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Where to Stay in the Jungfrau Region

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Darla Uhl

Wondering where to stay in the Jungfrau Region? This Swiss paradise is a magnet for its awe-inspiring views and endless outdoor adventures. From delightful villages to snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes, it’s a haven for travelers. But with a plethora of options, choosing the perfect stay can be quite a challenge. I’ve visited the Jungfrau Region multiple times and found the top accommodations, so you won’t have to keep searching.

No matter your budget or taste, the Jungfrau region has a place for you. If luxury’s your thing, the area’s packed with high-end hotels and resorts. They boast stunning mountain views and top-notch extras like spas, fancy dining spots, and easy access to skiing. But if you’re watching your wallet, there are budget-friendly hostels, guesthouses, and campsites offering a more down-to-earth Swiss experience.

This guide will walk you through some of the best spots to stay, ensuring you pick just the right place for your Swiss getaway.

Overview of the Jungfrau Region

Before diving into the accommodations, let’s check out the Jungfrau Region first.

The Jungfrau Region is a picturesque area located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, with its stunning mountain scenery, quaint villages, and outdoor activities. The most popular places to stay in the Jungfrau Region are the following:

  • Interlaken
  • Grindelwald
  • Wengen
  • Mürren
  • Lauterbrunnen

Don’t worry, we will go over each place in a bit.

The Jungfrau Region, nestled in the Canton of Bern, is home to renowned towns like Grindelwald, Wengen, and Murren. Think snow-capped peaks, serene lakes, and lush valleys—it’s a picturesque dream.

For visitors, there’s a buffet of activities to relish: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and even paragliding. With many beautiful hiking trails and ski slopes, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven.

This area flaunts some iconic spots too. Take the Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest railway station, or the Aletsch Glacier, the Alps’ largest. For fantastic panoramic views, head over to Grindelwald First and Männlichen, too. Whether you crave thrills or simply want to unwind, the Jungfrau Region’s got it all. Its breathtaking beauty, quaint villages, and endless adventures make it a magnet for global travelers.

Popular Towns to Stay in

Switzerland’s Jungfrau region pulls in tourists for its breathtaking Alps, charming towns, and outdoor fun. Some of the most popular towns to stay in are described below:

Interlaken as seen from Harderbahn by

Interlaken sits snugly between two lakes, Brienz and Thun. It’s a busy hub for exploring the Jungfrau region, thanks to great train and bus links. You’ll find all sorts of places to crash here, from budget-friendly hostels to fancy hotels. And there’s no shortage of fun—think paragliding, hiking, and skiing for visitors to dive into.

Advantages of Choosing Interlaken
✓ Urban amenities
✓ Excellent connectivity by trains and buses to the rest of Switzerland
✓ Abundance of adventures like paragliding, canyoning, hiking, ropes park, and more
✓ Positioned between two large lakes

Here are some of the best hotels in Interlaken:

  • Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa (5-star) – A luxurious and elegant hotel with distinctive design and decor, marble bathrooms, and views of the Jungfrau mountain.
  • Swiss Hotel Apartments (5-star apartments) – With spacious rooms equipped with a kitchen, balcony, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker, it’s the most affordable and convenient place to stay in Interlaken. It’s also just 80 meters from Interlaken Ost train station, so you can easily get there from Zurich and Geneva airports. 
  • Hotel Interlaken (4-star) – This 4-star hotel, conveniently located next to the Japanese Garden, offers good value for money in pricey Interlaken. It’s just a short walk from Interlaken Ost train station, and the staff is friendly and helpful.
  • Hotel Bellevue (4-star) – This boutique hotel is near Interlaken West train station. Each room has a balcony with a view of the mountains. 
  • Hotel Bernerhof (3-star) – The Hotel Bernerhof is an affordable, central hotel right opposite Interlaken West train station. It has modern rooms and a restaurant that serves Swiss food. 
  • Interlaken Youth Hostel (Hostel) – A convenient hostel located near the Interlaken Ost train station. They have clean and basic accommodations, plus breakfast is included.
Image of Grindelwald by

Grindelwald sits pretty by the Eiger mountain’s base. Winter calls for skiing and snowboarding, while summer’s all about hiking here. Stroll through its sweet pedestrian zone lined with shops, eateries, and cozy cafes. Don’t miss the cable car ride up First Mountain for jaw-dropping Alpine vistas.

