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Wengen or Mürren: Which is the Better Base?

Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Darla

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Wengen or Mürren: The decision between choosing Wengen or Mürren when exploring the mesmerizing Bernese Oberland is a pivotal one. Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, renowned as one of the country’s most beloved tourist destinations, captivates visitors with its iconic trio of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks. Nestled within this picturesque region, you’ll also discover a wealth of natural wonders, including cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains, and an array of other scenic landmarks.

You might find it advantageous to base yourself in the mountains if you are into hiking in summer or skiing in winter. Staying in Wengen and Mürren, both car-free towns, may be the ideal solution for you. Both are excellent options, so choosing between them may be difficult.

Let us consider this question: Wengen or Mürren – which is better for a base in Bernese Oberland? Is it better to stay in Mürren or Wengen?

Key Differences: Wengen or Mürren

The key differences are as follows:

Population: approx. 1,300Population: approx. 450
Elevation: 1,274 mElevation: 1,638 m
Total Area: 36.4 km²Total Area: 10.5 km²
Total Ski Slopes: 160 kmTotal Ski Slopes: 51 km
the largest town in Lauterbrunnen Valleysmall Walser village
bigger and more vibrant compared to Mürrenmore laid back
closer to Jungfraujoch, Eiger Glacier,
Kleine Scheidegg, Grindelwald
closer to Schilthorn (Piz Gloria),
Gimmelwald, Stechelberg, Allmendhubel
Overview: Wengen or Mürren

Villages: Wengen or Mürren

Both Wengen and Mürren are small mountain villages, especially when compared with places like Interlaken and Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland region. Concrete and wood are the primary building materials for houses and hotels. Red flowers adorn their windowsills.

With their breathtaking views of waterfalls and towering mountains, these two car-free villages make for an unforgettable getaway.

Wengen Village

Wengen or Mürren - here is a picture of Wengen
Image of Wengen by

Lauterbrunnen Valley‘s largest village is Wengen. The car-free mountain village itself has more shops to peruse, restaurants to dine in, and hotels to choose from compared to others in the valley.

Wengen is 1,274 meters above sea level. On a terrace with a spectacular panorama, Wengen offers views of both Lauterbrunnen village below and the surrounding high mountains above.

Wengen is larger than Mürren and will have more hotels, shops, and restaurants. Wengen hosts the world-famous ski competition Lauberhorn, so the tourism infrastructure and information are excellent. I also think that the buildings and hotels in Wengen are more beautiful.

Although some of the hotels were built in the Belle Epoque style, the village still retains its mountain charm. The atmosphere is similar to Zermatt’s but on a smaller scale. Furthermore, it is situated on a sunny terrace as opposed to Zermatt, which is at the bottom of the valley.

Mürren Village

Image of Mürren
Image of Mürren from Wikimedia

On the other hand, Mürren is positioned a bit higher than Wengen, at 1,645 meters above sea level. There are also spectacular views of the bottom of the valley, and the town is quiet and car-free. It is smaller than Wengen.

Mürren, on the other hand, also has its own charm. Those who choose it over Wengen prefer something more quiet and understated.

Mürren also has well-known tourist spots near it, though probably not as well-known as Jungfraujoch. From Mürren, you have easier access to Schilthorn (Piz Gloria) as well as quieter villages such as Gimmelwald, Allmendhubel, and Stechelberg

Views: Wengen or Mürren

Both views are stunning. Both are located between 1,274 and 1,645 meters above sea level and overlook the Lauterbrunnen Valley with its waterfalls. There is no clear winner between them in terms of beauty. You can’t go wrong choosing either one.

Although the views are similar, they are not exactly the same.

Wengen is a bit wider with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains such as Eiger and Jungfrau and Staubbach Waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen. Wengen is a mix of softer and rocky mountains. Walking around Wengen, you can see the surrounding houses and hotels. 

From Wengen, you are close to Kleine Scheidegg – a place with fantastic views.

Image of the mountains from Kleine Scheidegg Brigitte from Pixabay

Comparing Mürren to Wengen, it appears to be a bit narrower. From the other side, you can see steeper rocky cliffs and waterfalls.

Accessibility: Wengen or Mürren

Since both Wengen and Mürren are car-free villages, you will have to park your car at the Lauterbrunnen Valley Car Park (or alternatively Schilthorn Car Park) if you come with one.

Wengen is easier to reach since you can ride the train directly from the car park and walk to your hotel, assuming it’s near the train station. By contrast, Mürren requires another change, making it harder to get there. 

Traveling to Wengen

Image of the train to Wengen and Kleine Scheidegg by Techno Ed from Pixabay

Visitors to Wengen can simply hop on the next train going in the direction of Kleine Scheidegg from Lauterbrunnen. The train departs every 30 minutes.

Traveling to Mürren

Image of the train to Mürren from Grütschalp by wikimedia

Visitors to Mürren need to take the cable car leading to Grütschalp in Lauterbrunnen. When visitors arrive in Grütschalp, they must change to the train that will take them to Mürren

Another option is to go via Gimmelwald and Stechelberg. In Stechelberg, visitors can park their cars in the valley station of Schilthorn. After this, they will have to ride the cable car to Gimmelwald, then the cable car to Mürren.

