountain ranges or regions in Switzerland, presenting a distinctive and functional souvenir for your kitchen. Crafted with Palisander wood handles, these knives exude elegance while providing a comfortable grip. The stainless steel blades ensure durability and precision, featuring recognizable peaks such as Matterhorn, Dufourspitze, and more.

In addition to the knives, Panorama Knife offers corresponding cutting boards in various sizes, crafted from sturdy wood. You can find a diverse range of Panorama Knife products online at the Globus Shop. The products are not limited to kitchen knives but also encompass chopping boards, knife holders, and salt and pepper grinders.

You can find unique kitchen products here:

Final Thoughts: Unique Swiss Gifts

Switzerland has an abundance of unique gifts waiting to be explored. From exquisite chocolates by Chocolatier Clément or Max Chocolatier to crafting your unique watch with Swatch X You, there’s a personalized gift for everyone. Freitag’s bags made from repurposed truck tarps share fascinating stories, while Alpinte’s Mountain Carafes bring a touch of the Swiss Alps into your home.

Enhance a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with a special engraving or create a standout drink bottle with Sigg’s “Sigg Unique.” And let’s not forget Swiss wine and spirits—a delightful way to capture Switzerland’s essence in a gift. Your pursuit of unique and personal gifts is commendable—it speaks volumes about your effort and thoughtfulness.

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