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When Is the Best Time to Visit Lausanne, Switzerland?

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Lausanne has a pretty old town and cathedral, an Olympic Museum, and a beautiful lake promenade. There are also lots of interesting, historic buildings, an aquarium, and access to the lake. The city is full of history; it was ruled then by the Celts and the Romans.

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Lausanne is the second-most populous city in French-speaking Switzerland after Geneva. It’s also the capital of Vaud, its canton.

Lausanne also has a major student population along with restaurants, bars, and hotels all over the city. Due to its young residents, this city built on three hills has a young, international, and busy vibe. 

When do Tourists visit Lausanne?

You can go to Lausanne at any time of year with friends and family. No matter what time of year it is, Lausanne won’t let you down. The climate in Lausanne is moderately continental, with warm summers and cold winters.

Tourists love Lausanne during summer from June to August, when the lakes around it are warm enough and conducive to swimming.

Lausanne is busy in the summer, but it doesn’t surprise me because it’s the best and hottest time of the year. If you want it less crowded, go in May or early September.

Lausanne is one of the biggest cities in Switzerland, with many things to do in and around the city.

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Best Time to Visit Lausanne

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The best time to visit Lausanne depends on your plans and preferences. I would recommend late May, June, July, August, and early September. This time of year, the bathing season is in full swing.

There’s a caveat: it’s going to be crowded, and it might rain. You might get more comfortable avoiding the main summer school holiday of July if you go in early June or late August.

Lausanne in Summer

  • Summer lasts from June until September.
  • You will get the most sunshine during the summer months, particularly in July and August.
  • Heavy rainfall is expected during this period, but rain typically comes late in the afternoon.
  • Peak summer temperatures reach almost 25 degrees Celsius in mid-July. The temperatures rarely fall below 15 degrees at night during summer.
  • Summer is a popular tourist season in Lausanne, so accommodation and other living conditions can cost a little more.
  • For swimming, the best time of year to visit Lausanne would be from July to August. Since the bathing season is in full swing, you might be able to go swimming in Lake Geneva, particularly the big swimming pool in Ouchy.
  • Each year in July, Lausanne celebrates music, dance, and theater performances. Called Festival de la Cité, this festive event is extremely popular with the Lausanne public with its diverse programs.

Lausanne in Autumn

  • Autumn lasts from September to November.
  • In Autumn, the temperature starts dropping and so does the amount of precipitation received.
  • Temperatures slowly go down from 20 degrees Celsius in September to 9 degrees in November. You might even see temperatures from 5 degrees at night when it’s cold.
  • Expect low visibility when Lausanne is under a sheet of fog. This tends to happen during autumn in lower-lying areas of Switzerland. You will have to visit one of the 9 Closest Mountains To Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Restaurants will start serving wild food choices such as venison with spaetzle and mushrooms.
  • The Lausanne Triathlon takes place in September. Using the lakeshore in Ouchy, amateur athletes can compete in swimming, cycling, and running.
  • The Lausanne Marathon takes place in October between Lausanne and La Tour-de-Peliz. Thousands of joggers can run a marathon, a semi-marathon, or a 10-kilometer run.

Lausanne in Winter

  • Winter lasts from December to March.
  • The temperature averages in the single digits, and sometimes it snows. Presumably, the daytime temperature will be plus zero, and the nighttime temperature will be minus zero. 
  • Rainfall is very low during these months. The least chance of significant rainfall in Lausanne during these months is JanuaryFebruary, and March.
  • The weather at this time of year in Lausanne is too cold to be pleasant for warm-weather travelers.
  • Winter is typically a dreary and gray season in Lausanne, but the appearance of Christmas markets is a delight. The Christmas market in Lausanne called Bô Noël takes place from mid-November until the end of December.

Lausanne in Spring

  • Spring lasts from March to June.
  • On a beautiful spring day, it’s a nice time to visit Lausanne because of the pleasant weather. However, the bathing lakes will still be closed, and the water still is too chilly.
  • Flowers will start blooming.
  • This is a maintenance period for cable cars and cog trains. It is recommended to check if these are running before starting your plan.
  • It is a great place to hike, although there could be snow on the higher trails at the start of the season.
  • Every year, starting mid-May until mid-June, Bellerive is transformed into Luna Park, a fun-filled park with exciting attractions for children such as carousels, sweets, bumper cars, and more.

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