Advantages of Choosing Grindelwald
✓ Bustling town with diverse lodging options, shops, restaurants, and cafes
✓ Provides better accessibility by car compared to Wengen and Mürren
✓Situated at the foot of the Eiger mountain
✓ Vast ski area, ideal for skiing enthusiasts

Here are some of the best hotels in Grindelwald:

  • Hotel Fiescherblick – Managed by brothers Matthias and Lars Michel, Hotel Fiescherblick stands as one of the best hotels in Grindelwald, having reopened its doors in December 2022. Its restaurant is under the guidance of an accomplished chef. Grindelwald First Valley Station is just a short stroll away.
  • Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof Grindelwald (5-star) – A 100-meter walk from the train station, Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof Grindelwald boasts panoramic views of the Eiger, an indoor pool, and gourmet cuisine. The hotel also has a lounge bar and nicely furnished rooms. 
  • Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotel (4-star-superior) – A beautiful 4-star superior hotel located just a few minutes from the center of Grindelwald, Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotel is a great place to stay. Among its amenities are a gourmet restaurant, a piano bar, an indoor pool, and a spa. During the winter season, there is a private ski bus. 
  • Bergwelt Grindelwald – Alpine Design Resort (4-star) – Within a 2-minute walk of First Grindelwald, Bergwelt Grindelwald – Alpine Design Resort has a 24-hour front desk and room service. This 4-star hotel also offers concierge services, allergy-friendly rooms, a bar, and free WiFi throughout the hotel. Guests can enjoy its outdoor pool, indoor pool, fitness center, garden, and restaurant year-round.
  • Parkhotel Schoenegg (3-star) – The Parkhotel Schoenegg in Grindelwald offers a central location with serene surroundings, featuring a modern wellness area, indoor pool, and various room options showcasing mountain views. Guests can enjoy a 5-course dinner, a traditional English-style bar, a playroom for kids, and access to business facilities including free internet. The hotel has renovated rooms, breathtaking views, and exceptional service.
  • Hotel PINTE (3-star) – Hotel PINTE is a modern chalet-style hotel located 2 minutes from Grindelwald First. Grindelwald’s train station is also nearby. In addition to an indoor pool and a spa, the hotel offers a 24-hour front desk as well as a continental breakfast.
  • Hotel Caprice – Grindelwald (3-star) – This hotel is very conveniently located near the train station, making it a wonderful choice. It is only a few steps away from cable cars and buses. The hotel offers modern, clean, and comfortable rooms with fantastic views of the Eiger. Additionally, the hotel offers a spa. You can get breakfast and snacks here. You will need to go somewhere else for lunch and dinner, but they can offer you a discount on a 5-course meal at a nearby hotel (Hotel Alpina). 
Image of Wengen by

Wengen sits car-free on a sunny spot above Lauterbrunnen valley. You can get here by train or cable car and soak up breathtaking views of Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch mountains. It’s a hit for skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Accommodations? You’ve got options—from snug chalets to swanky hotels.

Advantages of Choosing Wengen
✓ Charming car-free status, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere without vehicle traffic
✓ Panoramic views of the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch mountains
✓ More relaxed ambiance compared to Grindelwald and Interlaken
✓ More lodging options compared to Mürren
✓ Vast ski area, ideal for skiing enthusiasts

Here are some of the best hotels in Wengen:

  • Beausite Park Hotel, Wengen (4-star) – Beausite Park Hotel is located at the base of the Wengen-Männlichen cable car, making it easy to reach the Grindelwald and Kleine Scheidegg ski slopes. This hotel offers superb views, fine cuisine, top-rated spa facilities, a children’s playground, a natural swimming pond, and free WiFi.
  • Hotel Maya Caprice (4-star) – In the heart of the car-free village of Wengen, this top-rated hotel is near the Wengen-Männlichen cable car and Wengen train station. Featuring natural wooden decor, balconies overlooking the Jungfrau massif, spacious refurbished rooms, a comfortable spa, and a fitness center, guests are sure to enjoy their stay here.
  • Alpine Hotel Wengen (4-star) – Across from the Männlichen Cable Car is the Alpine Hotel Wengen. The hotel offers a garden, trampoline, indoor pool, sauna, and lounge bar, making it one of the best places to stay in the car-free village of Wengen.
  • Hotel Schönegg (3-star superior) – Featuring an award-winning restaurant and beautifully renovated rooms, it has great mountain views, a sauna, and incredibly friendly staff.
  • Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn (3-star) – Built back in 1897, Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn offers up-to-date spa facilities including a swimming pool. The hotel is located near the train and cable car stations of the car-free Wengen.
Image of Mürren by

Mürren, a small and charming town without cars, rests on a sunny plateau above Lauterbrunnen valley. Accessible by cable car or train, it unveils stunning mountain views all around. This spot draws enthusiasts for skiing, hiking, and mountain biking, offering a mix of accommodations—from cozy chalets to contemporary apartments.