Ski Area: Wengen or Mürren

Skiing Wengen and Mürren on the same day is generally not recommended. If you wish to ski in both resorts, you will normally reserve one day in Wengen-Grindelwald and another in Mürren. Because to get from one to the other requires going down the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and changing there to reach the other side. There is no direct connection between the two ski resorts at the moment.

That being said, both resorts have great views and slopes. Although Mürren is generally higher in altitude, Wengen is the larger of the two.

Skiing in Wengen

Image of the Lauberhorn Downhill from wikimedia

Known for the Lauberhorn ski race, the Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald – Wengen is a world-class ski resort. Wengen has the bigger ski resort compared to Mürren with 160 kilometers of slopes spread across Wengen and Grindelwald. The slopes are as follows:

Ski Slopes (Difficulty Level)Pistes (in kilometers)
Easy (blue)64 km
Medium (red)73 km
Difficult (black)23 km

Skiing in Mürren

In comparison to Wengen, Mürren features fewer slopes at only 51 kilometers. Even so, it offers amazing views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Also, they have a ski cross area that is ideal for fans.

Ski Slopes (Difficulty Level)Pistes (in kilometers)
Easy (blue)19 km
Medium (red)23 km
Difficult (black)9 km

Hotels: Wengen or Mürren

Image of Wengen by

The hotel selection in Wengen is larger and better than in Mürren. Despite this, Mürren has some nice accommodation options with fantastic mountain views. Here are our recommendations for both Wengen and Mürren:

Hotels in Wengen

  • Beausite Park Hotel, Wengen (4-star) – Beausite Park Hotel is located at the base of the Wengen-Männlichen cable car, making it easy to reach the Grindelwald and Kleine Scheidegg ski slopes. This hotel offers superb views, fine cuisine, top-rated spa facilities, a children’s playground, a natural swimming pond, and free WiFi.
  • Hotel Maya Caprice (4-star) – In the heart of the car-free village of Wengen, this top-rated hotel is near the Wengen-Männlichen cable car and Wengen train station. Featuring natural wooden decor, balconies overlooking the Jungfrau massif, spacious refurbished rooms, a comfortable spa, and a fitness center, guests are sure to enjoy their stay here.
  • Alpine Hotel Wengen (4-star) – Across from the Männlichen Cable Car is the Alpine Hotel Wengen. The hotel offers a garden, trampoline, indoor pool, sauna, and lounge bar, making it one of the best places to stay in the car-free village of Wengen.
  • Hotel Schönegg (3-star superior) – Featuring an award-winning restaurant and beautifully renovated rooms, it has great mountain views, a sauna, and incredibly friendly staff.
  • Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn (3-star) – Built back in 1897, Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn offers up-to-date spa facilities including a swimming pool. The hotel is located near the train and cable car stations of the car-free Wengen.

Hotels in Mürren

Image of Mürren by
  • Eiger Mürren Swiss Quality (4-star) – With fantastic mountain views, a modern spa, an indoor pool, and friendly staff, this hotel is just a few steps from the Mürren train station.
  • Hotel Edelweiss Superior (3-star superior) – Three minutes from the Mürren Train Station, this 3-star superior hotel offers panoramic views of the Bernese Alps and Lauterbrunnen Valley. Comfortable and pleasant, this hotel is a great place to stay.
  • Hotel Bellevue (3-star) – With gorgeous mountain views, a great breakfast, and a spa, this family-run hotel is a great place to stay in Mürren.

Summary: Wengen or Mürren

Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland region attracts many tourists. For mountain-lovers, there are two car-free mountain villages that I recommend for accommodations: Wengen and Mürren. Both options are good, so choosing between them might be difficult.

Both Wengen and Mürren are car-free mountain villages that are located in the Lauterbrunnen valley. Both have pros and cons if you decide to stay there for a while. 

In a choice between Wengen and Mürren, I would definitely choose Wengen. It is more practical for several reasons outlined above. It also offers more dining and shopping options. Despite that, it’s not so crowded that it is a hassle. I highly recommend it. 

Wengen is more accessible, for one thing. It’s easier to reach Wengen from Lauterbrunnen than Mürren. Especially for families with small children, this is an important point. Its proximity to popular tourist attractions such as Jungfraujoch, Kleine Scheidegg, and Eiger Glacier is also a plus point. You can also go up to Männlichen from Wengen and reach Grindelwald on the other side of the valley.  Last but not least, Wengen has many more restaurants, shops, and hotels compared to Mürren.

Even though I prefer Wengen to Mürren, I do see the appeal of Mürren. It is a quiet area that will serve as a good place of refuge for those who seek peace and quiet. Moreover, if you have already explored much of the Jungfrau region near Wengen and want to visit other places such as Schilthorn, Birg, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg, and Allmendhubel, Mürren is also a great place to base yourself.

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