Zurich to St. Moritz Train: All You Need To Know

St. Moritz in Graubünden is a popular tourist destination. As the cradle of winter sports, St. Moritz has made its name worldwide by hosting the Winter Olympics, not just once but twice. Although it has a population of around 5,000 people, St. Moritz draws in lots of visitors from all parts of the world.

This lake and mountain resort town has an array of outdoor activities for locals and visitors alike. Surrounded by lots of mountains, lakes, and gorgeous natural landscapes, visiting St. Moritz is really a treat.

The majority of those visitors who will want to go to St. Moritz will come from Zurich. In this article, we will discuss the train commute from Zurich to get to St. Moritz. How long is the travel time from Zurich to reach this popular mountain resort? How much are the tickets? Read on for more information. 

On this page, you can find all the information you need regarding the train journey from Zurich to get to St. Moritz.

Overview: Navigating Swiss Trains

To begin, you can go to SBB’s website:  www.sbb.ch.

You can put your departure and arrival destinations on the website. It will then guide you to where and when you need to be. An app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

For Bernina Express, the Rhaetian Railway website is also relevant. In particular, you can visit it here: https://www.rhb.ch/en/panoramic-trains/bernina-express.

If you wish to pay half the fare for all your train rides in Switzerland, a Half Fare Discount Card is available at  www.sbb.ch. Your discount card allows you to travel and board most trains throughout Switzerland for half the price.

How to Get From Zurich to St. Moritz

St. Moritz Lake by TouringSwitzerland.com

Zurich to St. Moritz via Chur

To get from Zurich to St. Moritz via Chur, you will have to take the following trains:

  1. Take the Intercity train from Zurich to Chur.
  2. Take the Interregio train from Chur to St. Moritz.

Zurich to St. Moritz via Landquart

To get from Zurich to St. Moritz via Landquart, you will have to take the following trains:

  1. Take the Intercity train from Zurich to Landquart.
  2. Take the Regional Express train from Landquart to St. Moritz.

Is There a Direct Train From Zurich to St. Moritz?

As of the time of writing (Updated: May 2022), there are no direct trains from Zurich to St. Moritz. You will have to change to a connecting train in Chur or Landquart.

How Long Is the Train Ride From Zurich to St. Moritz?

The train ride from Zurich to St. Moritz takes around 3 hours and 2 minutes (via Landquart) to 3 hours and 22 minutes (via Chur), depending on which route you catch.

Is the Train Route from Zurich to St. Moritz Scenic?

Yes, starting Chur, the train ride becomes incredibly scenic. It follows the Bernina Express route, which is one of the most scenic routes in the entire country. This train route runs along the World Heritage Site of the Albula / Bernina landscapes of the Rhaetian Railway.

Image of Landwasser Viaduct by TouringSwitzerland.com

If you would like to read more about the route, check out our article: Bernina Express Route: Chur to Tirano Train.

Among the highlights of this route are the following:

  • Historical City of Chur – Switzerland’s oldest city and the gateway to Graubünden – one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland. Chur is the starting point of the Bernina Express.
  • Landwasser Viaduct – The world-famous Landwasser Viaduct is the most spectacular construction in the 63-kilometer Albula Railway Line between Thusis and St. Moritz. The 142-meter long and 65-meter high Landwasser Viaduct leads the railway line in a radius of 100 meters across the Landwasser Valley directly into a tunnel in the steeply sloping rock face
  • Bergün/Bravuogn – one of the most beautiful villages in Graubünden located in the Albula Valley
  • Bernina Range – one of the highest ranges of the Alps, covered with many glaciers.
  • Ospizio Bernina – the highest station and highest point on the Rhaetian Railway network at 2,253 meters above sea level
  • Alp Grüm together with the views of the Palü Glacier, Lagh da Palü, and the Poschiavo Valley
  • Brusio Viaduct – a single-track nine-arched stone spiral railway viaduct between Brusio and Campascio

How Much Will the Train Ticket from Zurich to St. Moritz Cost?

As of the time of writing (Updated: May 2022), here are the train ticket prices from Zurich to St. Moritz:

RouteFull Fare (CHF)Half Fare (CHF)
Zurich – St. Moritz76.0038.00
Zurich Airport – St. Moritz80.0040.00

As you can see, if you avail of the Half Fare Travel Card, you can definitely save on your fare for long train journeys. So this is definitely something to consider during your travel to Switzerland. You can do simple calculations and decide from there if it will be worth it for you.

If you carry a GA Travel Card, you will simply have to pay a reservation fee of CHF 10 for the Chur to Tirano, Italy route.

Does the Bernina Express Stop in St. Moritz?

The Bernina Express does not always stop in St. Moritz. It does stop, however, in Pontresina. From there, you can take another train to St. Moritz.

If you would like to learn more about the various stops of the Bernina Express, check out our article Bernina Express Route: Chur to Tirano Train.

An alternative train that is available from St. Moritz is the Glacier Express train. This scenic train goes from/to Zermatt and to/from St. Moritz.

Do You Need a Seat Reservation on the Train?

If you go with the Bernina Express train, you will need to reserve a seat. You can reserve a seat either online on the https://www.rhb.ch/en/home website or by phone +41 81 288 65 65. You can also complete a reservation at any train station in Switzerland. There is an extra fee to be paid for the reservation. I would definitely recommend taking the Bernina Express if the schedule works for you.

If you go with the normal regional train, there will be no reservations necessary for your journey.