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Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg: What’s It Like?

Last Updated on December 7, 2023 by Darla Uhl

Would you like a change of pace from Zurich’s city life? Then check out Wildlife Park Langenberg. The Wildlife Park Langenberg (Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg in German) is in Langnau am Albis, a town 12 kilometers southwest of Zurich. Starting out as a wildlife garden with red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, and chamois, now it’s a zoo with more animals like bears and elk.

Spot the mice. Image of the mouse house as taken by

In Zurich Wildlife Park, there are two attractions at two separate locations that are close to each other – Langenberg and Sihlwald. Both parks offer a unique combination of forests, wild nature, and wildlife. While Langenberg houses animals, Sihlwald Park features deciduous-coniferous trees, streams, and amphibians. Visiting either park is free at any time of the year. 

Animals in Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg

There are nineteen animals in Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg that are either native or were once native to Switzerland, like bears, elks, lynxes, wild boars, wolves, wisents, and Przewalski horses. Beavers used to live in Langenberg, but they’ve decided not to house them anymore after the last one died in 2016.

Animals in Langenberg West

Image of the Elk, Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg by

In the Langenberg West area, you will find the following animals:

  • Elk – It’s one of the largest species of the deer family, commonly found in North America, Central Asia, and East Asia. Elk have also been arriving in Germany from Eastern Europe.
  • Fox – A dog-like, small-to-medium-sized animal with a flattened skull and upright ears.
  • Deer – In Langenberg West, you can go inside an enclosed space where deer are free to walk.
  • Wisent – The Wisent, also known as the European bison, is a large, wild animal around 2 meters large.
  • Przewalski’s horse – A stocky horse built smaller and shorter than other typical horses. It is considered the only truly wild horse.

Animals in Langenberg East

Image of the Brown Bears, Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg by

In the Langenberg East area, you will find the following animals:

  • Deer – In the eastern area, you will find several deer such as red deer and sika deer.
  • Alpine Marmot – Large ground-dwelling squirrels can be found in the Alpine regions. Most of them live between 800 and 3,200 meters above sea level. Swiss mountainous regions are home to many Alpine marmots. 
  • Mouse – Inside the little Mouse House (Müsli-Hüsli), you can find various rodents such as dormice, house mice, and brown rats.
  • Wildcat – The wildcat looks like a pet cat, but it’s much bigger and has a different pattern and tail.
  • Alpine Ibex – Capricorns can be seen walking and climbing the stones in their enclosure, which were built to mimic their natural habitat. You can find Alpine ibex, similar to alpine marmots, in the higher regions of the Swiss Alps.
  • Brown Bear – The brown bear lives in the forest enclosure that was built back in 1998. Next to it, there’s a wall that shows how big brown bears get when they turn 2 years old.
  • Eurasian Wolf – Wild wolves now live again in Switzerland. They are nowadays often seen in Graubünden.
  • Lynx – These are solitary animals that live in the Alps, the Jura, and northeastern Switzerland.
  • Wild boar – Wild boars can live in woodlands and reed beds. They’re found in the Jura, northern Swiss plateau, Ticino, and Valais. You can take a guided tour of the 1.6-hectare wild boar enclosure every Sunday from March until October for an extra fee. 

What to Expect: Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg

Image of the Panoramic views near Orelli House, Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg by

What started out as an animal garden for Carl Anton Ludwig von Orelli in 1869 became a zoo. As opposed to normal zoos, however, the park is designed to make you feel more like you’re walking through a forest.

For example, you might see deer in the distance. The vast area allows animals at Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg to climb, swim, sleep, or dig holes for winter hibernation.

Trails in Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg

There are various themed trails going around the zoo. Ascend through the forest to see the wild cats and foxes, then descend to the bear pit. On the other side of the road is the western side of the zoo. You’ll see elks with big antlers and horses there. 

The three themed trails are as follows:

TrailExpected DurationDescription
Predator Circular Trail30 to 60 minutesIdeal for smaller children who want to see the animals
Primeval Circular Trail30 to 60 minutesA circular trail around the Langenberg West area featuring the wisent and the horses.
Langenberg Circular Trail90 to 120 minutesA circular trail around Langenberg features the animals such as marmots, deer, wild boar, wolves, lynx, and Capricorns. You also get fantastic views of the Swiss Plateau near the Orelli House. Grilling sections are available on both sides of the trail.
Image of the Playground, Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg by

There’s a play area right next to the restaurant. The playground features a flying fox, rope merry-go-round spinners, and a bagger that you can use for a fee.

If you wish, you can also get food from the nearby restaurant, which has indoor and outdoor seating. The self-serve restaurant opens daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM/6:00 PM and serves local meals. You may also bring your own food and eat it at one of the picnic tables near the Mouse House.

Dogs on leashes are allowed unless there are signs that say no (for instance, the mouse house or the deer enclosure).

Taking a book or souvenir home is easy with the Wildnispark Shop, which is open every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. In the winter, it’s only open on weekends. 

How to Get to Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg

You can get to Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg by taking the following connections:

  1. Take the train from Zurich to Thalwil
  2. In Thalwil, take the bus to Langnau a.A.-,Schwerzi-Wildpark. The bus is typically located next to the k kiosk along Bahnhofstrasse.

Final Thoughts: Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg

Image of the Przewalski’s Horses, Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg by

Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg is not only perfect for families with children but is also a great activity for adults. It’s conveniently located just a bit out of the center of Zurich.

Moreover, the Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg shows the different kinds of animals that you can see in Switzerland. In case you don’t have time or the chance to see local wildlife while hiking in Switzerland, you can still see it here.

Additionally, it is open all year long, making it convenient for visitors the whole year round. You should stop by. I promise you’ll have fun. And best of all is that it is all available for free.


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