Advantages of Choosing Mürren
✓ Charming car-free status, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere without vehicle traffic
✓ Panoramic views of the surrounding mountains of the Lauterbrunnen Valley
✓ More relaxed ambiance compared to Grindelwald and Interlaken
✓ More secluded atmosphere compared to Wengen and Grindelwald
✓ Great for those looking for a ski area that’s neither too big nor too small

Here are some of the best hotels in Mürren:

  • Eiger Mürren Swiss Quality (4-star) – With fantastic mountain views, a modern spa, an indoor pool, and friendly staff, this hotel is just a few steps from the Mürren train station.
  • Hotel Edelweiss Superior (3-star superior) – Three minutes from the Mürren Train Station, this 3-star superior hotel offers panoramic views of the Bernese Alps and Lauterbrunnen Valley. Comfortable and pleasant, this hotel is a great place to stay.
  • Hotel Bellevue (3-star) – With gorgeous mountain views, a great breakfast, and a spa, this family-run hotel is a great place to stay in Mürren.
Image of Lauterbrunnen by

Lauterbrunnen, nestled amidst cliffs and waterfalls, is a charming village. You can easily reach it by train, soaking in remarkable mountain vistas. Hikers and skiers love this spot. You can easily reach both Wengen and Mürren from Lauterbrunnen.

Advantages of Choosing Lauterbrunnen
✓ Captivating waterfalls and unique valley setting, creating a picture-perfect environment that is different to the rest of the mountainous landscapes
✓ Central hub offering easy access to Wengen, Grindelwald, and Mürren
✓ Better train connections and easy access to cable cars facilitating travel to various parts of the Jungfrau Region

Here are some of the best hotels in Lauterbrunnen:

  • Hotel Silberhorn, Lauterbrunnen (3-star) – Enjoy the closeness to nature and a breathtaking view of the Staubbach Fall in the light-flooded winter garden of the Silberhorn Hotel. Only 150 meters from Lauterbrunnen’s train station, the Silberhorn Hotel is located off the main street. The Alpine-style restaurant offers Swiss specialties and a rich breakfast buffet. They serve 4-course dinners from December through April.
  • Apartment Staubbach (Apartment) – This spacious apartment has three bedrooms and plenty of space for six people, making it a great choice for families or groups of friends. In addition to its impeccable views, the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, flat-screen TV, and dining area outside.
  • Chalet Chalet am Schärm (Chalet) – Chalet with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. Additionally, it is only a short walk from the cable car that runs from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Picking the perfect place to stay in the Jungfrau region is key for a comfy and fun trip. You’ve got loads of options, from hotels to cozy chalets. Here’s what to think about when picking the spot that suits you best.

  • Hotels: Hotels stand as my top choice due to their hassle-free services, daily housekeeping, inclusive breakfast, central locations with breathtaking views, and the convenience of having a contact person available for any inquiries. Opting for a hotel is a practical and recommended choice. The best hotels are in Wengen, Grindelwald, and Interlaken.
  • Apartments and Chalets: Next up are apartments and chalets. They’re the best choice for big groups looking to save or anyone wanting to cook their meals. It’s also perfect for folks craving privacy and room to spread out. Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald are packed with options in this category.
  • Hostels: For travelers mindful of their budget and open to shared accommodations, hostels present an excellent option. Hostels also serve as a conducive environment for socializing with fellow travelers, exchanging travel advice, and sharing experiences. Numerous hostels are available in Interlaken, easily discoverable through

Travel Considerations

  • Accessibility: The easiest spots to reach are Interlaken, followed by Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. Keep in mind, Wengen and Mürren are car-free zones so you’ll need to leave your wheels behind.
  • Cost: Accommodation prices in the Jungfrau region change a lot based on where and when you go. Peak summer and winter weeks will cost much more than the other periods. Checking and comparing prices helps find what suits your budget best.
  • Proximity to Attractions: The Jungfrau region has lots to offer, like beautiful hikes and winter sports. When choosing where to stay, think about how close you want to be to these activities. If you love skiing or snowboarding, consider places near ski resorts like Grindelwald or Wengen. But if you’re into hiking, there are trails all around the region. Staying in a central spot, like Interlaken, gives you easy access to many different things besides just hiking and skiing.

Let’s break down and compare different spots in the Jungfrau Region to make choosing easier for you:

Final Thoughts: Where to Stay in the Jungfrau Region

Every visitor to the Jungfrau region has their ideal place to stay. When planning our trips, I tend to consider what’s available during our preferred time. If I had to select, Wengen or Grindelwald would be my top choices due to their ample offerings in accommodations and dining options, coupled with their convenient accessibility. However, I find Lauterbrunnen and Mürren a bit small for my preferences, though I recognize their appeal for those seeking tranquility.

Interlaken is another favorable option; having visited multiple times, I see it as an excellent choice for those desiring diversity in their trip. Its accessibility to other Swiss cities like Bern, Thun, and Fribourg adds to its appeal. Ultimately, the choice depends on what aligns best with your preferences and the group you’re traveling with—each location has its unique charm and advantages, so choosing the right fit is key.

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